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  1. made it less op i updated it, thanks for the advice
  2. 1. it would effect all the players, but only one of them could use it at a time, so not more than one player can use it a time 2. updated >.< 3.hated that game
  3. Ok so i just thought of something so simple but so complicated, adrenalin, natures crack, so i though we should implement into the game. Ok so since update 13, meele has become somewhat useful, but i have an idea that will make it even more useful. We all know that the combo meter increases damage done with each hit but what if as you hit, you get more adrenalin in your tennos body and increases there bodies speed, strength, and metal will. SO what happens when you unleash this power?Well l i call the unleashment of the power called, primed chi. This will literally make your warframe so fa
  4. hey man i know how it feels to be a noob, at least i remember back in the day, but ill be glad to play with u, and i have 1 thing to say, with ur first fifty play get 1 orokin reactor and one warframe or weapon slot IGN: lashakanisgod
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