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  1. I am poor of choosing my words. I meant to say speed like the speed of light. I'm not saying that he should have a teleport ability like the frames you mentioned.
  2. Would it be cool if gauss' 1st skill augment is the same as blink but slightly better? For countermeasures, it must be for every 1st skill consumes 1/4 of energy pool idk, and when he hits a wall depletes his energy pool, or for every boost consumes more energy but greater range?
  3. Basically I'm playing normal missions except it's railjack. Ok.
  4. Like I said, 3-5 hotfixes till the game gets back to almost normal.
  5. My game is still updating from the mainline and yet bugs already occurs. Guess I'll wait till the next 3-5 hotfixes then.
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