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  1. I was having fun farming Deimos just to get this nuke of an ability, just to be able to put it on warframes that I love visually or thematically but who just suck ass. Well, I didn't farm fast enough to be able to have fun with M4D myself. Now it's utterly destroyed and not worth any investment or time. And just as my download of the update finished, I closed the launcher and turned GW2 instead. This is how you kill fun and motivation in your players, DE. Marked for Death was already put behind HOURS of grind. Days. For a normal player starting out - likely weeks or months. Even for a veteran
  2. Was playing like crazy to get my hands on that Marked for Death ability and to have some nuking fun with it. Well, I didn't make it in time. Can't say much hype left now, with how disappointing the necramechs have been to me personally. Thanks for bug fixes, please stop nerfing everything that's fun.
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