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  1. witness0000

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.9

    Where is tennogen update? pls...
  2. witness0000

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    when round 15?
  3. when the next round? pls hurry up, I cant wait.
  4. witness0000

    PSA Upcoming Server Upgrades [DONE]

  5. witness0000

    Free Universal Promocodes [All Platforms]

    I had input SOLARISUNITED, and it tells me success. But I cant find this glyph in my profile. Why?
  6. witness0000

    Devstream #118 Overview!

    why I can't see anything about devstream in other language when I saw news on the official web ?
  7. 1st character is "0" and 2nd character is "4".
  8. case1: input password 1st character, display * ; case2: input password 1st character and 2nd character, display *; case3: input password 1st character and 2nd character and 3rd character, display **; test reproduceability: 10/10
  9. when I input my password 1st character it's OK (appearance * ) when I input my pwd 2nd character , it don't appear in the select cell, still * in the cell. (appearance * ) so I have to input my pwd 2nd character twice, and it can see ** in the cell ,but in fact now I input 1st character and double 2nd character. (appearance **) no matter I put once 2nd character or twice 2nd character, I can't login my accout by the way, my second character is a number hope this can help you.
  10. witness0000

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    I think I am glad to wait and see the new update, but I think I'm not glad to always see such things like " timeline changes" or " deadline changes". Anyway, hope warframe goes better and better.
  11. It tells that I don't have a v6 equipment.