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  1. When fighting the exploiter orb, if one of the squadmates disconnects or leaves sometimes it bugs the mission leaving the exploiter orb immune to all damage. If the host disconnects the clients sometimes get stuck on an infinite loading screen and if this is a second round of taking down the exploiter orb you will loose all rewards you got in the previous fight as well assuming u didnt go back to fortuna after the first fight.
  2. Its funny how many people who use potatoes to play games in 2019 but alot of them are probably the same people that keep ranting about how the game looks the same and is boring and there is nothing new about it. It's 2019 folks, the world doesn't revolve around you so don't expect technology to stop moving forward just because you refuse or are unable to upgrade your device. If you really want, save up and get a better pc instead of complaining about something that is inevitable..just a suggestion
  3. Just to point out, at that point the Umbra u were using to search for umbra so to speak was still unmodded so ofc its gonna be trashy.
  4. Quick question, does anyone have any issues with using transference when using the Umbra frame? Like for me after using transference and I press 5 again to go back into my warframe it staggers abit and there is a 1 sec time gap in which the frame moves randomly in a different direction to where my operator was facing when I pressed 5
  5. Yeah, I'm referring to the Orokin ship. Not too sure about its relevance though but I'm assuming it may have some significance in the future simply due to the fact that it is still there. I doubt DE would have made it a permanent thing in the game's tiles if they were just using it as a background / scenery for a trailer. That and also the fact that the Sacrifice ending was a major cliff hanger
  6. There will be more to this story I reckon because even the crashed Orokin ship that we can find on Lua didnt feature in the quest even though it was in the Sacrifice's first ever trailer during TennoCon 2017. The ship however, is still there on Lua. We may have to use that ship to go to the Tau system (maybe)
  7. quick question, does the wrath, acceptance and emptiness thingy do anything more than change the alignment this time?
  8. They are probably all online coz they want to be the first to stream it, just guessing but maybe it doesn't really mean that the quest is coming out today unfortunately 😞
  9. I reckon they will probably introduce a new planet or something to that effect similar to like how they introduced the Kuva Fortress in TWW. We will probably start of the quest on Lua and then get transported to the new planet which is why Lua is always in the background of the site of action which would indicate that we aren't exactly on Lua for the entire quest timeline. What do y'all think?
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