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  1. BTW is Warframe website is too lagger to buy the Atlas Prime item (maybe tomorrow or tonight) pls fix it ?!
  2. Well there nothing to be a shame about,. just needed a few change here and there (btw waiting for Tennogen round 17) a hotfix is hotfix..
  3. Sometimes Warframe you need to fix the game in a right (if its make sense), but it pains me at times like playing with your friends in a moment freeze so bad (stuck in time) it won't move,.. but you hear the background sound only. [de only way to fix is exit the game & relogin to fix] It literally freeze while I'm (Vet) still is like a screen shot, but freeze while playing in game time have stop having a hard to playing for long runs, if this keep happening......
  4. Hopefully the Hotfix (fix) the problem most player (tenno) had like Optimisation, Frame rate fix (or causing lag and frame rate drop, as you it FPS drop) & Player drop out in random session. [My point is Black and Blue screen random~ly reappear (like a screen shot) but frozen is like freezing the hold thing, there many more thing to fix then a patch's] Nightshadow134 Out....
  5. Hopefully the Update fix the problem with my Frame spike (A.K.A frame rate) stuck between game play, it feel likes similar (Bug or Glitch) to Black screen or Blue screen (froze the screen entirely, even re_installing might not fix it), most it happen between play around 6 or 10 mins at most. [ BTW i Rage Quit more then 20 times, because of the bug it cause ] #StopNerfingMyRiven
  6. BTW nerf some riven is fine (but don't nerf it to the point it becoming useless) not complaining just saying (again to clarify this i don't plan to spend my platinum if my riven is just going to get a nerf) List: Tiberon, Amprex, euphona prime, & more (Ohh.. you know what i mean)
  7. All that is good an more, the problem is the trade chat (or chat) needs to be fix some or most of the the player (& Veteran PLY) get disconnected or Banned for no reason, is like some player get 1 weeks & some like me get banned for the chat for a month without a reason. P.S check the person profile an ask (don't that person who just keep banned people for the chat, you just ruin another people days) think clearly,.. that is all i have to say
  8. Anyone how to fix this trade chat bug or glitch which is stuck on load mode (i don't know how to fix on PC) is being two weeks now Pls let me know ok ?!!!
  9. Is a way to get more Riven Capacity (i know on 90 max) can get 150 riven capacity or 200 if that possible (just think about it there more weapon still to come)
  10. the second picture is proof, (causes by a bug or a glitch) an some how i & my friend a get a different score (playing for close to 25 min yesterday night)
  11. Playing with my friend in the same mission, but didn't get the reward because different Event Score Point , giver the reason why the score is different, perhaps it was by a bug or a glitch
  12. Right he Hotfix topic: The 3 camera is an issue amount other (like me) as well, because the reason is the frame (or rate frame) sometimes stuck on the 3 person camera and stoping the player for moving forward to finish the mission, at times is random on some (map) tile floor. Is really hard to say comment is a Glitch or a bug no matter reason is report it pls... And look out for frame bug (suit armor) that may and change it your number stats to a normal stats or lowering it by mistake or accidentally. (and that report too if you find it)
  13. I wish some people would stop saying Nerf our favourite riven, which is not funny when we Vets are going for end game build and are trying solo survival run up to and with the enemy lvl 150 (stronger overkill build weapon is key to survival)
  14. Funny enough during the update i lost my (stalker) ephemera effects smoke in my foundry, and i can't build anymore sadly i have wait stalker to spawn again
  15. BTW love the design on EQUINOX PRIME ! > don't you think Stradavar Prime sound effect should be any different (nope is the same sound effect by default) > there a problem with the frame rate scene which sometimes might get stuck on the third person camera at times is anoying,.. is there anyway fix this issue ? (you can still hear your frame walking, but frame rate scene is not move at all sadly)
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