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  1. Right he Hotfix topic: The 3 camera is an issue amount other (like me) as well, because the reason is the frame (or rate frame) sometimes stuck on the 3 person camera and stoping the player for moving forward to finish the mission, at times is random on some (map) tile floor. Is really hard to say comment is a Glitch or a bug no matter reason is report it pls... And look out for frame bug (suit armor) that may and change it your number stats to a normal stats or lowering it by mistake or accidentally. (and that report too if you find it)
  2. I wish some people would stop saying Nerf our favourite riven, which is not funny when we Vets are going for end game build and are trying solo survival run up to and with the enemy lvl 150 (stronger overkill build weapon is key to survival)
  3. Funny enough during the update i lost my (stalker) ephemera effects smoke in my foundry, and i can't build anymore sadly i have wait stalker to spawn again
  4. BTW love the design on EQUINOX PRIME ! > don't you think Stradavar Prime sound effect should be any different (nope is the same sound effect by default) > there a problem with the frame rate scene which sometimes might get stuck on the third person camera at times is anoying,.. is there anyway fix this issue ? (you can still hear your frame walking, but frame rate scene is not move at all sadly)
  5. I think at times, something may have to change
  6. Do you think is time to buff some weapons / here the list's - Soma or Soma Prime needs a Damage improvement and fast reload as (BTW the Crit multiplier is so weak against high lvl enemy 80 or 100) kill up lvl 60 - Dakra Prime need a rework change it to status or Crit (or maybe both) - Fang prime same statement as Dakra Prime - Fix the Arcane Exodia Contagion double jump and hit key E (not double jump and right click to aim & then hit key E) god sake change the one arcane back,which is the most useful
  7. Rose are Red of Blood, Violent are blue Freezing, Purple is light may the our Lotus back to us ..(and guild us) #Lotus #SpaceMom
  8. Fix your game DE In Context : when i join with somebody, (because the server is lagger at times) it kick me out and bug my game an that happen a lot right now
  9. BTW there new bug or glitch call freeze frame rate (or as you call it scene shot that cannot moving), it turn your game into photo, but the funny thing is you hear frame moving hear and background nosic.
  10. Well i be damn :3 ?! - Hildryn first ability need a rework, because the hitscan or hitbox is way off (is feels like shooting a mini boom stick that miss or pass through the enemy hitbox)
  11. Criticism - Is feeling the community veteran, newplayer, and casual player is one side check the video yourself Fix login and when get auto kick out of the game for no reason (glitch or a bug) - between 1 min and 5 min in my account - an fix informations error with the password Dear DE, there something that need to change, evolve or evolution the game that people need to change mind (stop pick and choose). An pls stop asking, is it to ask (community need to stop ask DE)
  12. There are still things we have to look out for like gitch and bug old which is in the dojo, where player invite can join, but can't see frame model (invisible) this problem need to be fix. - BTW DE if you are hearing or seeing to this comment,.. can you pls remodel the Latron Prime to be a Double Barrel Semi-Auto Rifle it would be nices to have for a change. (pls buff or rework the reload speed for the Latron Prime while at it TY)
  13. Small hotfix patch > wrong number damage > missing Texture on some map > gameplay frame drop is random on most map, only grineer and corpus > Mesa prime second helmet is cipping back of her neck when look down #TennoForever
  14. Anything new we should know about ?
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