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  1. Gradivus was fun for me. Grindy as hell since I did both sides of the event on the off chance that either Grineer or Corpus won. But I really enjoyed myself back then.
  2. I haven't played the new mech myself, but I have been talking to people in my friends circle who have played it. I think the mech needs a re-evaluation of its abilities and to have it play into the niche it wants to occupy. The Bonewidow is supposed to be this melee bruiser that is hopefully intended to wade into the fray and tear things apart with a giant sword and shield. As things stand right now, I think more than half of the kit doesn't support this fantasy at all. Your above suggestions regarding Meathooked enemies being absorbed into Shield Maiden's pool is neat. Also like the i
  3. I just finished a two hour "session" with clanmates where we finished one of each Isolation Vault, and one of each of the Arcana bounties that unlock after finishing the Vaults. We got our rewards, including a Sporothrix part, and we made our way to the exit. My game promptly crashed and I lost all rewards. While I understand that this is how the cookie crumbles (I am still really bitter and angry since this is the second time this has happened), it really puts to light the importance of proper checkpoints in endurance runs like this. Why must players have to commit to such a long duration
  4. These look excellent. Great work by the artists. Also super happy to see a Hildryn skin. Fingers crossed I have the means to nab it sometime in the future.
  5. Don't forget the constant attempts by people to drag down those who may *gasp* enjoy the game while *gasp* also acknowledging its problems. You'll get called a shill or a white knight and dismissed. These interactions drove me off this game for years.
  6. Hello, I'm back again to ask about how bad of an idea it is to pursue a Magnetic Kuva Nukor and Kuva Seer. My reasoning for considering both was the innate elemental bonuses both weapons get. The Kuva Nukor does innate radiation damage, and with the right mods, I could have it with 140% status chance and firing off Magnetic, Radiation, Viral and Heat damage. From what reading I did on the wiki, those four elements seem pretty good as an all purpose combination. The Seer on the other hand, would have less status at 92% but a lot more crit while also having four elements on it: Magnetic, Vira
  7. It's almost like game development is a very difficult thing and bugs are inevitable or something.
  8. I dunno dude. My Revenant's sitting on 15 charges of Mesmer Skin and also has Rolling Guard for when those charges drop. Dude never dies.
  9. Hello, As the title may imply, I've only recently come back to the game after a sizeable absence. As such I'm playing catch up, and hoping to tackle both Arbitrations and the Steel Path soon. I did give the first Steel Path mission a go but seemed to be taking a good chunk of time trying to kill the enemies, which I am assuming is only going to get worse as I do higher end missions. From digging around, I've seemed to gather that melee is the best option for doing damage in the game at the moment, but I genuinely am struggling to understand how the system works. It'd be very helpful if
  10. Just curious, I don't doubt you, how do you recommend folks build it? I quite enjoy the thematic of the weapon but dunno how to maximize the damage of the thing.
  11. I've mostly relied on discounts for when I get burned out over the years and return for new content drops. That nets me enough plat to buy a good chunk of stuff. It's the case with a lot of games that working a real job will be more efficient and time friendly than grinding the game out.
  12. Ohohohohoh. This contest...*steeples fingers* Time to generate some innuendo.
  13. Rejuvenation. Helps you and your team.
  14. I'm not a tech pro but how exactly do I revert to normal English again?
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