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  1. Chosen_of_the_Moon

    Coming Soon: Final 2016 Devstream!

    What are your thoughts and desires to improve the community aspect of Warframe in-game. Sure, the forums exist and there are events and such the community participates in, but they aren't in-game things. For all intents and purposes, the game is a fairly isolated experience. I'm curious to know your thoughts. Personally, I would like to see clans be expanded, and later on, alliances as well. Right now, it's a resource sink with some cosmetic modifications we can do. Duel rooms are buggy and broken, obstacle courses serve no real purpose, and the Hall of Victories (the room with the giant statue) serves absolutely no purpose. Allowing warlords to make weekly clan specific events and programs would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the website changes and letting us know!
  3. Chosen_of_the_Moon

    TennoCon 2016 Announcements!

    Hope to see a lot of old timers there (no offense to the newer folks of course, but I've developed a fond memory for us old forum warriors).
  4. Chosen_of_the_Moon

    Coming Soon: Devstream #68

    When will clan dojos be getting additions made to them? It has been more than 2 years since the so called "bug" with the Loki statue in the trophy room has been addressed. That aspect of the game has been neglected for quite a while and could really use some loving and QoL
  5. Chosen_of_the_Moon

    Feedback On Vulpine Mask Grind And Rapier [Megathread]

    Let's go over the requirements for the rapier: 45000 credits for the whole thing. Good price. Nothing to complain about. 10000 Alloy Plate. Once again, reasonable. 1300 plastids. Slightly iffy. Might require a few runs of nodes for newer players. 2 Argon Crystals. Oh joy, more Void fatigue. Another reminder of the cardinal sin of removing resources from player inventories. Surely it can't get any worse, right? 5 NItain. *flips desk* I really, really, really despise bandaid resources. Nitain has no reason to exist, but to increase farm times for those who don't stockpile the damned thing and run the alerts continuously. Stance drops from the very same enemy that drops the arguably rarest stance in the game. I was under the impression that the stance gave life to the melee weapon, without it, the weapon is just a E mash tool with no mechanics to it. So, let's take what we've gone over so far, and realize that it's for a product that's only 50% complete. And the product isn't even so powerful to the point where such a grind is valid for it. So yeah, that's my way of compartmentalizing my anger and salt over yet another messed up opportunity of having an enjoyable melee weapon in Warframe. Back to playing other games I go.
  6. Chosen_of_the_Moon

    Feedback On Vulpine Mask Grind And Rapier [Megathread]

    Well, guess I won't be logging back into Warframe. I wanted to experience this stance...guess I'm never getting it.
  7. Chosen_of_the_Moon

    What Would You Guys Do First At Zombie Apocalypse.

    Commit sudoku since I'm fat and I've got no survival skills.
  8. Chosen_of_the_Moon

    Hotfix 18.1.3 [Spoilers!]

    Fixed an error causing Loki to slowly decapitate in the Loki Deluxe Skin Bundle Diorama. LOL
  9. Chosen_of_the_Moon

    Pc: Second Dream Teaser/hype Megathread [Spoilers]

    People gotta understand that it's just 2:50PM at the time of typing this for DE. Their timezone is EST, and my post is based off of that. Rebecca did mention that she might post an update status post if nothing happened by 6-7PM. EST once again.
  10. Chosen_of_the_Moon

    Orokin Overload Weekend Is On Now!

    Welp. Time to stock up on Neurodes.
  11. Not too impressed. But thanks for sharing.
  12. So...he has a better terrify than Nekros? And Wukong has a better flying ability than Zephyr. Mary Sue child >> Nekros and Monkey >> Bird lady. Fun times.
  13. Chosen_of_the_Moon

    Remove The Dark Sectors Armistice

    Pretty happy that cancerous part of the game's been cut off. Giving player monopoly over in game-contents is conceptually great, and possibly successful. Dark Sectors...were idiotically designed, sorry for the aggressive wording.
  14. Chosen_of_the_Moon

    Did Anybody Ever Play With Any Of The De Staff On Warframe?

    Did some missions with Megan a year or so ago. No biggie honestly.