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  1. idk it depends on the mods u are using. like no riven and 60-60 mods instead of 90 leaves plenty of space
  2. i just wish shipping didnt cost more than that sweater...
  3. well they dropped open worlds for this reason. if we see more open worlds in warframe they are not going to be like the 2 we have. empyrian is supposed to be a different game mode. like archwing compared to regular missions so its not something like the open worlds
  4. i think 100%+ status should have a chance to proc additional status. like 120% has 100% chance to proc one and 20% to proc an other
  5. should i keep making threads about the same bugs or submit tickets to the support in order to get them fixed?
  6. steam achievements are broken anyway. at mr26 i still havent found a mod or leveled any kind of weapon to lvl10
  7. dark split sword holster style in dual sword mode still cant be changed. no matter what u pick, when u leave that menu it will return to default holster
  8. its still not fixed. please fix already...
  9. there are a few tests throughout the mastery where i thought i would never be able to pass. yet here i am at mr26
  10. the silver grove is just the worst thing ever. so nearly at 2000 hours i still havent completed it
  11. lvl5 is not difficult. there are 4 of u all the time. if u dont want to level it up you can just go solo and let ppl who want to uncover their sequence do their thing. dying to your lich is more efficient than murmurs. if 4 liches spawn in a mission you get similar ammount of thralls than if u keep 1 alive.
  12. idk for me its a basic human thing to help others. why cant u just press x and get killed to help 3 other people and save their time?
  13. can u post a pic of your build? also exilus is not meant for every weapon. some benefit greatly while some have hardly any benefits
  14. ye, i think i asked this a year or two ago. its about time
  15. i agree with op. beam extension is basically flight speed for beam weapons
  16. thats some next level social anxiety. most players act like AI in a squad. completely silent, minding their own bisuness.
  17. this is because earlygame is much more balanced than lategame, therefor its fun to play. armor scaling and damage scaling is broken in damage2.0 and that makes lategame a race to 1hit enemies before they 1hit you. in early game we have real combat. (early game=low level enemies and low tier gear)
  18. i really hate this update. im on my 9th lich and i got these weapons so far: tonkor chakhurr drakgoon drakgoon brakk seer chakkhurr drakgoon 9 attempts and only 5 kind of weapons out of 14... also 0 ephemera drop... what the hell is this DE? i just wanted a quartakk. this way we will have to defeat hundreds of liches to get all the ephemeras. and maybe u might want only 1? well too bad if it doesnt drop from your first 100 lich
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