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  1. can u post a pic of your build? also exilus is not meant for every weapon. some benefit greatly while some have hardly any benefits
  2. ye, i think i asked this a year or two ago. its about time
  3. i agree with op. beam extension is basically flight speed for beam weapons
  4. thats some next level social anxiety. most players act like AI in a squad. completely silent, minding their own bisuness.
  5. this is because earlygame is much more balanced than lategame, therefor its fun to play. armor scaling and damage scaling is broken in damage2.0 and that makes lategame a race to 1hit enemies before they 1hit you. in early game we have real combat. (early game=low level enemies and low tier gear)
  6. i really hate this update. im on my 9th lich and i got these weapons so far: tonkor chakhurr drakgoon drakgoon brakk seer chakkhurr drakgoon 9 attempts and only 5 kind of weapons out of 14... also 0 ephemera drop... what the hell is this DE? i just wanted a quartakk. this way we will have to defeat hundreds of liches to get all the ephemeras. and maybe u might want only 1? well too bad if it doesnt drop from your first 100 lich
  7. its there a frame that gives viral bonus damage to lich weapons? what damage does nidus or saryn give to it?
  8. where is kuva hind? its a weak weapon. should have a kuva variant
  9. they said this week and i think tomorrow is holiday there too
  10. u are the kind of guy who povokes people for no reason so they get punished. does mommy know u turned out this way?
  11. do things you would need to do next weekend. like wash and clean stuff so u can play the new content without a break next week
  12. darn? its saturday. what did u expect? they wont release on weekends. and the next week is not that far away
  13. i dont think anyone needs a guide to put an umbral forma into a frame...
  14. use it on a frame u often use and need it for an optimal build. im saving them for weapons, in-case we get gun umbral mods
  15. i recently formad an other volt prime 5 times to get 3 more appearance slots
  16. thankfully warframe has much more depth and is much more complex than a power level system could deal with
  17. Cicasajt

    jump 2.0

    so what has been bothering me for years is that if you just tap the jump key you jump as high as u would normally press it. in every mission this prevents me from going fast because i cant just jump oover a small obsticle and go through an entrance.
  18. im not asking for help im just saying that speaking bad words leads to suspension, doing bad things doesnt. i cant report him because my chat is suspended and commands are not available.
  19. i was doing a kuva flood when a guy joined me. i did 3 clouds and proceeded to finish the mission leaving the last cloud to him to save time and finish faster. then he proceeds to wait for his kavat buff and misses all clouds. i got to extraction and he tells me to leave so he can wait more. i tell him to play solo if he wants to wait a chance for buff and call him a name. then i get reported and my chat gets suspended. conclusion: any kind of toxic gameplay is encouraged but calling someone a name for his toxis behaviour is not. i bet he didnt get any kind of punishment for making me wait isntead of going solo and wait there. shame on the support team
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