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  1. saryn, nekros, mesa, rhino, garuda, wisp, loki, ivara, chroma
  2. add a base it grows out of and make it somehow more warframe styled
  3. i recommend tysis for popping nullie bubbles
  4. yess! delux skins are much more delux lately so i cant wait for a proper volt skin
  5. no its not. but next time name the weapon too because it depends on that too (not this time tho)
  6. volt gets S#&$ on every time. the "delux" proto skin is just 80% GLOVES. no textures, colours, shapes just smooth GLOVES. with a head thats just a potato with 3 different textures....
  7. u used forma on it 4 times
  8. lol people can be.... sofa king we todd it
  9. there are no red flags. if the trade is worth for u then trade, if not then dont. the trading itself is secure.
  10. no link. de just cant make a cohesive warframe anymore
  11. in the reworks we can see just how bad de is at designing warframes. since gara all of them are just a mess. they have no idea how and what to do
  12. i like the passive now but i wish it was easier to build up or it wouldnt be just 1 shot. maybe faster build up or it would decay in 3 seconds after you attack
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