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  1. it probably uses the status chance/second thing, i wish we had separate "status chance/bullet" stat displayed too. i hate how i have to remove multishot mods if i want to see the actual status chance on a weapon. its even worse if u have a riven with status chance and multishot
  2. i dont see any problem with trading or mr requirements for trading. the 24h punishment for failing is harsh tho. and the mr based trade cap too.
  3. tbh there is not a single problem with volt's 2 and getting a speed buff. i gave you the option to opt in and out and you are still crying. you just want something to cry about. there are many more things like volt's speed in the game that can be cried about yet people dont cry. please try to tolerate the exitence of other people.
  4. you can always just stop sprinting if its too fast to you. but i still dont get why people dont like it. i just cant play without buffed movement speed, its too slow. my suggestion tho i think would be fine for most players. it would be something like wisp's speed buff, at least the way you aquire it
  5. people still cry about getting faster? a fix could be to make him only cast it for himself and leave a cloud behind that allies can touch to recieve the speed for its remaining duration. id like to see him getting a bit faster base move speed. his 1 also should have a "held" option where you keep firing lightning at enemies like we seen in the cinematic trailer or by the sith lord. i would also like to see a change to his passive: charges way faster but the cap is 500 only. his transistor shield augment should remove the speed debuff and the energy cost on carrying shields. his capaticante augment should charge the shields of sentinels and companions. his 2 should buff holster speed too and give fire rate to semi auto guns while also removing that cancerous jamming mechanic.
  6. rhino is probably the most "juggernaut". also he is one of the best designed frames
  7. i honestly do not care about your feelings and the random people from the internet you are talking about. maybe you should try the same
  8. u can get both stats and u can only use both of them at the same time if u slide attack.
  9. the old UI seems stupid to you and yet is it so much better than any new UI that got released so far
  10. i would avoid giving real feedback about a content that i havent played yet.
  11. well the same weapon cant follow the previous but other than that its true randomness which is kinda bad imo
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