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  1. Cicasajt

    Photo mode

    arsenal-warframe-appearance-captura(at the bottom left)
  2. Cicasajt

    Volt Speed constant recasts need to be elminated

    how about letting go off the shift key if u cant handle the speed? just go slower and then u wont go.... fast.
  3. Cicasajt

    Free recording software?

    WIN 10 has that xbox live recording thing. it runs smoothly
  4. Cicasajt

    Plains Expansion or Overhaul?

  5. Cicasajt

    Plains Expansion or Overhaul?

    i think its an other game but man, i want a volt poster like that
  6. Cicasajt

    Weekend Wars: A Counter Please

    well, check your profile. im sure there are stats for it there
  7. Cicasajt

    Dex Weapons 2019?

    im an idiot. ty for pointing it out
  8. Cicasajt

    Dex Weapons 2019?

    id love a dex armor set or syandana. tho they mentioned "skin" somewhere. i have hopes for a volt skin because its a started but if we are at starters a mag skin would make more sense because its female
  9. Cicasajt

    Couple of questions from a newbie

    the blinking blue spots on the map
  10. Cicasajt

    Who is your favorite character in all of warframe

    i like alad v the most. he just wants to know more, wants to understand stuff, he is just a little evil too
  11. Cicasajt

    Need advice - frame too squishy

    you build is already tankier than most ppl's build. my advice can only be: git gud
  12. Cicasajt

    Killing enemies above level 25.

    rhino and frost are excellent starters. boltor and sybaris are also great
  13. Cicasajt


  14. Cicasajt

    Warframe Community Zine in the Works!

    thank you!