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  1. Cicasajt

    Tennobaum 2018

    why isnt it updating automatically? i wanna see the last tier
  2. Cicasajt

    赤毒抽取器/Red poison extractor

  3. what about the corpus shotgun an revolver shown at tennocon?
  4. dont take dmg dealt seriously unless u are suposed to be dps with 10%. it can be very misleading. just trust yourself that you are useful and are doing the best for the team
  5. Cicasajt


    its not a source of rivens so dont worry
  6. Cicasajt

    Best place to get Amber stars

    idk why but i thought u meant u get an amber about every run. i just did one and found 2 cyans....
  7. Cicasajt

    Best place to get Amber stars

    no way. i often do syndicate medallion hunts and break everything only to not find a single amber star for even days. sculptures drop more often
  8. Cicasajt

    Which warframe?

    rhino or frost
  9. Cicasajt

    Mesa Prime Access Coming Soon!

    no weapon stats... im disappointed
  10. Cicasajt

    Why did no one mention this?

    best thing we got this year 😄
  11. Cicasajt

    Kuva store.

    u see, this is what a reasonable idea looks like. dissolving rivens into kuva in some way
  12. Cicasajt

    Volt's Shield Change / Augment Proposition

    its a lot better the way it is now
  13. Cicasajt

    Kuva store.

  14. Cicasajt

    How do i change my nickname?

    hi goddammit, im cicasajt
  15. Cicasajt

    How do i change my nickname?

    tell us what to call u from now