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  1. well the same weapon cant follow the previous but other than that its true randomness which is kinda bad imo
  2. idk what im doing wrong then. i build my phaedra correctly and deal >50 dmg/hit
  3. the problem is that archguns are a lot weaker and have a lot slower projectile speed than railjack guns. also arcwings are very slow compared to fighters
  4. i main volt and i think he is one of the best-made frames but i would make his shield not slow him when carried and maybe not even drain energy. id make his ult cast time shorter and his 1 should be able to be held for continous shocking
  5. maybe they already had those parts
  6. i have 2 thumb buttons and i use one of them for summoning the operator and the other one is my air support to hack lockdowns when a fool breaks the windows.
  7. at least he has a prime skin unlike volt, frost, mag
  8. well one step would be to give headshot multiplier that critical hits have to any hit on the head. i dont get why headshots that crit get even higher multiplier than other headshots....
  9. thats racist! black energy isnt good enough or what?
  10. she looks like ember with dangly things
  11. ye but operator is not the warframe. warframe is a being controlled by the operator which is you because you play the game, and u operate the keyboard also please leave me alone. i dont want more notifications
  12. nah, your IGN is your "hero" name, and your warframe's name. like how Saitama is one punch man as a hero, Bob Smith the operator is xXredscarfXx as a hero/warframe
  13. dude. u dont get it. if your real name is Bob Smith then your operator is called Bob Smith. thats it. its already in the game. you=your operator, therefore your realy life name=your operator's name
  14. build for corrosive hunter is not necessary, i dont use it dont really need vigilante id replace vigilante with the 90% toxin mod, hunter with 90% electricity mod. or maybe one of them with a 60-60 instead
  15. after playing all nodes and the quest i asked myself the same thing, then i stopped playing
  16. well they cant release new war related things now..... and they cant release corpus themed things either because those are getting a rework.
  17. im very certain that the new war will bring an expansion to railjack too as well as plains and vallis
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