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    • Clan name: LGV
    • Clan tier: Storm
    • Clan platform: PC
    • Your Clan role: One of the generals of the clan and main decorator (I built most of the things you can see in the clan)

    Here's a video of a tour/showcase of the different things we have in the clan at the moment:


    Here's a link to a bunch of images for a better look at certain areas from the dojo/video. (there's a bonus sketched up version of the dragon when I was planning her out):


  1. 5 hours ago, Sweet_Talos said:

    but my twitch is connected with the game, can it be worth appealing to support?

    Literally contact their twitch page and tell them your in game name and platform. Write a message(using the whisper feature on twitch) to Warframe's twitch account with your in game name and platform. I don't think the fact that your account being connected to twitch does anything, other than give you rewards in game for watching for an hour.

  2. Here's my attempt at a toxic whip: 

    Faction: tenno/new Loka

    Weapon description:

    • One handed whip (like all the others)
    • has base toxic and pure slash damage. High status chance.
    • The toxin is drained from the flower that grows in the handle. A charge attack will create an aoe toxin cloud (or the elemental combination equipped)
    • Status effects will always apply slash and toxin next to the other elemental status effects.



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  3. Just reading through the different passives, the perrin sequence one seems the most lackluster of them all. It should be changed to maybe work off of the credits you gain throughout a mission to deal more damage instead of simply more credits.

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  4. 1 hour ago, TheRealDRAGVAR said:

    RIP mag

    rip mag? did you even play her yet? she is basically a nova now with her shield polarize and will deal tons of damage if you go range, damage and duration. While she doesn't have the nuking capabilities against corpus anymore with shield polarize, she now instead offers utility and debuffing, to the point where corrosive projection might not be even needed. (further testing still required though)

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  5. My wishlist:


    1) Mag deluxe skin

    2) Mag buff against grineer and infested

    3) More passive buffs (can be minescule) for the focus system.


           Examples of those buffs would be: More headshot damage, armor reduction on body shots, deal more damage at the center of an explosion from        ogris and the rest, etc.

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  6. I like your idea of Bounce rework (and tesla rework aswell), but I think bounce should be replaced completely. What they could replace it with is a kind of grenade that can cause an effect. Either it will be at base with just damage, and augments will then buff the grenade to do different things, such as cause an electric shock pulse to go through all nearby enemies or create a poison cloud that stays for a while. These augments would have all base elements and have an effect relating to the element. This would allow vauban builds to become more unique to each person based on what they like. They can still go with the other builds he currently has but will also then have the possibility to flesh out his builds for the grenade.

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  7. With Loki, Banshee, rhino, and recently Valkyr recieving new models (or atleast designs of them currently), will Mag be getting one soon as well?


    Any updates to the Mag rework and any other frame rework?


    What weapons specific weapons (and not weapon types such as snipers) are getting a change next due to them either not being played or just are lackluster in comparison to others? (speaking mainly of Panthera here)

  8. Think of it this way: They are starting to work on making more builds viable. But first they must change the way pure damage buffs work. With this change, they will be able to make statuses also gain a bigger effect, and will be able to balance the game into having more diversity by not forcing the usage of certain mods. Now that they are adding more weapons that focus purely on elementals and statuses while having mechanics, they will be able to change the way gameplay works into being more of a decision of: do I want more damage but end up with less ammo?


    This is just like what they did with Synoid Gammacor. They now made it have a drawback to its insane power.


    As a mastery 19, I can see this finally freeing up more space for more builds, giving room for other mods that were never seen on weapons because multishot was such a necessity.

  9. My suggestion for the Strun: With all the other changes that people are suggesting to it, please make it so that you can fire inbetween reloads, and decrease the reload speed. For strun you can have it 1 sec to reload inbetween, but the strun wraith should be .5 or .75 sec per pellet reload. Also please buff up its damage to be equal to or better than the regular strun.

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