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  1. I'm at my loadout slot limit and have been for a while. After all the improvements to the loadout system I started taking it more seriously, and now I always reach for my loadouts for everything that isn't leveling up gear. Having at least enough slots to tailor one loadout per frame should be the minimum, and even more for alternate permutations, special purposes and articulas would be ideal!
  2. The thing I want the most from this is the ability to play fissure, nightmare, kuva, invasion, syndicate, etc missions in the Steel Path mode. I slack on cracking relics and rolling rivens constantly because dunking small crowds of low-level enemies just isn't that engaging. Having the option across the board to do the regular (fissure, nightmare, etc) mission for the reward or the Steel variant for that extra stick-to-your-ribs satisfaction would be ideal Seeing bounties on today's preview stream was a good sign!
  3. I updated my NVIDIA drivers to the latest iteration (446.14) and am still having the same problem.
  4. I can't update, optimize or verify. This is on a GTX 1060 6gb that was running the game with no problem just before the patch.
  5. I definitely was able to download the hotfix, and even after verifying and optimizing I'm still unable to log in due to an outdated launcher error. I'm seeing that I have Launcher 2020. and Engine 2020. if any of that helps.
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