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  1. Steve posted this on Twitter earlier today, demoing finisher cutscenes https://mobile.twitter.com/sj_sinclair/status/1129385939980177409 This makes finishers even slower than they already are, which is remarkable considering most everyone builds their finisher daggers around speed specifically to avoid the long animations. How have two and a half months straight of "make melee combat smoother, faster and more fluid" feedback resulted in "slow things down more and take more control away from the player"? I genuinely don't think anyone's reading this. Maybe it's our fault for posting our feedback in the official feedback thread, maybe we should be posting it exclusively on Twitter so someone might actually see it.
  2. Fair enough, I guess I get to wait another week to once again plead for someone to care enough about melee to have two consecutive sentences to string together about its development, and to once again be disappointed when the topic is broached and quickly jettisoned, usually with some mumbles about the melee people not being there and a vague promise for more information later. Sincere thanks for always trying, anyways, Rebb! I have niche issues in this game. "The Euphona Prime doesn't spin on alt fire anymore" is a niche of mine, "the Nyx absorb invulnerability ends while she's still aggro-boosted and locked down" is another, but I never would've guessed that "the total overhaul of one third of the weapons in the game - the first class of weapon to be obtained by new players, to become substantially powerful in the early game, to become infinitely scalable in the late game - as well as their modified handlings and behaviors" would be treated as niche. Like, there were some complaints about the optional, forma restricted, purely cosmetic dual energy colors not applying to frames in the ideal way for some users, and y'all responded faster than the fire department 😛 Maybe with this next update out of the way, the team will have the capacity to make the melee changes a dedicated priority 😊 (fun trivia: I could feasibly attach this postscript to any post I've made in the last literal year)
  3. Thank you for the heads up! Looking forward to see what's coming up next season!
  4. Lot of much anticipated stuff coming down the pipes! 😄 Still no word on further fixes or updates to melee, though?
  5. About an hour and a minute in you mentioned a melee-related video that wasn't brought to the stream but could be posted on Twitter later - any follow up on this?
  6. Can we please have a comment on the feedback to Melee Phase 1? Not comments on anything new being planned for the future, but the feedback to what has already been released. It's been two months of testing since the update, the official feedback thread has become a daily loop of the same problems being endlessly restated by different people, and after nearly forty pages there has been no acknowledgement or any real changes as a result. Things are bad for us and they're not getting any better, and the felt apathy towards these serious, game-inhibiting issues is palpable. Just show us some sign that someone is paying attention to these problems, please, that one person is reading the feedback you yourselves requested. The worst thing we can hear is another "I dunno" response like last month - all that does is validate our worst fears: that we are being ignored.
  7. That means the next devstream will be at almost the two month mark for Melee Phase 1. Last devstream the questions about melee were punted twice (you even asked them specifically about the feedback thusfar - which was much appreciated, even if it wasn't addressed) and there's been no comments about the current state since release. The tone of the official feedback thread is getting more toxic each week as its inhabitants see no response from the team - could someone please drop a message in the thread just to let them know they're being heard?
  8. A welcome change to Nyx! Could the survivability issue regarding her 4 be examined? Her invincibility ends before either the aggro effect or dispel animation end, leaving her in a fatally vulnerable state - highly squishy, targeted by everything in range and totally unable to move or act - for about a full second. It makes dispelling her 4 at higher levels to be certain death in a way that feels unintentional.
  9. I'm 100%-ing Nightwave thus far and I've barely gotten enough Cred to do anything meaningful - I can't imagine how hard it must be for new players to catch up on basic stuff right now. Creds being such a chokepoint feels like an oversight more than a deliberate attempt to alter the tempo and progress of rewards. I hope the same mindset behind the excellent recent Plains of Eidolon updates and pet changes - more carrot, less stick - will be applied to the next Nightwave series!
  10. Can we get any sort of sign that our concerns are being heard and addressed? We've been using this system for a month (many of us daily) and things aren't getting any better. A lot of people spent a lot of time testing these changes and providing detailed, well reasoned feedback, and from every outward sign it's being ignored. There are fundamental issues here that won't be fixed by juggling or rage mode or whatever else accompanied the half-mumbled "lol i dunno" in today's stream.
  11. Will we see a response to the Melee Phase 1 feedback, and/or any changes as a result? And when will we see what Phase 2 will have to offer?
  12. I'm a 90/90 riven monger and, running the numbers, I came out ahead overall my weapons that were already overpowered are still as such even after a tickle of a nerf (oh nooo the +dam% on my Akjagara riven is only like 370% and not 420%), and my weapons that needed the help got it! I haven't blown thousands of plat on rivens because I'm not a damned fool and I'm aware that they're volatile by nature, so maybe that shades my outlook?
  13. After a few weeks with 2.99x, I've consciously stopped using melee to any significant degree. My issues haven't changed since my earlier posts (auto-block is still wretched, and most stances are still all form and no function), just my patience with them. I used to have so much fun with melee in this game, and I've been anticipating 3.0 for nearly a year, so my excitement plummeting with each exposure to the new system has felt especially tragic. I'm part of a clan that works to bring new players into the game and help them get their footing, and I've only heard negative about the melee lately. With no bias or preconceptions, many of them have been complaining about weapons we've been recommending because the stances cause them to jerk around or become immobile - a problem we hadn't encountered back when melee was smooth and responsive. As I mentioned earlier, Steve asked us to spend time with the new system before judging it. I've been using it every day since its release, and the more time I spend with it the more frustrating and ill-conceived it all feels. It really seems like so much has been taken away from melee, and precious little has been added to it. I hope we get a followup to this soon. It was bad when DE went silent about 3.0, but the silence is worse when we're stuck playing with a broken, incomplete system.
  14. If they improved the weapon switch speeds across the board (which they absolutely should), they could change Speed Holster and Streamlined Form into global reload speed buffs. This would give them some actual practical use and would increase the variety of viable frame mod options.
  15. After a week of use, my feelings on Phase 1 haven't changed from "auto-block is actively disruptive to the flow of gameplay and takes control away from the player" and "too many of the stances play a detrimental role in your movement, either limiting it or overriding it" - refer to my earlier posts in this thread for more paragraphs on the subject I wanted to compile a couple simple suggestions that I think would improve things in their current state: -Display both the melee combo counter and the equipped weapon's ammo counter at the same time. This serves to remind us what gun we have equipped when in melee combat (I've already died a few times to Kulstar hipshots, thinking I had my rifle on-deck), it keeps us updated on our combo decay when in ranged combat and - maybe most importantly - erodes the barrier between the two systems to make it feel more unified. -Earlier in the thread, someone proposed the idea of having block activate when we hold right click and the switch to aiming happen when we click-then-hold right click. I think this is an elegant solution to the block issue - it's a reflexive and unobtrusive command, and it's controller-friendly as it doesn't use any additional inputs. You could even have it also go the other way, with click-then-hold right click triggering a block when you have a gun drawn. And if you leave Reflex Guard as-is (with increased angle instead of increased chance), players that love the auto-block will still have access to it in its current form. Looking forward to the devstream today! Eager to see what the next phases will bring to the table. I hope our feedback is being considered and that the upcoming changes will reflect the needs of the players
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