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  1. Fun quest! Always game for more Cy content, and the song was fantastic! The thing that was the biggest step forward to me in terms of design language was the part where you got to practice with the Shadow during the musical number. One thing that Warframe has lacked since its inception is any sort of hands-on tutorial for frames, or even a "try before you buy" mode where you can experiment with powers and their interactions. Now I'm not saying each frame needs a bespoke training area with a fully produced shanty accompaniment, but this showed (to me, at least) that you can get a sufficie
  2. I haven't heard one piece of positive feedback regarding Gunnery 10 since its inception. What's weird is that in this iteration I've only seen DE comment on the heat mechanic and not the criticisms of the Intrinsic itself - every post I've seen from the userbase on the subject has been "Gunnery 10 is obtrusive and terrible" and the response has been "We know the new heat accruement combined with the heatsink purge on reload will take some getting used to but--" like, no, Gunnery 10 is obtrusive and terrible. I've never felt the need to avoid leveling up Tactical because I don't want the abilit
  3. I'm talking about the pace of gameplay, not the mission timers - whether the pace is action-packed and exciting as opposed to plodding and meticulous. I mean sure we can all clear the vaults fast enough by now but that's kind of a buzzkill as the climax to a two-fisted space battle. And it's a little odd narratively, "Alright we just blew apart their convoy and scuttled their freighter with an old war warship, now - sssh - don't trigger the vault alarms, they can't know we're here!" And I'm aware of the secondary objective, I'm talking specifically about them bringing main game objectives
  4. Loved all the RJ Retrofit Q&A! I figured that the entire party needing to board the ground missions during Railjack was for technical reasons, it was interesting to hear exactly where you guys were finding the limits. Great to hear that there's more missions coming! A greater variety of RJ missions would be appreciated, though I have to say it's weird that you guys noted Spy specifically was in the works for this mode. It doesn't really fit the pace of Railjack - it's the same problem Defense currently has in RJ, going from something high tempo to low tempo sucks the energy and fun out of
  5. This feels like what they're dipping a toe into with the new Corpus missions, and while it's currently uneven I'm enthusiastic about the potential and the direction. My big hope out of all these iterations of Railjack is that they end up with something like the sortie / bounty system, too - like, a daily where you do RJ / AW space objectives in between a string of hit-and-run ground missions, culminating in an explosion-dense set piece against a big boss or a big ship or a big boss' big ship
  6. Gunnery 10 needs a full rethink. It's not even just the heat penalty, I do not want control of my weapons taken from me. I can see the targeting assist reticles just fine and I know how to walk fire to a target. Improved artillery? Post-slingshotting buffs? Remote use of unmanned guns as pilot? Even just something forgettable would be fine so that I don't have to leave Gunnery at 9 indefinitely.
  7. There's so much going on with this patch, but holistically I think Railjack is healthier as a result. Bugs on bugs on bugs, though. Crew can't vote on missions, a few endless tunnels (even while solo), can enter positions with 'E' (my rebound use key) but can only exit with 'X' - when old bugs come back are they technically retro? I'm loving the overall flow of the new Railjack missions. Everyone fluidly shifting from position to position, from space to ground and back, working individually on small tasks or collaborating on harder goals, all moving the party towards a common objective - it f
  8. Better delayed than compromised - looking forward to tomorrow!
  9. Awesome news, and the update board sounds really cool!
  10. Systems in a game should compliment the gameplay. When a system invalidates parts of the gameplay, or makes it so interacting with those parts actually penalizes your team, then it's a bad system. It's not that AOEs are inherently bad, or that exterminate-type missions are either - but when you provide missions focused on killing a specific amount of targets, and then provide a dozen tools for confronting them individually alongside one that compacts every target in all of creation into a ten foot cube within a column of fire and also if more than one player interacts with the hot cube mess it
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