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  1. Loooove when the sound department gets the spotlight ❤️ hope we get some fun foley clips!
  2. These are some excellent sounding changes. Glaives have felt too neglected for too long, and this all sounds like it'll bring them not only in line with the rest of melee but fun and exciting in their own right.
  3. I'm concerned that by limiting it to maximum targeted enemy health values instead of the actual attack damage you're still preventing the power from properly affecting the surrounding enemies. You still have to fight against armor, shield gating and flat damage resistance, which means that the impacted damage will still be negligible at higher levels. Doubling a tickle just makes it a more annoying tickle, it still doesn't qualify as a proper attack. It really feels at times like there's a lot of design choices made that have no bearing on the way anyone actually plays Warframe. Like, you
  4. The Marked for Death changes are way too extreme - namely the target health cap. You had actually made an interesting ability that required timing, practice and synergy to use, now it's just an imperceptible tickle and a waste of resources. There were a few days there where I actually used Ash, but now I just want the bile I spent back.
  5. Saying something has been "reduced" or "capped" doesn't really mean anything without letting us see the actual numbers.
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