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  1. The Skana shown in the stream had a damage of 120, unmodded. Currently it's 35 on the live server. That's nearly a 3.5x boost to base damage. If those numbers hold for the rest of the arsenal, with a few maybe getting more love than others (I want the Pangolin Sword to be usable so badly), then I'm not too concerned about losing the combo counter damage bonus.
  2. The actual impact of these changes is going to depend so much on not only the final numbers for the altered mods and mechanics but the as-of-yet-unseen total overhaul to the weapons themselves (and if the primary and secondary overhauls were anything to go by, expect a full shuffling of the meta deck) that it's impossible to say one way or another if these changes will be positive or not. The most encouraging thing, though, is the willingness to make big changes to core systems. Just please, support these changes once they've been released. If certain things don't work out or there's problems with implementations, we cannot have another situation where we have to wait another seven months for them to be acknowledged and resolved.
  3. Regarding the Immolation overheat mechanic: I agree that the instant total drain is too severe - why not have the overheat for her 2 be something comparable to the current WoF? If your heat reaches maximum you start draining energy like a sieve while fires break out around you, increasing in intensity and drain the longer you're overheating. It would fulfill the want of something that jeopardizes your energy while providing area damage on overheat, but in a way that's more manageable in a busy fight and with more exploitable synergies for the player to consider.
  4. Tomorrow is the seven month anniversary of the release of Melee 2.9 -- can we please have some specific, tangible details about what changes are being considered? And how much longer will we be waiting for the necessary fixes to this basic gameplay element?
  5. I've been trying to find a solution to this, something that would solve the biggest languishing problems with the current melee iteration and evolve the system into something more substantial while also requiring the least amount of man-hours to implement. This is where I'm at. First, the combo counter should be on the screen next to the ammo counter regardless of what's currently in-hand. If you're trying to break down the barriers between gunplay and melee, this is absolutely vital. Next, re-implement quick melee using the proposed combo system demonstrated with Wukong's Iron Staff and shown in several Devstreams - with attacks executed based on movement and gap-closers on an aim>melee combo. While this is close to what you've already shown intentions to implement, the most important part is that these attacks are on quick melee. The current system for weapon switching is responsible for several flow-breaking problems that would require more fixes to make work than is worth it. If you want us to have those cool "Devil May Cry" strikes on the ready at all times, this would be the way to do it that wouldn't be disruptive to the current game mechanics. Now the meat: holding the switch weapon key should equip melee like it used to in 2.0, but while before this was called sword alone, now we're calling it channeling. While channeling, your melee, fire, alt fire and aim keys are now your melee, charge attack, gap-closer and block keys (with players able to redefine these controls, of course). Channeling doesn't provide additional damage by default anymore but, while previously the damage bonus was component to the combo counter and was modified by mods, now the bonus damage is dictated strictly by "Channeling Damage" bonus mods and is applied as a total damage multiplier (as opposed to being additive with Pressure Point, rivens etc). And while previously channeling cost the player 5 energy per strike, it now grants the player 5 energy per kill. Mods and focus powers that affect "Channeling Efficiency" grant bonus energy based on their percent, and mods that penalize energy reduce the bonus until it reaches zero (without going negative and costing the player energy per kill). Very few mods would require any alterations. Focused Defense, True Punishment and Quickening should have their efficiency penalties converted to ~60-80% bonuses (as the other effects of the mods are so anemic) and Life Strike should have its "Life Steal" value at a fixed amount (20%?) while its penalty is reduced with each level (80-60-40-20?) to make it worth leveling. Otherwise, the other mods (even rivens!) already line up with my proposed alterations - you wouldn't even need to change the phrasing. Exalted melee weapons would count as channeling when active, changing their mod dynamic and opening up some interesting possibilities. As for the "one handed melee, one handed gun" systems that have been partially demonstrated, this could be implemented by having your quick melee count as channeling while still giving you normal use of your sidearm. The choice of modding for channeling becomes considerably more meaningful with these changes. What I'm proposing would require no new content, no new systems and no significant changes to what you've already demonstrated. At the same time, this fixes the most crippling problems currently affecting melee combat, provides a new means of active energy gain that's readily accessible to new players, adds much more variety to the melee modding process, and satisfies both the want of immediate access to flashy combos alongside gunplay and the want of a dedicated melee mode with precise controls and a unique power dynamic.
  6. The effects are gorgeous and the stat changes (especially for the Cernos P and Daikyu) are excellent. I've always loved my bows, and now I love them even more. I noticed that some animations don't seem to be working correctly when wall latching. For instance, I can see the string on the bow move when I charge, but I don't seem to be physically drawing it. It isn't impacting gameplay, but it does look odd.
  7. Any word on the melee tweaks mentioned by Steve around the end of the last devstream? There was a vague, noncommittal note that they may or may not be ready for the next mainline.
  8. It's just another example of how the execution of everything in 2.9 is so clearly ramshackle and sloppy. The fact that you start gliding uncontrollably when you get shot while jumping says everything about how little thought or effort was actually put into these changes, and the fact that it's still that way half a year later and not just a funny anecdote about an obvious oversight that was corrected after release says everything about how little thought or effort we should expect to see from here on out. Instead of rewriting any of the melee backend, they just removed a few commands and wired others together with no regard for the consequences. That's it, no forethought, no actual game design. The targeted slam is the only actual new functionality that was added, it's also the first thing they ever showed regarding Melee 3.0 nearly fifteen months ago. The reason there's so many issues with autoblock isn't because the concept of passive damage reduction with melee equipped is faulty or because so many people just love holding right click, but because several functions of different mods and weapons (and even basic game functions like gliding with no zoom) are bound to block and not one moment of effort was expended to make them remain functional. Melee and gear interactions are annoying for the same reasons - they didn't get rid of "sword alone" like they said, they made it the only choice in a way that doesn't play nice with most equipped items. People brought up almost every issue that's been said in this thread before 2.9's release, but DE at this point are openly not listening to our feedback (see: the augment patch) so it's not surprising that those portents fell on deaf ears. Last stream Steve said that they were only "cracking the surface" on melee changes, and I'd believe it - I sincerely don't think that there's any active work going on for melee on any regular basis. It's why they bounce or ignore questions on the subject, why they're vague when they have to say something, why not a single employee will even acknowledge any of the issues that have been endlessly restated here over the last half year. Core gameplay improvements are and will always be a non-priority so long as expansions and pretty baubles bring in more fast cash. It's like a city building amphitheaters and theme parks to chase tourist dollars, meanwhile the streets turn to the potholes and the water system rots. I've let several coupons go by that I might not have, but I don't feel comfortable giving this company my money right now. Nothing would make me happier than being wrong. If the next devstream shows a comprehensive overview of what's being worked on to correct the current issues and make improvements to the "ninja" part of their "space ninja" game, I'll be hooting and hollering louder than anyone. But I know in my heart that, during the usual concept art and deluxe skin white noise, Reb will broach the subject (bless her for always trying) and the rest of the room will exchange awkward, silent glances before stammering a bit and quickly changing the subject.
  9. So nobody listened to the feedback to the dev workshop at all. This is genuinely insulting, not just to me but to everyone that's made thoughtful contributions to both the augment and the melee feedback threads. But, at least we have confirmation in black and white that our feedback is neither valued nor considered.
  10. How about, they can change a Valkyr's default Hysteria back to having a functional aimglide, and then the augment can allow you to use a gun within Hysteria with a brief invincibility period? That way the majority of Valkyr players get the consistent function of their frame back, and if anyone wants to use a gun in tandem with Hysteria for maximum CO efficiency or other synergies they can mod specifically for that.
  11. They're considering modifying the Hysteria augment to give Valkyr an entire half second of residual invulnerability when aiming, in case you're interested in the apathetic shrugs and half-measures we can expect to see as "fixes" for everything that 2.9 ruined.
  12. So, let me see if I have this right. First, you guys broke Valkyr by making it so that when she aimglides she loses her invulnerability, because you made the choice to remove manual blocking without considering the ramifications across several frames, weapons and mods that rely on the established mechanics. Then, to compensate for this, instead of actually addressing the problems created by auto-block and expanded upon in a fifty page, nearly half year long thread that has not seen a single dev acknowledgement, you're making it so I have to slot an augment in order to gain back one half of one second of the functionality Valkyr had before you broke her. I feel embarrassed for being hopeful.
  13. Can we get some serious discussion regarding Melee 3.0? There's been no indication that the issues being brought up in the feedback thread are being considered or even acknowledged by any member of the development team.
  14. They didn't make any progress towards fixing the problems at first because they'd just released the changes, then it was because Tennocon was coming up, and currently it's because they're still recovering from Tennocon. Soon they'll be neglecting melee because they're working hard to get a new expansion out, then because they just released a new expansion and need to support it, and eventually because they're on holiday break. Looking forward to seeing "Melee 2.9.9" on next year's whiteboard
  15. This thread never getting a civility warning is really just more evidence that nobody at DE is reading it Sheldon recently made (the closest thing in five months we've seen to) a statement about Melee 3.0 at the very end of a largely unrelated interview about DE's development practices: Finally, how's progress on the melee refresh, and what are the next steps for that? Sheldon Carter: It's going really well, the things that's we've done so far we're really happy with - we kind of hit a road block with the last couple of miles of it, and I think that has more to do with how much we turned all of our focus to Empyrean and TennoCon. I think once we come back from that, and once we figure out a couple of really key elements of how some of the other weapons are going to work... it's close. Sorry for the vagueness, it's one of those ones where each try in the last while we've said no to. So it's just going to require the guys working on it to go back to the drawing board one more time, but I guess we're halfway through the 3.0, we're 2.9!
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