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  1. Yes, the game needs to be harder. Yes the boss mechanics need more skill-based elements / Need to require thinking. But there was a way to optimize your progress in this boss fight.. by using warframes with Speed or teleport (Volt, nezha, nova + Operator) (((ignoring the nova one-shot phase trick)))
  2. Exactly. One comment from DE on matters that are very old would be enough. just some Information to confirm that someone at DE´s read it
  3. to have an Option to be invisible. Skins have no purpose on Rhino.. everything is covered in metal
  4. Prime/ Umbra Cosmetic option / vice versa still not in the game Excalibur Primes Body textures are still broken .. (over a year or longer) I just wish i could use umbras body.. i also need to waste the umbra forma on my excalibur prime to make them on par
  5. The metal tint channel should be on the 4th. It isnt easy to make it look good if we cant combine it with other stuff
  6. https://imgur.com/Sk3UBqP The visual effect only takes place on the gold parts
  7. it doesnt drain too fast with the right build.. so please no.. i want both at a time (ally and enemy) btw i run with negative Energy Efficiency without a Shield arcane … and i dont have issues
  8. I've killed the wolf... but he had no loot … intended?
  9. i always was on rank 1 in every match, but now pvp is really unbalanced and movement got out of hand. But thats not your fault - your idea is good tho
  10. That's great. i hope this time they find a good balance solution which doesnt annoy Player like the nullifier did.
  11. You joined 2014, so you know exactly that it never were that easy like it is now. No Event or activity is a challenge. That was different back then. Fine that you enjoy being powerful but that wont Keep the game alive if any upcoming new quest or enemy faction can be eliminated within 1 shot
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