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  1. it doesnt remove the purpose of the Umbra forma. The Umbra forma will always be rare. With this item you would be able to delete an Umbra forma from an item you no longer use or enjoy. For example you enjoyed valkyr and gave her an Umbra forma.. now with this item you are able to remove it from her and place it on a warframe you actually like to play right now. (for example Rhino) Your account looked like this: Valkyr Prime 4 Forma 1 Umbra Forma // Rhino Prime 4 Forma Now (after using Umbra Forma Extractor) your account looks like this: Valkyr Prime 4 Forma // Rhino Prime 4 Forma 1 Umbra Forma I never said it would cost platinum… Even if it would cost plat… plat is earned easy + maybe they can put it into arbitrations
  2. Every Nightwave Season we are able to receive 1 Umbra Forma, but once we placed it on a weapon or warframe, the choice is done. There will be many situations which need …// or player which may want to retrieve the Umbra Forma from a weapon or warframe they no longer enjoy. There could be also the issue that a better version of the weapon they've umbral forma'd gets introduced. it would be neat if there could be a market item that allows to delete an umbral polarity and reverts it back into an Umbra Forma. The weapon rank or warframe rank would reset to unranked
  3. Burston: https://warframe.market/auction/5d3051f9b1ddfe018df4a784 https://warframe.market/auction/5d304f7dd6235d0187b059b0 Vasto: https://warframe.market/auction/5d30512c4bb90c0181ded14b Zylok: https://warframe.market/auction/5d30506a49d0a801a36dc21f Euphona Prime: https://warframe.market/auction/5d30500592d6d7019ae1b5be Sicarus: https://warframe.market/auction/5d304f15c40cd901902de7b3 Good Luck
  4. It is funny that Umbra Appearance issues will receive a fix and adjustments, while excal primes appearance/ cosmetic options will remain lackluster and broken
  5. Again… Nothing to do for vets and old event cosmetics just thrown in there. I'm happy that i invested my time for nothing and those items can just be obtained again by basically doing nothing *sarcasm* If the missions would be difficult for those cosmetics , it would be fine but no.. everyone can get them just walking around
  6. Exactly. One comment from DE on matters that are very old would be enough. just some Information to confirm that someone at DE´s read it
  7. Prime/ Umbra Cosmetic option / vice versa still not in the game Excalibur Primes Body textures are still broken .. (over a year or longer) I just wish i could use umbras body.. i also need to waste the umbra forma on my excalibur prime to make them on par
  8. I've killed the wolf... but he had no loot … intended?
  9. Pax seeker will be useless.. it is already weak against armored Targets. There is no reason to look forward to arcanes
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