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  1. @pyr0_storm: Thx , i will try that. And the enemies could shoot me, during invisible (and im running around too..They hit me every time)
  2. If i hold my mouse on that mod...it shows me that the skill-duration would be longer with a higher rank. Then it should be able with mods too. German Mod text
  3. Bugs: -Enemies can see you while you are invisible (especially Moa`s) -Upon entering a game or at the start of a game it happens that you fall through the map until you no longer see the ground of this map, because the ground by the falling of, become too small to see anything. Then you have to leave the game. -Rhino Iron skin: The duration or the amount of damage respectively how much iron skin can endure, not changed by "Skill Duration - Mods". -Rhinos iron skin tolerates my opinion, almost no incoming damage. It also makes no difference whether you use mods or not. And it has also been
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