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  1. I just use it with a frame that can constantly gain energy and is tough AF. Pretty good on a rage Wukong build (since you also build duration). It just needs to be a one-handed skill to be better imho.
  2. You still don't get the point huh..... Nothing in this request limits anyone's fun. Apples and oranges comparison, false equivalence. You can't bloody compare buffers and nukers.
  3. 1+10% max magazine size. Current mods should just serve to buff the speed/amount. I think everyone will benefit from it improving the flow of combat.
  4. I expand the magazine size then use the auto-loader and quick swap mods. Swap to a secondary (also with auto-loading exilus) to prime the enemies for my primary, then cc (my case is stomp). By the time I've primed enemies with corrosive + cold I smack em with that viral + Heat + bleed from Corinth Prime. It's a little different style of combat that requires you to be active in priming/swapping.
  5. Says the guy who's defending Saryn hahahaha. The irony in your reply, lmao. The system is simple really. If I'm the host then a Saryn wont be able to join, if I'm looking for a match then if there is Saryn already then I dont join it. If the game had a classic lobby with checkbox warframe filters then this would be easier.
  6. He's not suggesting to change how other people play. A blacklist means he wont get matched with squads with a specific frame. For someone talking about smooth brain, it's ironic you couldn't comprehend this.
  7. Same thing happened to me twice. Mobs behind the door.
  8. Nah...stopped playing. Only update it in hope that one day it's fixed.
  9. This is why i think holstered auto-reloading should become a default feature on automatic weapons. I use it on all builds that I have with long reloads.
  10. I don't think people think that a "stat squish" is the only solution, they're simply saying that it's a start of what could be a way of fixing things. You can see a lot of these kind of posts for the longest time (as early as 2014 iirc), has suggested a holistic fix. Say.... normalize weapon stats (stat squish) -> Become creative and rework most of the mods to become more than stat modifiers-> fix/remove enemy level scaling -> Improve enemy and AI design -> Improve level design -> Improve enemy director -> etc....
  11. We already have a flood of new warframe concepts, but do we have any bright ideas for better enemy types or reworked ones? Example: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/207/0/5/warframe_visual_concept_revamped_grineer_heavies_by_jackietejackal-d7sden9.jpgrceh (Source: some old thread back in 2014)
  12. You could call it a Shield Glaive....that would be awesome... auto-frontal block when aiming forward....
  13. Read the change in context of the difficulty changes I suggested. The levels get harder with scarcity and would require player to be involved with other key gameplay mechanics to sustain. Giving more sustain items on harder difficulty would be counter productive to giving the player a hard time. I think they removed that.
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