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  1. Explosive weapons still tend to ragdoll enemies too though, blast can have disarm/dismember as additional feature to its current state
  2. I know. I want old blast back.
  3. Directional nuking has always been fairer than omnidirectional ones. At least with directional nukes other players can cover/hold other areas/directions.
  4. Single shot snipers/rifles and bows disarm or jam enemies when shooting the enemy's gun/weapon-arm. Melee enemies are guaranteed disarmed and get massively reduced damage by resorting to fists. Some enemies will flee/hide when disarmed, others might charge into melee. Bows ragdoll and root enemies (unless cc immune) if shot vertically or if there is a wall to impale on if shot horizontally. Use punch through to root many. Rooted enemies are vulnerable to ground (if knocked down) or standing finishers, and receive increased damage from other
  5. The difference is also that you also only lose 50% when within 20m of an afflicted target, then an additional 50% if within Chaos Sphere Augment.
  6. This would technically make her simulate invisibility without actually being so if within the sphere. It also requires the augment. Combine with Psychic Bolts Death Order/At My Command to make her army kill something.
  7. Passive (old): Enemies are 20% less accurate when targeting Nyx. Passive (new): Enemies are 20% less accurate when targeting Nyx, also gain -50% reduced threat level/aggro when nyx is within 20m of a target afflicted with mind-control or chaos. Mind's Eye: Enemies revealed by Enemy Radar allows Nyx to see their ethereal forms through walls allowing Nyx to target and affect them with abilities (like mind control or chaos). Mind Control (additional feature): Absolute Control: Mind Controlled enemies within 5m have their mind control duration refreshed and paused. (una
  8. We have shield gating now. How do you get oneshot?
  9. Dont mod for punch through then. Alt fire when Mobbing.
  10. It would be cool if an actual laser based on the gun's energy color would show when the mod's buff is active.
  11. They're already unique imho, they just need to survive.
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