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  1. Now, after grinding and getting the blazing step ephemera, are you going to buff the droprate, or change the mechanic? It might be beneficial to preserve the sanity of your players
  2. Will the recent development on Hildryn and her shields, in some way carry over to other frames? Or will shields stay the same?
  3. I believe that is an intentional thing, that happens when you hold your shift key to fly faster. you can then use A and D to spin your archiwing, and use your mouse too. Try letting go of shift, and you'll return to standing upright
  4. Speaking of the 1050+ day login rewards, there is no mention of shotgun rivens. Does this mean the rifle riven reward has a set chance for them to be a shotgun riven instead of a rifle riven, or will we just not get shotgun rivens at all? (Not that i'm much concerned personally, as i'm years away from that reward)
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