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  1. Welcome to Moonlapse Alliance! We are a community of close-knit clans in a single, independent alliance in game. We value individual clan freedom and working together to foster a community environment. We are an Alliance that is proud to be well organised, non-toxic, and active. Among our ranks, there is a good mix of clans and players with a large variety of casual, hardcore, and everything in-between. Here is a link to our forum group. What We Offer A very active, friendly, and helpful community An international community with members from all over the world. Most of our players are based in the Americas and Europe. An organized discord server with alerts, guides, announcements, and more! We host Alliance events alternating between Creative/Fashion and Endurance/PvE. We operate within a single alliance in game (4000 member limit), so no branches! We have over 40+ clans and 3000+ members. We have a good mix of competitive and casual clans. Guidance and community are our main values, so we do not tolerate elitism. Our community is strictly non-toxic and we do not allow NSFW content. All issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Our Policies We do not allow inappropriate, political, or NSFW discussions in alliance chat or discord. We do not allow any form of cheats for Warframe or suggestions that could be used to directly change Warframe's directory or files. We don't require a minimum MR for clans, but we do appreciate some kind of inactivity policy to make sure your clan remains active. Every month, clans are required to submit a short check-in survey so we can catch-up with you and see how your clan is doing. This is announced ahead of time. How to Join To join as a player, comment what size of clan you would like to join, your MR, and whether you are looking for a competitive or casual clan. To join as a clan, please either comment below or PM me directly with the following information: What is your clan name and logo? What is your clan tier? What is your membership count? What is your inactivity policy? What clan tier would you like to get to in the future? What is your policy on toxicity and inappropriate content? Note: We are currently accepting clans that are relatively active and have completed most research. We also accept solo/duo ghost clans.
  2. An invitation has been sent to your ingame inbox! Welcome to the Clan! 🙂
  3. An invitation has been sent to your ingame inbox! Welcome to the Clan! 🙂
  4. An invitation has been sent to your ingame inbox! Welcome to the Clan! 🙂
  5. An invitation has been sent to your ingame inbox! Welcome to the Clan! 🙂
  6. Hi Username, I encourage you to check out our clan, Eternal Aegis. Here are our clan and alliance emblems: https://imgur.com/a/n5Zkn47 Our inactivity policies are always maintained at 7-20 days (depending on rank), and we are always at 295+/300 members. Historically, we have been MR 15+ but we have been MR 10+ in recent months due to Warframes recent decline. We will return to MR 15+ (and maybe higher) once the atmosphere in the community and player counts improve. For more info on our clan, you can PM me or read about it here:
  7. An invitation has been sent! Welcome to the clan! 🙂
  8. You may already know this, but here is a good resource for relic sharing (especially vaulted ones) https://discord.gg/GHWqqM9
  9. Hey NoLuckEvrTim, I'm sending you a message now 👍
  10. An invitation has been sent! Welcome to the clan! 🙂
  11. An invitation has been sent! Welcome to the clan! 🙂
  12. Well, its true that Old Blood may have lifted Warframe's dryspell, but it certainly was not the way to do it 🤣 I think that was one of the worst received updates in history from a community perspective.
  13. In some ways, it may never be complete and will continue to be developed overtime, much like the game as a whole. The product we have received is what we can review for now. Mid-late 2019 was one of Warframe's worst dry spells in history, even DE admitted that numerous times on their devstreams. I also want to point out that if you watched the devstreams and tennocons for the past 3 years, you will have seen how much Railjack/empyrean has changed over time. I understand these things take a lot of time to develop, but I do feel like some of that time was wasted in switching systems and gameplay mid-way through. Just to be clear, the reason why I brought this up in the first place was because I see a lot of people labeling railjack as a "terrible product and critical flaw of Warframe". I feel like some of this sentiment comes from how DE missed their mark and fell very short of expectations. Even with a mediocre/fair update, it just didnt seem good enough to a lot of people based on the hype and the other mistakes DE made throughout 2019 and leading up to Railjack's launch.
  14. For Railjack, I actually think the content is generally in the mediocre/decent range. What concerns most players is that this update has been in development for 3 years now, and it was massively hyped up. Its quite obvious that the railjack content systems were changed a number of times between then and now, which is what resulted in the delayed and mediocre release. After the massive content drought in the second half of 2019, players thought Railjack was going to be our "saving grace" and breathe life back into the game. The expectations were too high for us to receive just another mediocre update like the one we got in December.
  15. Looks like you are all set on Forma for another 6 months!
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