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  1. most people just want to make their existing build better, this might be good for new players who still try to experiment with stuff, but the majority of people dont want to bother with it, they dont want to change their build, and honestly the aura is VERY situational, first you need constant health regen for it to be useful, or another teammate with it, which probably not going to happen, and if you use it wit ha frame like saryn then you might aswell just say bye bye to your life, because it works with kills from abilities, which means, a nukeframe just end up killing you the mod is a missed oppurtinity i think, it goes against what the game tries to be, which is just, kill as many enemies as possible the aura would be amazing if it didnt kill you, or it uses shield aswell, before your health or just, not remove health from you, at all, i dont think that 20hp/kill i a lot, without any negative effect, especially since we got arcanes which alredy have a superior healing, and they dont take up an aura slot, and can be used with any frame or build if it was a flat heal on kill with no drawback (even if it was like 10hp/kill) i think this mod would be so much better, especially against infested, it would enable weaker builds here with relatively small heath, because now they can counter the toxic clouds with just killing some enemy (until it just one shots you), i honetly would use this on most of my frame
  2. if you did open 30, you might aswell sell the junk and just buy the gauntlet, it cost about 35-40 plat
  3. yeah 200 people working for a company is exactly the reason why you dont get content every other day for exmple, other studios have about 5000+ people, EA has around 10.000 making new content for a game which is several years is old, people who worked on the old code might not be around anymore, and if you knew anything about coding you would know that working on someone elses code is a nightmare, and a single typo could potentially ruin the entire game are you a hypocrite?
  4. you got banned by a bot, and everything what is blacklisted is for a reason for example, the nezha meme is blacklisted because people just kept spamming it to the point where every 2nd sentence in the chat was about that and bots dont care about the context, they see the word and give you the ban, thats it and im sorry but, if you didnt aim it at anyone, why did you say it in the first place? these things stopped being funny a very long time ago, but people keep spamming the chat with it over and over so DE decided to consider the word a spam, and you typing it in the chat for literally no reason is just contributing to it
  5. just call it prestige and everything will keep going on the way it did before
  6. DE dont have servers outside of relays, but your ping here matters little also, exchange rate doesnt make things cheaper, it will cost the same no matter what currency they use
  7. 2 day is nothing, the avarage is 7 day atleast, also, since its weekend, dont expect anything, they dont work on weekends, just like most human being
  8. also an addition to what the person above said, they can revive eachother so you need to be quite quick with it
  9. So they dont have to worry about it, why remove it anyway, its in the game for years alredy
  10. you cant blame DE because YOU want to get everything, its not their fault and yes, want it or not, you dont need to get all of them, and thats why its grindy for you, because apparently you want all of it
  11. new resource drop on the reworked Jupiter https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Hexenon
  12. the exergis doesnt shoot a single projectile, you probably think of a different shotgun, maybe arca plasmor exergis shoots 3 pellet
  13. probably never, they got removed since nobody really used them
  14. the only thing i dont like about arbitations is how long it takes to do a rotation, 10 minute survival is just a no no and the drones are so tiny, its really hard to hit them with anything but arca plasmor
  15. Thank you so much for those quality changes, but i hope you guys didnt forget the incursion exclusive mods, and will put them into the bounties or something
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