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  1. if they afk like that, they can say it in the chat, they got an excuse, people accept it and they there are those who go afk cus they just dont want to play the game, then they come back to collect the loot then leave again, they also known as leechers
  2. What do you expect? this community has some really lazy person who cant be bothered to do an extra roll or run inside the bubble to kill something inside, people always going to complain if they cant do something, no matter how easy the solution is, remember when people complained about the reworked zenurik energy regen? so many said its dead just because they had to press a few extra button every 30 sec
  3. you dont have to use it, if there is atleast someone else in the team with it, you can just run into his circle to gain the effect, its you(and the other people) who chose to use it, even tho you know that 80% of the time there will be someone with it in the group, there is so many way to gain energy, from mods to abilites, and arcanes, if you get a good support in your tinity like a harrow or trinity who know what theyre doing you never going to worry about your energy, but you still going to go with zenurik and use the energy regen even tho youre on full energy 99% of the time, why? because
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