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  1. Problem is you started to call things in way you did (it literally invited silly comments from others). It's your right to have sharp opinion, no one takes that away from you. Way you formulated your opinion however gives out really negative and baseless feeling to reader. Calling things unnecessary goes overboard, trivial and repetitive can be true about some things sometimes, but not for all and not forever. Many of those things alone may and may not be broken as your said but they still fit into bigger picture and work well enough, which matters most. Warframe is a game of many tastes, that's why it shines for many. So your opinion could have been shared in less aggressive way, with more details and with positive sides included (trust me, positive sides really exist). Take into account how fast was Warframe updated in past, mayor content was out way faster than it is today. As for those possible "trolls", it's important to not fall for their provocations. There's a difference between disagreeing in normal matter and laughing at others. Ignore them if they don't bring anything new to discussion and are here only to vent out their own frustration (which they won't openly admit). People here knows well all content could be better, could get it's fair share of love, but everyone feels differently about it. Some see it as most important thing, some as trivial. I personally would be happy if DE allocated some resources to update archaic stuff but community always wants one thing more, new content, I don't blame anyone for it. You added more details to some things, which is good. Details are necessary for proper discussion. No one is saying there aren't wrong people within community, but given to how things are, there's not that much of them. Some people came here to get entertained, some to make fun or troll, some to dissagree by default (it's their right, as long as it's based on honest feeling) and some to discuss and see what this is all about. Stop for a while and think about where you stand, if things are really that bad as you're saying. If they were, game would surely be in much worse state after those years. It's important you'll open your mind to a possibility that you just see one side of the coin, be open to possibility you could be the one who's wrong as well.
  2. I can't say I agree or disagree. With all honestly, removing stuff because it's "unnecessary" is not a solution. It's true that there's a lot of content with is archaic in design and doesn't fit into game as it used to in past, still, that's a normal thing for every game which evolves as fast as Warframe does. You can never keep everything nice and polished and you need to show understanding toward it. Given to how small company DE is and what are their current focuses, it's not surprising many parts of game aren't getting their share of love which they deserve after those years. Warframe is where it is because of it's diversity, doesn't matter if stuff is archaic (said Lunaro and Conclave is here for people who like competitive stuff, even if it's not played by majority), it still manages to surprise to this day. Now, for other people. Responding as stupidly as some people did is not helping and doesn't bring anything new. It's understandable some people will get butthurt when seeing opinion as sharp as OP has, it happens everywhere. Now think, want to sink low or be a members of community which still has decent reputation after all those years? If yes, stop proving people like OP otherwise and show him you're capable of normal discussion with open mind. No one is happy when discussion is hijacked by trolls, you wouldn't be too if it happened to topic you made, so don't do it to others. For OP. You could have formulate it differently cause as it is, it was given people will end up making fun of you and responding as they did (some in really childish manner, and nothing personal, but your opinion truly is narrow minded). Also, don't blame community for state of the game, community just provides feedback, it's up to DE if it's taken into account or not (we know they sometimes listen about stuff that's not related to bugs, sometimes...), it's true community helps shape the game, but DE is that kind of company which has it's own vision and follows it pretty adamantly.
  3. Honestly, I don't think DE will cut off PS4 away once PS5 is out, at least not right away (if ever). It would be bad for them to do it, not just it would worsen player-developer relationship but would also be bad from marketing perspective since it could easily cut off a lot of revenue from Playstation version if they won't be careful about it. So I wouldn't be worried if I were you, DE is not that kind of company which would do this out of blue.
  4. Problem is not in level, but in other numbers which are used in calculation. Level is just one number, there's many other ones which are a cause of his insane bulletsponge nature. Honestly, DE needs to step back and realize bulletsponges aren't fun to fight. Producing something like this and releasing it is a sign to laziness and inability to be creative. Wolf, in design is a great boss, but his scaling is broken as f**k, even after the nerfs he got. So +1 for creative design but -1 for poor scaling which could have been much better. Also -1 for insane grind behind his Sledge, it's not rewarding at all to fight him, more like a waste of time. Even other assassins drop something and have a garance of said drop, Wolf should be the same. Not even get me started on his double alloy layer armor, where you can take out one layer but other under it no. Bravo DE, nice way to make elemental damage and weaknesses almost meaningless.
  5. Wrong, it's not necessary in its current state. It's game breaking due to helping players to ignore game mechanic at 99%, a mechanic which was added for a certain reason which is now being ignored. I don't know if people are aware but if game babysits you too much, you end up not learning as much as if game was difficult from the beginning. Yeah, projectiles have interesting flight patters, but is it our problem? It's DE's laziness which makes them produces mods like Cautious Shot instead of making proper adjustments to flight patterns. Honestly, from dev perspective, it's always easier to throw in something game breaking rather than fixing the issue at it's core, but that's how gaming industry is today, weak and not capable of doing things right.
  6. Honestly, if it was up to me, there would be no Cautious Shot or it wouldn't at least be so game breaking. What's a point of having self-damage when there's a way to reduce it by 99%? DE shots itself into a leg here cause as it stands, entire implementation of self-damage was for nothing if we can so easily reduce it to low 1%. Use of weapons with self-damage should carry the risk, should force you to play carefully. Self-damage makes sense for rocket/grenade launchers, if someone is a brainless person, then it's okay he's getting grounded by his own damage, it's a way to learn a lesson or (if person is totally dumb) stay dumb for eternity.
  7. Who knows but it surely isn't intended. But I definately don't feel bad for Limbo, troll frame deserves it's load of trouble here and there.
  8. Then I wonder which games you have been playing, because it's always the same. Main problem with in-game auction houses is that they take away most of direct interactions between players, something which makes entire price situation worse. We're not in such a bad situation, these extreme prices are only a thing around rare commodities (like Rivens) which you don't need in order to be able to play the game. If you ask me, Warframe is golden because it didn't sell it's soul to system like auction house. Anyway, you have here places like Warframe Market, that's in basic core an auction house (faster one gets the thing) but one that still demands you to write to a person and do a trading with him/her in Dojo or at Maroo's Bazaar.
  9. I don't remember directly claiming that I have right you mention above and I dare you to prove me wrong. Butthurt just made up a thing, typical. Aside from that, entire statement of mine above is just my opinion (you definately missed that point), I just said harsh truth which is based on their visible approach toward this up to this day (so many people demanded this, nothing). Screaming about it again and again has only two effects, it divides community and it's annoying both for people (you're a good example, reason a bit above) here and for devs. So yeah, I am not far from truth, when DE wants or feels like it, they will add more (if it's still not clear enough to people).
  10. Loki. 2019 and still no proper rework.
  11. You mess up, you wait. It's makes sense to me. Frankly, if you failed in some real life test, would you be allowed another try right away? No. You would be given time to prepare again and think about what you did wrong. And it's one stupid day for Satan's sake, I mean, you can try every next day, it's not like you have to wait week, month or year, so stop this drama, please.
  12. Holy Mother of God, another kid that cries "Give me more riven capacity, damn it!". This was here so many times, and answer is still same. No! When DE feels like it, maybe they will add more, but crying because they are taking their time or showing no interest toward it won't speed things up, sorry for harsh truth.
  13. Funny is how many people in this giga-riven-trading is actually aware that they don't own their account, not much. As far as I am concerned, I am far above riven and platina hoarding because there are more enjoyable things to do, honestly. Everything you get will one day disappear anyway (it's a fate of every online game, being made and being shut down for good). As for auction house freaks, if you think such system would be good, you're dead wrong. Only people who can have such opinion are people with little to none experience with it. Auction houses were and always will be a plague of online gaming and it would change nothing here, on riven prices and their trading in general, it would only give tool to hoarders to hoard more quickly and effectively, which is definately not necessary.
  14. My bad about level cap, wasn't around and reading news (busy life). The only problem I have with Wolf at the moment is the rarity of his Sledge parts. Seeking him out is not worth it when he's not even giving you Nightwave standing after defeat.
  15. Even if you strip him of armor, there's another one under it which you can't strip (literally HP and Alloy Armor fusion), so removing the first layer is a waste of time. As for Radiation damage, yeah, it does work but from my experience, he's insane bulletsponge on 100+ level, no matter if you use Radiation or not. He even has passive damage reduction (% one), which helps him being even more tanky with each additional level. Problem is he doesn't have limit to max level (other mini-bosses like Stalker, Zanuka or G3 have it and are pretty much no issue), he's just matching level of mobs which makes him so broken in scaling.
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