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  1. 1. Slap Garesh - And I mean it, that Speedy Garesh is more frustrating to face than any other. No fun at all. 2. Pearl drops - DE, make it that everyone gets a pearl per kill, don't keep it single thing only. It's very frustrating to see how people steal kills from one another just because of pearls, make it a team game where effort of each member awards everyone (Kela orders us to have fun after all, so make it into fun and relaxing activity). This will also more or less solve No. 3. 3. Grindy - We all know how DE loves to add grind and then lie they are against it. 4. Prices for silly Roller Floofs - 3*500 + 400 + 300 = 2200. Is this a really bad joke? All these pearls for silly orbiter stuff which has no other use? By this logic, it's twice as rare as Dog Days captura scene. 5. Magical projetiles - DE, explain to me how is it possible that sometimes, my water projectiles went right through enemy without even dealing damage? Feedback for you, DE. Hoping it will be better next time since you failed so terribly this time.
  2. Denied. You can complete a challenge in alert even if it will work as separate system. Stop mixing apples and pineapples together, please.
  3. Demanding return of Alert system which would make our time in game less boring! Who agrees, give upvote, applause or like!
  4. You math freaks really love to roleplay Regor here, whenever I see a word "math" from any of you, I will get reminded of this: "I have the numbers, add those numbers, mix those waters...". Most people give a damn about your math cause all they need to know is a single number (how much standing they need to collect per week to reach rank 30 in time without going hyper), which you can realize even without so called "math". Don't blame others they don't believe you or can't accept what you're saying. You claim you did a math, but you provided no relevant proof, that alone leads people thinking you're a smartass (a liar as well) and a conflict-loving person. No offence meant, but you brought this up upon yourself.
  5. The issue I have with Nightwave is that it made game more boring and static. Yes, you have tasks to complete but how many? There's a weekly reset, and one task per day, that's not how I imagine a game where there's always something to do. First thing first, you have to wait for weekly reset, that alone made Warframe more boring, Alert system never had this issue cause it always gave out something to do, be it a mere mission with credit reward or giving you something nicer (cosmetic thing or weapon BP). There's also a thing about what feeling both Nightwave and Alert system are giving to you. Nightwave is literally a task system which you do just like that, there's no real meaning felt behind it, no real importance. On the other hand Alert system gave you feeling like Grineer/Corpus/Infested or Corrupted are always up to something, be it that some vital data got stored in faction's datavaults (spy missions), some important person appeared (capture mission), some potential sabotage target became exposed enough (sabotage mission), etc. Doing Alerts felt like you're actually striking the enemy and damaging their efforts. Nightwave just rewards you for doing feats which feel unimportant and which you could do even before, just without getting reward. It's just that with Alert system, game felt more lively. Factions were actually always in center of Alert system, acting as enemies. Nightwave gives a crap about who the enemy is most of the time cause tasks are "kill X enemies" or "kill X enemies with Y elemental damage". Nightwave is a nice system, no doubt about it, but it robbed game of it's life, it's constant feeling that Origin system around you, a player, is constantly in move. Sortie and Invasions give out this feeling of life well, same goes for Syndicate missions which change daily. So I would love if Nightwave and Alert system could both work within game, as separate systems cause right now, game feels boring and static to me and I feel DE looked only on concept and technical side but no longer on how will the replacement of Alert system affect the feeling people get from game.
  6. Congrats for another mess up, DE. If you wanted OP challenge in game, Exploiter Orb is that. Problem is that it's name is truly fitting, it exploits all other ignored problems. 1. Phase 1 - Cave Fight - Manageable, but still sucks due to Orb being almost constanly in such a move that you're missing a lot of throw attemps. Moreover, it's stupid that frozen vents take 2 canisters, but of course, DE logic. Exploiter Orb gun is real pain in ass, and I mean it, can take down any frame so easily that I want to vomit. + All that swarming from those little buggers, they either appear way to quickly or their spawn should be tied with something. 2. Phase 2 - Outside Fight - Greatest stupidity of all times you could have made, DE. Now tell me how are people supposed to kill coolant carriers which are literal bullet sponges, in Orb Valiis, they were never so resistant to damage. And that OP flamethrower which can track even invisible Loki for short while, GG. Not even make me start on fact that you have to do entire process three times!
  7. Nope, mate. Because that would be way too visible. DE always rigs things in way that it's not visible much, if possible. Unfortunaly, it wasn't possible in current event. You can clearly see this "do it secretly if possible" in many other places, and if you go back and actually check, you will realize some things weren't even mentioned in patch notes several times. Just to prove you how much is DE capable of lying and being shady - Forma drop chance affair, where DE lied about Forma drop chance and in reality, it was completely different. This affair is also reason why DE went full Deus Vult against all data mining, because it clearly showed what they are capable of.
  8. You really don't get how DE does things. Fact remains that it was rigged, doesn't matter how, results speak for themselves (3/3/3 and 4/4/4).
  9. Unfortunally, it was. Look how it ended on all platforms, you will notice that DE always intended to leave at least 3 relays intact on all platforms (even through only one was always needed for Baro and syndicates). There was no trust in community and never was a possibility to save them all. It was so heavily influenced with rules "that will happen, that will not happen". Also, if you compare active playerbases on consoles with PC from that time, you will realize there's no way consoles could have saved 3 relays, especially not if requirements to stop destructions were same as on PC.
  10. Sorry to tell you, but that event was rigged from very beginning.
  11. I agree with that. This community event wouldn't be such a fail if there were some leads to hashes in first place, but there's nothing and Orb Vallis is a really big map, not worth searching through on your own. I can at least say that I haven't cheated it completely, I just took map which had letters in places and looked around them on my own, no more leads included, can say it was pain in ass and would be even bigger without that map. Also, motivation is really weak here, there's practically nothing to make you look for hashes because DE will release content anyway (even if it failed) because they can't affort not to.
  12. DE, next time you will do community event, have alternative route ready if people will give a damn about doing it. What we see here is that you haven't learned a thing from past. If people won't do the event, don't rig it, have fail scenario ready which will allow you to release content anyway in justifiable and meaningful way. I alone can think of several things that could work as fail scenario and I am not even putting much effort into thinking.
  13. Why I am getting feeling this frame, especially Shield Pillage is another nail to Mag's coffin? Shield Pillage basically does what Mag's Polarize do. I guess people forgot about Mag completely since everyone is saying "wonderful" but ignores what's truly visible. Sorry, DE, but what I see on Shield Pillage is sheer laziness to think of unique 2nd ability for Hildryn, you're copying already existing ability to it's fullest, there's nothing unique about this ability besides it's visual effect, shameful.
  14. Remove Umbra Forma from rewards and never return it. You're completely putting Excal Umbra to trash bin with his unique mods. Umbra polarity should have stayed Umbra frame exlusive, great job destoying meaning behind it with this. And... great job destorying Alert system which was meaningful even after all those years. Now, Aura mods are locked behind Cred and are insanely overpriced, poor new players, now you see DE doesn't care about you.
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