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  1. CoreXCZ

    Proposal of having 100x Cipher Blueprint

    You're either trying to be funny here or you lack a sense for balance. Just because it would be reusable 100x Cipher blueprint doesn't mean you have to lock it behind such unreasonable credit cost, important is amount of materials you need to even use it (and no new player will have that, so that's another thing you evidently don't realize when you want to keep it from hands of new players), and I agree it should follow in same footsteps as 10x blueprint establishes.
  2. CoreXCZ

    Infested Mod & Auto Installation

    No Riven and such kind of mods for warframes, never. As if it was not enough Rivens make weapons OP as hell, adding even warframes to it would make everything way too easy.
  3. CoreXCZ

    Is Titania worth scanning plants

    Titania can be and is fun if you have her properly built mod-wise. She can easily take on group of enemies while 4th ability (Razorwing) is active, even Sortie can be piece of cake for her cause she's good damage dealer (slash just rules after all). And when you truly need to divert enemies attention, 3rd ability (Lantern) is pretty neat too, certainly makes things easier, especially as level of enemy mobs increases. Not sure about 2nd ability (Tribute), buffs are not bad but they feel lacking and are heavily depandable on your knowledge of enemies when you decide to cast it. As for 1st ability (Spellbind) could be great CC, however it's range is quite low, still can be a skin saver if you're surrounded (happens with Infested mostly, but rarely even others). To make it short, Titania is great damage dealer and can be pretty supportive with CC when needed, however she's not able to take on much damage (her armor is meh). Best bet you have is to mod her on Razorwing usage and remember to reset the ability when you lose all Razorflies (there's 6 of them each time you activate), enemy prioritizes them over you so they act as decoy and can be deadly too, but become useless on higher levels.
  4. CoreXCZ

    Define good design

    If this is for real, then I am Chinese God of Fun. Loki is one of most broken warframes that are currently in game. It was great design years back but not in current form Warframe has. He's universal frame that can do almost anything (which is wrong by all means), not mentioning even mentioning ridicuous Safeguard Switch which only supports this. No real rework or anything for him for years, and he needs it more than any other warframe we currently have (sorry, Loki fanboys, no hate here but you really need to start using brain). To define good game design, we need to look at many things. Is what we design useful, will it be used well, will it be fulfilling it's role well? Problem we can see in Warframe is so called META, which literally makes some warframes played more over others, to have a well designed things in game means that META involves everything and not just few things (poor and abandoned Mag is good example of what happens when META rules over players). Failed design leads to META, META takes few great things and puts others to shame, that's general rule and unfortunately no one came up with a way to prevent it yet.
  5. I kind of agree that it's a problematic thing. Void Defence map itself is not bad but those lasers literally invite trolls and braindead patients to ruin everyone's fun. I don't see a reason for them to be there either, no other Defence map has such thing so I wonder why is Void one exception. It's old map, it's here for a pretty long time already and it could use some love. Anyway, that's just my opinion.
  6. CoreXCZ

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    DE, how about fixing datamass drop during Profit-Taker already? Really, a game breaking issue preventing progress and you can't even remove need of it for the time being, keeping players locked behind bug. EDIT: Oh my, some mod edited my response, how about starting with censorship then? Dogs are dogs, as always.
  7. CoreXCZ

    Drop rates for Repeller Systems need buffing.

    I don't think this is a coincidence to be honest but another way DE tries to slow down player progress. It's a bad example, really.
  8. CoreXCZ

    Phase 1 bugged -_-

    DE, I wonder who messed up here cause this shouldn't be happening in first place. It's game breaking bug, one that prevents progression and yet, we're waiting for fix this long? Why don't you remove that silly datamass requirement if it's such a problem to fix? Same problem here guys, no datamass. I am not just annoyed but pissed that such thing even happens.
  9. CoreXCZ

    Adding new things is not the solution.

    I don't think problem is expansion but rather optimization and transparent approach toward longterm game issues. Yes, the rule "More you add, the harder managing it becomes" applies here but problem is mainly in that DE rushes out the updates instead of taking another week or two to properly go through them in order to pick out issues that were overlooked (some large updates were rushed and ended causing many bugs and glitches, people will surely remember which ones). The other issue which plagues game development in general is the fact that devs follow their vision way to adamantly in order for game to be exactly as they desire, but that alone can be a source of a problem. Game developer needs to keep in mind that he/she may not always be right, and unfortunately, many potentialy great games (not just multiplayer ones) became a disaster due to devs thinking they are the only people that are right. Game community makes up trends, no one says developers needs to follow them properly but they should be aware of this trend movement and take it into account at leat to some degree cause it may help them come up with something that will make trends themselves shift into more suitable direction. The way DE forced some stuff on us is not good at all, great example being the removal of Trials which could have stayed in game as functional game mode while rework was being done and which would just overwrote old version once ready. I really like Warframe, and I see why it came so far from a POV of a game developer, but I am just free time kind of dev but because of that, I can see issues which DE probably fails to see. The scale of project is at fault cause it dictates the pressure which is put on the company, and Warframe is a bit big project for such a small company, no doubts about it. Think of it this way however, DE may be small company but they manage pretty well compared to how ambitious the Warframe is as a project. They deserve support, yeah, but they could also improve many things in game. They always have oppoturnity to expand and grow bigger, trouble is it's not simple thing to do.
  10. CoreXCZ


    Yeah, Warframe is a grindy game and unfortunately isn't as rewarding as it could be. Nothing is really that impossible to get, still, there are exceptions where grind is bigger and where not. Khora is still an issue even through I have her already. The pain of slowly grinding her via slow Sanctuary Onslaught runs is one of the worst experiences I have for entire time of playing. DE's sense of grind sometimes works pretty well but sometimes not, a human element is always here. I wish DE could just do better job at this, no one wants things to be easy, but no one also wants things to take weeks, unfortunately, some content is locked exactly behind this. It's not bad in general but let's be honest, wouldn't for example Mutalist Alad work better if team of 2-4 people did one run, with same amount of keys as members of team, those keys would be consumed and that one run would yield them equal amount of random parts for Mesa? Removing those 3 runs would really speed things up while keeping requirement same. It's not purely about RNG but also about how many times you have to run single mission to even get what you need.
  11. Frankly, your question should be why you shouldn't play it, not why you should but okay. I play since U7, I've seen evolution of Warframe over the years and unfortunately, even devs becoming more ignorant of community. When I think years back when I began to play, DE was more opened to feedback, to ideas and wasn't worried to experiment with crazy ideas which community had. It's different now, no longer listening to community and following dream which could have been achieved even if DE listened, and maybe in much better way than it was, we can only theorize. Fact is that DE has major problems with game development, ending with dozens of bugs and issues with each big update, the culprint being people who can't just sit back and wait, must demand update to be released ASAP, ignoring fact that it could impact experience for entire community. This isn't just Warframe and DE's problem, but of every game developer you could find. Few examples: EA (selfish and greedy company which cares only about money), DICE (lazy asses and dogs of EA, can't even study history properly to provide players with historically accurate campaing, ruining the experience in process), Telltale (already dead, because it didn't listened to people when they said that the format in which they made games is booring, unable to adapt to trends of playerbase), and I could continue with many more. Problem is that the more game developer is successful, the more ego is growing, resulting in what we have here now, developers which think their ideas and desires can make game better while most of creative community are ants with bad ideas - a lie which they believe in and don't even realize it). Sorry, I don't mean to be toxic or arrogant but as free-time game developer myself (not professional), I know what success can lead to and it's much easier to avoid these outcomes when projects are smaller. This isn't meant to offend DE but make it stop and think for a bit and consider the possibility that things went wrong without them realizing it. Everything's possible, just saying.
  12. To be honest, DE doesn't seem to know what they want. They once say they let it, then not and then yes again. I am not sure at all. There are still items that are breaking game economy and those are rare mods and stuff. If DE wants to put mod restrictions on mods, then they must stop being picky. Don't anyone dare to say that multishot mods, element/status mods, etc. can't mess up in-game economy, cause they can at the very beginning.
  13. Frankly, I understand why DE takes this approach to tradable stuff, but it's still, and I will use that word, $&*^ish way how to migrate accounts. If they wanted to avoid exploit from acolyte mods, they just needed to add trade lock variable to all mods and if migrated, these selected mods will become untradable, only expection being those you gather on console directly. This all could have been solved with a simple variable addition and 'check if condition, if yes then...' into migration process, no, DE just isn't capable of such simple thing, they must rob players of stuff that we all spent days and weeks to farm. You still keep all your platina if migrating, how is that not an exploit and disbalancing the in-game economy?
  14. CoreXCZ

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2

    Frankly, I feel that new landscape causes memory leaks or something cause it eats way too much memory. Correct me if I am wrong but shouldn't landscape be made in a way where only a part of certain distance from you is properly loaded? I am getting feeling that the reason behind so huge RAM usage might be a bug or entire Orb Vallis completely loaded from the very beginning. I would like to ask DE to check if something can't be done about this cause let's be honest, Orb Vallis may be bigger than Plains of Eidolon but that still doesn't explain this memory spike. If anything, I hope work on more stable optimalisation is one of priorities now, Fortuna update is playable even through there are bugs, but there's still a lot of work to be done for sure. There were already people in past who couldn't even enter Cetus and Plains of Eidolon, Fortuna and Orb Vallis will be even worse for them so please DE, don't dally with optimalisation and stabilization, it's really annoying right now how demanding new update can be.
  15. CoreXCZ

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    I understand that, but the fact remains it was game breaking bug which made progress in new content impossible. It's one thing to release an update with game-breaking bug and other is to release an update where no game breaking bug is and only smaller minor ones remain. It's well known DE doesn't have the capacity for real tester team, still, it's the responsibility of every game developer and designer to at least check if their work is not colliding or not causing anything game breaking.