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  1. Okay, I don't really think defending bait for 90s is critical change, but... DE, what is meaning of that insanely long toxin phase? You made it harder, okay, now at least halve the time it takes to complete. I don't know where you left your head but the way tokens were set up was an overkill to being with. People don't care if they will finish it in two days or not, Deimos is not going anywhere so why rush? If they want, it's their thing, but they still have to invest time in it and let's be honest, finishing it up in two days is utterly impossible, especially if you count in En
  2. It does drop but very rarely. DE yet again either utterly failed to implement chances right or it's another % we're lied about (they did it once with Forma, they are more than capable to do so again).
  3. This is one of the most imbalanced tasks from all and people constantly struggle to even get 20/20. DE really needs to think about these things in future, cause second part of this task is flawed to very core and utterly broken.
  4. Important question. Was there any nuking, any Warframe exterminating everything instantly as it appeared or not? This is often reason behind lack of reactant, but it could also be a bug. Thing is, no one can tell for sure as one run is not enough to confirm that, it would have to repeat itself frequently and that has not been a case for now.
  5. DE always fails at these things. Not only they give you trade ban for farming for too long and too efficiently, but they will even ban you for getting "fake platina" as I call it (only DE can tell apart virtual currency of same type by it's legality, true illuminates), then refuse to talk with you because you're, according to them, the one who's cheating the system, no longer caring if you actually do or someone just traded that bad number to you. DE can show a nice, friendly face, but it turns out to be fake one when it comes to actual support and treatment of player efficiency and creat
  6. Late response but still. No one is denying their addition, but the variety is still very poor. Moreover, you're mixing apples and pineapples when you think lich, railjack and granum void are mission types. They are addition, side addition to already existing mission types, which you may or may not complete, depends solely on you. However, mission types like exterminate, capture, etc. have specific goal which you must complete to finish the mission. Some of those you mentioned are also very rare on star chart, infested salvage especially since it's unique to infested (for some stupid reason, I
  7. Yeah, I have confirm what Blyker says here. Limbo is known as troll frame for reasons and if you won't carefully study how his abilities work even on bullets, you will be woken up by a really nasty surprise.
  8. I would like to know composition of team as well. If there was nuking involved, no wonder, I think we all remember what was happening in old extermination missions before enemy spawning changes when nuking was involved. People tend to say nuking has no effect in reactant drop, they are wrong and all it takes is to do 10-20 runs as nuking frame and then 10-20 with no nuking, difference in reactant is pretty visible.
  9. I would believe it, mainly because when DE releases some update or hotfix, they often create more bugs in process, sometimes even unthinkable ones.
  10. I seriously doubt this was ever intended, simply because it's way too good and easy.
  11. Would it be too much to ask for addition of Challenge and Steam/Console achievement for completely finishing Steel Path star chart? It's not something that can be done easily and it takes a lot of time, give us a way to prove that we cleared it via this way too.
  12. I don't see a good reason to reduce it, I am not fond of Riven trading to begin with and consider it one of greatest mistakes DE made. Additionally, people often don't get just how complex entire Riven system must be, so nope, I disagree with any Kuva reduction for re-rolls or more Riven mod capacity.
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