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  1. I gotta be honest here I dident know they weren't legally able to do it, you might be right in assuming I dident do my research first cause yeah I dident and that's on me, but I dont think it's fair to shane me like that, to say that "someone like me" pisses people off, that hurts alot, I made a mistake sure, but i dont deserve that, my self esteem is low enough as it is, and i turned to gaming for that very reason, i dont want this to be like my real life cause then I would just go out, put a sign on my back that's says kick me, and I dont want that
  2. I have played warframe for a long time first on ps4 then switched over to pc, the problem I'm having is, by the time I had something to play warframe on (ps4) the founders program had already ended, so there was no way I could have gotten it, and it saddens me alotnboth for me that has played the game almost the whole time the game has existed, and just missing the founders program by a couple of months, and also for mew players, I know people who simply dident want to play because they new there was some things they could never get, so they would never "catch up" especially for people who want to complete everything the game has to offer including the mastery system and that's not possible with Skana prime late prime and excal prime being locked away in a cage, but at the same time I can also see it from a founders perspective, it's nice to have something exclusive that you know only.few people.have, but yeah that's my thoughts, bring them back, some time in the near future, dosent have to be a new founders pack just those 3 things so we get that mastery
  3. So i had my first lich spawn as an ally in my mission, tho the problem is, i killed him to get the weapon, and i can show both, just took a screen shot of first my old lich and then the weapon i got, its same lich name and everything screenshots shown below
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