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  1. Since you briefly remembered the Tekko exist and fixed a bunch of other weapon positions, can we maybe finally have the Tekko moved to the correct hand position, so they don't look ridiculous?
  2. We used Gara to trap the target in the entry area, and then defended the doorway while helios scanned. Wall and carousel were both very useful for keeping the target and the enemies apart.
  3. Hmm. I didn't see it on my Quanta V when I checked, and that's apparently the only other vandal that has made its way into my arsenal. It still doesn't need to be so big 😞
  4. Did we have Eudico special order a sticker because of our weird mommy issues? Besides being obtrusive, excessive, and an annoying waste of a whole color channel, it's just really weird to have that given where things are (and that this came specifically from Eudico and doesn't have the slightest thing to do with the Lotus or Tenno in general).
  5. Tested with just primary and melee equipped: for staff weapons, if you are meleeing when the weapon returns (pickup or timeout), gun controls will not work and you will not draw your gun. You have to use the switch weapons button to make the primary functional again.
  6. Have seen this happen on both doors, and when leaving Deck 12 as well. Also, had a very odd version. Playing with partner, I was host and partner was client. I could see partner's pet following them, but it wasn't there as far as partner could tell, and it seemed like it wasn't healing them or helping. Switching to archwing had no effect on this one. It stayed that way until we left the Vallis.
  7. This was not initially the case, but now my pet stops at the door and will not go through or respawn for the fight. Left after the chatter and the door would open instead of fighting exploiter. Pet did not reappear. Operator mode and back, no pet. Archwing, and pet reappeared. Went back to Deck 12 passage and very slowly walked through door with pet beside me, and it seems to have come through, so it looks like it's more accurate to say that if you aren't careful to get the pet through the door, it will cease to exist for the fight.
  8. No, caring looks like actually testing for five minutes before a major release. This looks like damage control, and barely even that. Out of curiosity, have you tried poking that new setting they added to let people start melee with quick melee but continue meleeing with LMB? I don't have the melee-only-once issue, so I can't check it, but that's the only new thing that relates to melee input changing after switching to melee, so maybe there's a problem related to it. I wish DE would fix the steam controller support in general so we could leave less up to their wacky half-baked input coding.
  9. First, try restarting Steam. Then try restarting your system. That got rid of that problem for my partner.
  10. Yeah, they just took setting that away from us with one of the hotfixes. Made some crack about breaking some eggs, just to rub in how little they care about controller players (like releasing a mainline update without even checking controllers didn't make that clear enough).
  11. I had to disable Steam's controller support for Warframe because when it's on the mouse can't click on anything. That also would be nice to get fixed. And if I start Warframe without turning the controller on first, it will never pick up on it and I have to exit and restart it.
  12. Partner and I have identical systems with wireless 360 controllers. Had to reset to defaults to be able to shoot (thanks for that), and then after the last fix my controller worked but partner's controller no longer worked except stick moving the mouse in menu. Resetting to defaults didn't help there. Restarting Steam seems to have returned functionality. BTW would be nice to someday have the transference-locks-ability-menu controller bug go away so we don't have to constantly work around it.
  13. YOU MADE CONTROLLERS WORSE. Now the buttons don't work. What the hell.
  14. Thanks for not considering controller players even a tiny bit. We love finding out how broken things will be when we log in to play.
  15. Yeah, that's stealth damage, and it just annoyingly confuses the issue for people. I had my redeemer as sole weapon in the 30 min infested survival alert, and it was night and day as my adarza's buff flipped back and forth between persistent small white numbers that didn't even phase enemies and orange-to-red crits that properly blew enemies away. Since I didn't have a gun, I couldn't use quick-melee to avoid shooting, either, so buff downtimes were a painful preview of new melee.
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