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  1. I'd say Blood Rush was a much bigger deal in keeping combo alive than the token damage multiplier, but ultimately, some of us just like keeping the chain going and getting rewarded for it. Except that making the heavy attack hit harder requires passing up on using the heavy attack... Kind of a net loss, when I suspect that a single heavy attack is rarely going to really be that much more useful for the build-up put into it.
  2. I suggest learning from Bayonetta and allowing us to hold combo through a dodge if we want. This better integrates dodging into aggressive play. Learning from Bayonetta in general would be amazing for Warframe's sadly rudimentary melee combat. There is so much more you could have done to make playing fun and interesting.
  3. This seems wrong. Some of us like building combo and using crits. Taking some of the combo counter makes sense, but taking ALL the combo counter completely resets your build-up, and turns it into a total either-or kind of thing. If you want to build combo, you can never heavy attack, and if you heavy attack, you may as well not really build combo anymore. Especially with the mods you've tied to heavy attacks, Take a look at the prevalence of combo duration mods and think about what that means. People want to keep their combo counter. The heavy attack system basically competes with this mod type, rendering it fairly useless unless someone avoids heavy attacks. I think a better compromise could have been found than "heavy attacks wipe the combo counter". Regardless of how that works, one-attack combo wiping will be less fun than it could be, and remove things your melee-favoring players could be playing with. Also, alt-fire attacks are always annoying for controller players. I know you never even think about testing controller play and seem unwilling to give us better tools (eg, ability menu key could let us map dpad to more keys), but I hope you at least won't add to the nuisance by forgetting to implement it or something, like how the channeling change just left controller players with broken controls for a while.
  4. Nevermind, found the melee workshop thread. 🙂
  5. That's what they are talking about? Yeah, definitely just thought the roving cat scratches were intentional and a nice effect for strangledome. Electricity is going to look lame now next to that.
  6. The Tekko Prime are awful looking. This is another key candidate for asking why can't we use the non-prime look for weapons like we can for warframes. We need this simple feature, especially when you take nice looking weapons like the Tekko and just go crazy and ruin them for the primes. Please, let us pick the looks for primes. We shouldn't have to choose between better stats and better looks, especially when you are adjusting riven strength based on primes, so the base weapon just gets pushed down. Second, it's pretty depressing but usurprisig that the Tekko Prime are still positioned wrong on the hands. I just checked on Khora, and the bar the fist is supposed to be around is through the fingers, which isn't at all where it's supposed to go (look at your own prime access art, for crying out loud). The Tekko non-prime are even worse, and it has rendered them idiotic looking for as long as they have been in the game (one punch with that would break every finger on your hand, besides that they aren't even attached). Please, just position both versions of the weapon around the fist, like it was designed to be. This is easy stuff that makes happy players. Please stop holding out on us. You know we should have access to non-prime looks, and you know where the Tekko go on the fist.
  7. So still nothing about the Axi A6 being omitted from Xini-type rotation B rewards, while another relic is listed twice in the rewards list. How downright obnoxious.
  8. Now that fire finally stacks, when will Electric procs get some stacking or reapplying or something? They're still a lot less fun than they ought to be. Some of us like electricity, y'know.
  9. Is it a mistake that the Neo T2 and Axi P2 are listed twice in the high level interception drop tables for A and B rotations? Axi A6 got left out of B rotation to give the P2 a second entry, so this matters a lot right now. How long do we have to wait for it to be fixed, if it's wrong? Basically halving the chances for the Atlas rare relic chafes a bit.
  10. Man, I wish you guys cared half as much about the controllers we actually use to play your game as you do about pretend guitars.
  11. So Tekko users only need to wait about a year after Tekko Prime to see the horribly wrong weapon position finally get fixed? At least we have that to look forward to, I guess.
  12. I can write all those concerns off with "Sure, but your fault for dying." Opens the design space a bit. Like I said, I get why someone would prefer the shooting while in your 4, but that doesn't change that I would rather my clone and I go exalted weaponing together. It loses potential, but it feels right. I don't agree that the clone is solely to open mixed weapon design space. I like my clone fighting alongside me and I'd be happy even if it always used exactly the same weapon. That, to me, feels more fun even though it can't fully exploit all the possibilities.
  13. Vauban should get a robotic pet that can mount a primary.
  14. This is not actually good. You walk forward a lot when you're sweeping through enemies, and this design seems ok on the surface, but what it really does is lock you into forward combos if you want to advance. Better to use side directions and let you use the diagonals to trigger the combo while moving forward if you choose, or to move forward while doing some other combo of your choice.
  15. Cute idea, but I think when it happens you should also swap places with the clone, in proper "ha, that was really me over there" trickster fashion. Also, I get why you want the clone using your guns during your 4, but I strongly prefer the clone 4'ing alongside me, because that feels more right and fun. If the 4 isn't good enough for that, then the fix should be making the 4 better. Either way, the clone AI needs much better melee skill, especially with the combos doing ranged point attack, local crowd slam, sweeping through, etc. Clone needs some situational triggers and to gratuitously use just the first move from a different combo here and there (or buff it by letting it use combo moves entirely independently, much like how it isn't subject to player gun rules).
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