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  1. I suggested Deny for the 1, so no problem there. Yes, Helminth swapping is an issue, but frames should be designed to play as well as possible as they are, not designed to play really badly but convenient for Helminth replacement. I'd agree 1 is probably most likely to get replaced with or without Deny, which seems fine.
  2. Why? It's exactly the same except the buttons work better.
  3. I spent some time with Xaku and it's definitely got some fun and interesting things to its kit that I'd like to spend more time with, but it's impossible to ignore just how willfully awkward it is for actual play. Thinking about it a bit, this is incredibly fixable with zero changes to what abilities do. Basically, you've got three duration abilities that are untargeted and don't really matter on their precise casting, and then you've got three targeted abilities that need to be quick and precise, and are kind of your bread-and-butter things you actually do playing the frame. The pr
  4. How annoying we have to keep clicking claim to continue getting drop credit. Definitely didn't expect that kind of nonsense from the "improved" system. So much for people who can't mommy the stream-watching process.
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