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  1. What you guys are confusing is NEW content with GOOD content. Warframe is always constantly coming out with new content, that is FACT. Now, where the argument should be, is that content good? Is it fun? Is it sustainable/long-term? Is it challenging? Is it accessible? Etc... I will agree that Warframe, while it comes out with new content, it is either broken or short-sighted. Railjack is the first in about 3 years to address that issue. Now I'm not saying it's gonna be good. It could absolutely flop and be the death of Warframe. But at least the idea is there, now we need to wait for the execution. Yes I know it is semantics but this distinction is important or Warframe will never get its priorities straight. One of the issues with Warframe is the opposite of what your argument implies. Warframe's issue is that it keeps coming out with new content rather than fixing existing content.
  2. This Nightwave is pointless? Sweet. Now I can take a break and go do something else.
  3. Yeah but... PC players got shafted and have to wait several months to get Iceborne. Capcom didn't listen to players. Capcom is worse developer. PC MHW is content drought. Peak numbers have dropped. etc.... Is what I could say but honestly, I don't care. Won't lie, I would've liked it if PC MHW caught up with console but meh. Guess I'll go and do other things while I wait out the few months for the update to drop on PC. I won't go to forums and smack-talk Capcom because of something so petty.
  4. Just a suggestion, what about instead of energy orbs, we leech energy from slain enemies and just say it has something to do with our void powers. I do agree with the topic that Warframe's energy system is outdated, but the concept of an energy pool for Warframe I feel has its place. Like a reservoir of water you can drink from when you choose to. I believe energy orbs are unnecessary screen clutter although the flip-side is that with orbs, you can consume them when you need rather than there being useless excess. To rectify that, maybe excess energy can be stored in energy pads. Then you can use excess energy at a later point through your gear wheel or store them in your inventory. This will also provide incentive for players to play the game in order to gather a much needed resource or for players to constantly be gaining a useful resource while completing missions for other reasons.
  5. There's a difference between, "your game sucks DE and you suck as well" and, "last update could use improvement, maybe look into this, this and this". Let's not confuse the two. I don't love DE (that would assume an emotional attachment) and I don't think they are the "best" devs ever. But unlike other people, I don't hate them and I don't think they are the worst devs ever.
  6. I'm sorry, but we the players have the right to quality content, for free, on time, twice a month. DE must also listen to and implement all of our feedback and suggestions as well. If we say white is black, then it is black. DE should be grateful for us leechers.
  7. Unpopular opinion: I actually don't enjoy auto blocking. But oh well Snark aside, I see where you are coming from but for me, I much prefer player control over auto-pilot. If I wanted to play a game with auto-pilot I'd play mobile games.
  8. Increase stealth and finisher damage (like, ludicrously more than any other weapon type) and ignores armor on enemies with flesh.
  9. I take a break from Warframe whenever I feel like it and I get back on whenever I feel like it.
  10. But you can remove the stats. It's called not looking at them. Now DE have to dedicate 0 seconds into a problem that is easily rectified. Hell, it requires precisely 0 clicks from the player to fix it themselves. I would rather them spend their time fixing ACTUAL problems in Warframe than over such a trivial matter.
  11. So why not compromise? How about, they fix the way stats are calculated? That way, people who dislike innacurate stats will be satisfied, along with those like myself who want to keep them.
  12. Ironically despite your comment, people care enough about them to have them removed? If people didn't care about the stats, we wouldn't be having this discussion to begin with.
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