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  1. Completion of all nodes and quests is much more easier and less of an achievement than obtaining and levelling a few hundred pieces of equipment, plus completion of all nodes and Steel Path nodes. Although the latter isn't exactly hard either but it shows a lot more dedication than the former. Especially when you consider some weapons are locked behind events or daily logins or Founder.
  2. Definitely would like to see Vauban's old Tesla Grenades back. Especially with the augment that linked them up.
  3. I do agree that time-gated content over hundreds of days is BS in retrospect - but you chose the worst examples. None of those Primed mods are anywhere near "necessary". Your explanation doesn't even put them close to the realm of necessity. I could clear ALL content in-game with relative ease or very few issues without those mods and for the most part, I have not used them or have felt I needed to use them.
  4. Prime weapons, Prime Warframes, Kuva Weapons, Vandal weapons, new systems and damage calculations, War Within Focus schools, ability reworks (looking at you Vauban) majority of new content in the game straight up buffs our potential compared to previous content. Warframe has overall been nothing but straight up buffs for its lifetime and nerfs were much fewer. You should check back when we actually had to use a mod slot for abilities, didn't have bullet jump and we had a stamina bar. The Boltor use to be the best weapon in slot at one point. Frost use to be best frame for majority of conten
  5. Different experiences for different people. I have yet to have an experience you've described. But then again, it may be because I only helped players with integrity and a good attitude. If someone messages me with, "buy me this please", I'm just going to say no or ignore it.
  6. I personally think this system would be pointless and shallow for reasons pointed out by fastgamer2 I will give you points on a well written post though, unfortunate that the idea is terrible.
  7. Hi, I'm MR 27. Can someone please explain what Railjack is? Is it a new Warframe?
  8. Either we got a buggy Empyrean 2 weeks earlier, or a buggy Empyrean 2 weeks later. Either way it would've been buggy.
  9. Feedback is just that. DE is under no obligation to listen to it let alone implement it. Applies doubly so when your feedback may contradict data or other player's feedback. Just give it constructively and move on. My feedback is that Warframe should go back to how it was in its first year. But you know what? I understand my feedback is unpopular and that many others will disagree with me and maybe the data shows that Warframe is better with this current system. But instead of throwing an attention tantrum, I'll just move on. Maybe I'll bring it back up now and then but I won't be hyperboli
  10. I think it goes without say we should avoid them being Pay2Win. My suggestion would simply to start off with offering 2 formas per Nightwave. Or injecting it into other scarce events we have like Plague Star and maybe give out 1 every Tennocon.
  11. This Nightwave is pointless? Sweet. Now I can take a break and go do something else.
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