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  1. As long as the event is still doable solo, I can bear with it.
  2. I could care less about rewards. Just give me a fun game. Improve and fix Warframe and give more story-oriented side quests (syndicate, Warframe or even weapons). Only thing DE will need to think of is a way to monetize those since by default, they don't get money out of that kind of content so it makes it impractical to introduce new playable content consistently.
  3. I agree, just as you are S#&$ting on vets. We cop a lot from everyone. DE wronged me long ago when they updated the parkour and ability system. I've gotten over it. (not really, I'm still kinda annoyed)
  4. I'm just going to be blunt here... but you sound entitled. You believe you deserve something because you are new? I'll give you a free lesson since I'm a generous person: the world don't work like that. To compare, here's how I would sound entitled, "I put so much real money into this game, I deserve all of the Nightwave rewards". But I understand if I want those rewards, I need to work for them. I missed out because I didn't put in the effort others have. If you want Platinum, you need to put in the effort. Go and start a new topic asking, "As a New Player, How Could I Earn Platinum in Game?". Here's another free tip, if you show integrity and humility, you may find there are more than a few players willing to help you get started for nothing.
  5. Sorry guys, but you can't top the one who paid to win to the top. That's me.
  6. That may be uncalled for, but that's pretty tame. In the realms of PvP I'd consider that civil compared to how bad it can actually get.
  7. Lato Prime. I don't see many people using it. Jokes aside, personally I suggest Twin Krohkur. It looks cool, high crit chance and access to some good stances.
  8. I see it like this, the $22 (AUD) I'm paying is for the Sugatra and the Platinum, while the Edo Prime set is just a thrown in freebie.
  9. No one. Not until The New War drops and we make it out alive. (does not cover those dishonorably discharged)
  10. You can buy them on the market?
  11. Wow... Now that's a bad opener. Sadly he probably knows more of the game than you. It may even be your lack of knowledge why you are unable to see the greater scope of the issues. I would read your wall of text but that first line tells me everything I need to know.
  12. Won't lie... I am now actually keen to have an optional jam mechanic as voice chat would be hella lit. Damn... I was of the stance it should not be implemented... but how you so eloquently put it... it sounds entertaining now.
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