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  1. I hope DE continues with Railjack. One of the most fun content since forever for me. Last time Warframe was truly fun was back when we had a stamina bar. After the removal of that, only other fun I get is when a new frame comes out, until I max it out, know the ins and out and it becomes just another tool to delete enemies with or it's useless. Managed to finally get a clan together of people who left the game years ago but came back for Railjack. Some people will like it, some people won't. That's opinions for you. What isn't an opinion is that it was most certainly buggy.
  2. Ironic because you made a very obtuse statement... Although I'd say it's not clear cut. Both you and Zimzala have merit to your points and it all comes down to the strength of character of upper management. In any situation, either of you could be right. This is my biggest issue with the Warframe community is that we run on a mentality of, "I am right therefore you must be wrong". Does anyone consider that we may either be both right or both wrong? Or that we are simply exchanging opinions on a situation we may not fully comprehend because we are trying to talk on a subject where we have no ideas of the details and factors? I think it's okay to have these discussions, but that's all it is, is just a discussion. We are not making decisions for DE. The numbers are making decisions because opinions don't always line up with the numbers. We have no idea what's exactly making money for DE as their model is not particularly conventional. The only consistent rotation of paid items they have is Prime Access and to a lesser extent, Tennogen. Whether people buy Prime Access is not necessarily directly correlated with recent updates. Inversely, you could have the best events that you poured lots of time (therefore money) into but for some reason, you have a sharp decline in revenue. These are hypothetical situations but are still very much possible. Anyway, back on topic, the ONLY way to prevent the next Scarlet Spear is quite frankly, for DE to go under so they don't have a next time. Now I'm personally not saying for DE to go under, what I am saying is that there is no way the next event will be any better. Events are just temporary nuisances and should never be the bulk of resources. Really, what we should be looking towards is an overhaul of the core game and at actual future content. Railjack still needs a lot of attention and we also have the upcoming Duviri Paradox. There are plenty of other things I'd prefer DE to focus on than a measly event.
  3. I think players are starting to lose their rose tinted glasses. Like that girl you started dating because you thought she was hot but then you got bored of her and didn't like her for anything else but her looks. Lots of players jumped on Warframe because it was the next hot thing but they never really liked anything about Warframe or DE. I supported Warframe when it was barely a game. When it could've shut down a month or so later. To me, anything and everything is an improvement as long as they don't go pay2win. Well, I still mourn the loss of legacy Warframe (pre parkour 2.0) where the game was more about being fun to play rather than skipping past everything. But I can move on. There are lots of things I disagree with DE doing with Warframe. Eg; the removal of the stamina bar and the absurd power creep. But they've also done a lot of things I weren't expecting, never asked for but glad they did it. Namely Railjack. Some people don't like Railjack, other people do, I love it. I'm just hoping DE keeps on building onto it.
  4. Warframe I'd say hasn't really changed much since the introduction of Parkour 2.0 back in like what, 2015? People will always give the new shiny thing a glowing review but as with everything, people grow tired of it and retrospectively, a product may not be as good as they use to think. You also need to consider that people who are unhappy will tend to be more vocal than those who are happy or satisfied. If it makes it easier, Warframe has always been a terrible game. There was never a point Warframe has ever been a good game.
  5. Doom is a very simple game in comparison. It's just pretty to look at. Most of the effort probably wasn't even in the coding but the asset creation, enemy and level design. Warframe has too many features that I don't think any game company in existence would be able to rectify other than DE. Also don't forget is that there is no copy and paste template for Warframe. Doom is basically your stock standard Unreal shooter that anyone can make a similar game, just not as pretty. Other great games have also had years of iteration before their current version. They weren't trying anything new and were merely refining. Warframe is doing the same thing, difference is that they don't charge you $60+ for every update. Now don't misunderstand that I'm ragging on Doom. It's an awesome game but it's awesome because it's simple, and polished. Warframe is neither. Only way Warframe could be anything like Doom is if they removed all the Warframes but one. Or compromise, there is only one Warframe that you can customize appearance and abilities. I do think Warframe is in need of a bigger overhaul than just mere balancing fixes. As someone stated above, the core gameplay loop should be looked at or even reworked from the ground up. There is no point on building on a poor, broken, or outdated foundation.
  6. I enjoy doing the space missions. But I am a sucker for being the captain of my own friggin' space ship with lasers. I hate leaving my baby behind to do the codes though. But sometimes we just gotta let our kids go y'know?
  7. No, DE is just doing DE. Nothing has really changed if you've been following Warframe closely. Grind has always been there, bugs have always been there, this is Warframe and I can guarantee you, it will be the same for many years to come. If you ever thought Warframe was "better" before, that is merely your personal perception. There is no objective truth to it. I have my gripes with Scarlet Spear, but I would not count this as a downward trend or out of the ordinary for Warframe or DE.
  8. The updates always keeps things fresh and interesting. It's good to know that DE aren't afraid of trying new things and pushing themselves. I also like how I can take long breaks from Warframe and don't have to worry about my gear being completely useless or redundant. The casual nature of Warframe is also nice and I like how I don't need to treat it like a second job.
  9. Yes but did they say early March 2020?
  10. Do I get paid for it? Unfortunately gratitude doesn't keep the lights on (and by extension the computer)
  11. DE, I would pay for a legacy Warframe.
  12. I think you completely missed my point. There are hundreds of users here who have contributed to Warframe. Many more than you have. But rarely, if not any of them would claim they love Warframe more than DE. The janitor at DE probably has put in more effort than you. I am not belittling suggestions or even criticisms. But you pretty much destroyed your statement's credibility with hyperbolic claims.
  13. https://www.warframe.com/news/be-part-of-the-next-community-created-warframe
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