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  1. I'm a hard no, as many have said, game is already broken in our favor. But let me humor you and say yes. I'd be all for it if it works with the current Riven system in how Prime variants have their own disposition. That means Excalibur Prime will always have the highest percentages. Just like Lato and Skana Prime. Granted, none of them even scratch the upper tiers of their categories.
  2. It's a good thing there's another universal resource you can farm to skip the RNG.
  3. Not too out of the realm of possibility as they did something similar with melee stances. Someone may need to correct me, but if you are manually blocking with a melee weapon, your dodge distance is shorter. If you are serious about this suggestion, then make a thread under one of the Feedback categories of the forums.
  4. All of them. Also give me a Prime trailer for Primed Sentinels.
  5. Sign up with a new account and then submit your ticket using that account while referencing your old one. Be sure to have as much evidence on you as you can. Emails, bank transactions, old account info or maybe other players to vouch for you.
  6. I do think OP was being a bit hyperbolic or over dramatic. Is Warframe grindy, most certainly. Is it the most grindiest game out there or even in the top 10? Not even close. They may have valid complaints... but the ones they highlighted in their opening are most certainly not it. Warframe has a lot of issues, but I think OP basically highlighted essentially non-issues or rather, didn't think past to identify the root causes of their issues. It's like having a clogged plumbing and complaining that you can't do the dishes, while completely missing the point that your house has in-flooding.
  7. I don't know how you took what I said and came to the conclusion that I do not enjoy the game. Just because I enjoy the game, doesn't mean I don't think the game can do better. I have obviously enjoyed the game enough to dump hundreds of dollars (probably thousands) and nearly 2000 hours and I still play and enjoy the game. But this isn't about me because obviously, I'm not a new player. I'm all for increasing the enjoyability of Warframe for everyone and not just myself. Unlike new players, I do not have to redo the starchart (although I did have to redo it 3 times). I do not have to re-grind for mods, or materials. So everything in Warframe feels very easy for me, but I do not assume just because it's easy for me, it's easy for everyone else. Warframe lacks engaging/rewarding content inbetween meaningful content. And it isn't even paced well making it unknown to new players when the next milestone in their journey is. Warframe is an enjoyable game, but it can be better.
  8. Not sure how many people here would appreciate how helpful batch scripts are for running a computer.
  9. I've gotten a few people into Warframe and I can completely understand the new player grind. Just about every new person I've introduced into the game encounter the same issues. Personally, I feel the biggest issue with Warframe is not the grind, but the intermediate content. There is too much of a gap between meaningful content. For example: - Now that you done the tutorial, you have to go through some repetitive nodes and missions that don't add anything to your experience, in order to get to the next mainline content. - Once you've done that, rinse and repeat. The reason why linear games work so well is just about every stage you complete adds something to your character or the story. In Warframe, there are several stages per planet, and then you have to do several planets until you get to the next quest that rewards you with something worthwile. I would suggest DE sprinkle some of the Warframes and weapons between planets and have you outright earn them rather than a cheap blueprint that you still have to grind for. Then you can lock other certain weapons behind a straight up grind. There are that many items in Warframe that I believe it wouldn't hurt to chuck more in as quest rewards. Every mission completed should feel like a step forward in a player's journey. But new players get burnt out fast because there is no reward for the missions they complete. All you can tell them as a veteran player is, "don't worry, it gets better later", which is a very weak argument for why that player should stick around.
  10. I don't mean to toot my own horn. But I obviously have the most funds in my bank account and by extension, I could just buy high roller packs to be the player with the most credits. I just choose not to.
  11. Disregarding bugs, disconnection issues and the fact that you have to be online to play singleplayer for a non-live service game, it's a really solid game. Reminds me of the good days back when games use to be able to just be games without being a scam. They weren't the prettiest, but at least when you bought the game, you got the entire package. I wouldn't compare Outriders much to Warframe as its looting system is more traditional in that you are expected to throw away loot for better loot unlike Warframe where you unlock something and you keep it (if you have the slots). But the good thing is that the loot actually feels meaningful as you are playing the game and you are regularly engaging with the modding system to allow you to tackle the highest tier comfortably. I do like the gameplay loop and personally, I'd want to see something somewhat similar in Warframe (no not cover shooter). I just enjoy that you feel very powerful in the game, but you can't mess up or you go down very fast unless you have very particular late game builds. So it balances difficulty and power quite well but certainly not without opening up other shortcomings like the very tacked on healing system. Game has a lot of problems like cutscenes triggering at weird times or cutting out, leaving you to wonder if you got the full context or not. Also the bloody shaky cam would even make Michael Bay spew. There's issues with some models not loading in properly during certain parts of the story like certain NPCs. Cover system can be hit or miss as you sometimes find the cover has a pull that would make even Mag jealous. But overall it works most the time for me. Is it worth the price? Ehh... maybe. For me it's nothing but I think for the majority of players, it's a steep cost for an unpolished (but working) game. For others, I think $40 USD would be more reasonable. What it does have going for it is that unlike other looter shooters, it is a complete game out of the package. So you aren't paying for promises as much as you are with say, Destiny or Anthem (*spits). However it is unpolished with a few glaring bugs and the fact that despite advertising itself as a non-live service game, you still require a connection to the server in order to play any part of the game. If PCF can at least make an independent singleplayer mode where progress doesn't carry over into multiplayer (prevent cheaters), then I say it's definitely worth $40. You'll get at least 40 hours from it if not more. I haven't hit endgame yet but I've clocked a little over 30 hours and still on the story. Granted I always play on highest world tier so progression is a bit slower than if you were to play 2+ world tiers below. I'm enjoying the game and don't regret my purchase at the moment. But I will say that I would recommend people who haven't bought the game yet to either wait a month or two and see if they've made any improvement or fixes or wait for the game to go on sale.
  12. As far as I know though, the upgrades to the base game will be very minimal. While when Warframe updates, the benefits generally expand to the entire game rather than just new content from a certain point henceforth. In saying that, that also includes the bugs and faults. I do hope NG will at least fix NPC character models. It always irks me that younger NPCs are just simply the adult models scaled down. It looks weird. Not to mention how they use the same faces for everyone. The anime did a much better job at visually portraying the characters.
  13. If I had to say... you may have received a bit of a different reception with a simple title change. Your title alone already sets the atmosphere for your thread. But looking at the body of your opening, it's fairly... innocuous. But I am also not surprised that people come here in the mood that you set. It happens though and then it comes down to how you reply. You can turn opinions around and have civilized or healthy discussions but you don't do that by saying, "oh, this place is terrible and so are the people here" (exaggerated for dramatic effect). Reply to the points people have made and show that you too are also open for discussion and criticism to your own points. When people see that you aren't here to simply farm compliments, then they are much more likely to positively engage with you, even if both of you are at a fundamental disagreement. I've had times I've negatively replied to someone but then they replied with great intent to discuss and I honestly can't be negative to that even if we disagree. Anyway, onto your actual topic. I think I can empathize and I will not disagree that Warframe lacks what you call "variety". But I think that's not quite the core of the issue. Personally, I think it's less about variety and more so how its executed. Warframe has a great amount of variety, but I would criticize that it's overwhelming for DE to make all of those mesh well together with the core gameplay. With the current state of Warframe I think the only gamemodes that work near flawlessly due to the game Warframe is are the Defense, Exterminate and Survival modes. All of those allow us to completely cut loose with what the game has given us. Some modes or mechanics are relics back when Warframe was more of a stealth game but doesn't quite work in a game where leaving no witnesses is simply more efficient than being unseen. As some others have pointed out, at the end of the day, all games are repetitive and again, I don't believe that repetition is your issue but rather that you find those repetitive activities boring and unengaging. Again, I can empathize, so how do we make those activities more engaging and how do you believe the game needs to change to make them more engaging? Me, I think those repetitive activities could be more fun if we had Warframe's old parkour and stamina system. And there is absolutely no one who plays Warframe who would disagree with me. Anyone who does are not disagreeing, they are simply undecided and one day they will come around to the greatness that was legacy Warframe. The arcade mini games are just bonus easter eggs and not really something DE ever had the intention of expanding upon. This also applies to conclave, but as you may know right now Warframe needs a lot of work done especially now that they are focusing on Railjack. They just simply don't have the time or resources to put aside for those when the core of Warframe is still unfinished and in some cases broken. Maybe they will revisit conclave someday, but it won't be anytime soon. It's really all about priorities and since Warframe is primarily a PvE game, it reasons that PvE would take priority over PvP. I will admit, Warframe can feel like a chore or a second job. That's why I smashed everything out a few months back to hit MR 30 and caught up with everything so now I only need to check back when there is new stuff. But honestly, it all depends on how much value you place on a game that will determine whether you want to treat it like a job. At the least Warframe is a game that doesn't require you to upgrade all your gear and character every few months in order to stay relevant. Well... Warframe does have inklings of that with weapon variants like Prisma and Kuva weapons but still not as demanding as other games where the level cap rises and past gear becomes obsolete.
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