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  1. I see this as an absolute win. 1 PC account, 3 mobile accounts. Wisp, Nekros, Trinity on mobile and main on PC. Gonna be the easiest endless farm ever without having to put together a group.
  2. It will come out within the next 2 years, next year most likely and will probably be in the Void Trader. Don't worry, just keep an eye out and you'll get it. At least players still have the chance to get it unlike a few items.
  3. Could be a possibility what you are suggesting. I am almost not surprised because I remember when sorties were "endgame" content and you'd run either Inaros for face-tanking or Loki to just ignore everything. DE had a choice at that point, to nerf frames or to change/introduce content that makes those playstyles or abilities obsolete or less desirable. Back then, they chose the latter option. Now though, it seems they are beginning to be less afraid of nerfing, for better or worse. I guess it's easier to have consistent damage when you don't have to factor in the maths from a player's own personal arsenal and mods. The demo "looked" to be at a better place in terms of damage given and damage taken but we will need to see how it all plays once we get our hands on it. Unfortunately it's not just the enemies that need addressing, it's just about everything. I would think DE is probably better taking it slow and steady and making micro adjustments until they hit a sweet spot. Well, as long as they are continually doing something about it then I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  4. That too. All things considered, I think our Warframes will have their own section, the question is how much of The New War is playing the unique characters, and how much will be using our own Warframes and arsenals.
  5. I agree, especially with the last paragraph. Hopefully DE tries to close the gap a little bit. I'm fine with certain weapons or Warframes being more effective than another, but not to the point an enemy is balanced around assuming a player will be using the top weapons of their categories.
  6. You are completely right. New War, Railjack, Necramechs relies on it's own systems and progression that seem to be somewhat disconnected from your Warframe build and progression. To clarify this time, the strength of your Warframe does not determine the strength of your Railjack or Necramech and I assume may play little role in The New war.
  7. Honestly, I'm gonna rest because a) I think I am getting too off-topic. b) I could re-evaluate my stance. At the end of the day, I would prefer everyone to enjoy Warframe. I could spend that time arguing my opinion but I'm not really offering any solutions or compromises. If I am to argue with you again, I'd at least like to be able to offer a suggestion that players on all sides could somewhat humor. Arguing is pointless - discussing and coming up with solutions would be a much more productive use of this space. But I could re-evaluate my stance to be a bit less stand-off-ish.
  8. Aah, sorry my bad. Not just Steel Path (includes liches/sisters, arbitrations and other higher end content to varying degrees) and my statement is arguably a gross generalization. I could clarify, but honestly I should've done that beforehand. Honestly it could be an entire thread in of itself and I think my rants have gone too off-topic so forgive me that I am unwilling to clarify here. You didn't misinterpret anything as there was never enough information to form a proper interpretation.
  9. I guess kangaroos do that so... touché. I think it would be cool and I'd pay for this; if they had animation packs that changed how your Warframe moves. Gives them different jumping, sliding, wall running (skipping) and bullet jumping animations.
  10. Bullet jumping is probably THE best parkour mechanic in video games since grappling hooks (I may be hyperbolic but humor me if you can). Though if I may say, I do feel something is wrong when bullet jumping is faster than sprinting. I love the control that bullet jumping and aim gliding allows, but my issue with Parkour 2.0 is that it has made just about all other methods of movement obsolete. You don't need to wall hop, you don't even need to walk or sprint. Bullet jumping is faster, safer, and more versatile than your other movement options. If I may make a suggestion, I would at least ask one of two things; a) make bullet jumping slower than sprinting, or b) make sprinting faster than bullet jumping. I would assume a portion of players would prefer option b) and I'm cool with that. Also, fix the camera when wall latching. I love shooting while wall latching, but the camera gives me flashback of DMC1.
  11. I don't even play god builds. I play Vauban with Grinlok or Founders set. Far from being god builds because I do know how to do strong builds, I just choose not to. In saying that, I am not going to stop playing my favorite weapons or frames because someone tells me to. Sometimes I play Ash with Daikyuu, Despair and Nikana and play like a real space ninja. But the thing is, none of this makes Warframe a better game. They are merely ways to cope with crappy balancing. If it's up to the player to fix the game, then the game is obviously broken. You are the first person I've heard to burn through all of their revives on tutorial. In saying that, I'm not going to hold it against you. A mate of mine died in the tutorial stage of Cosmic Break which is... an achievement to say the least. But honestly, anything can happen and if you can run through all of your revives, then I'm sure other people could too. Warframe is not a Souls game. Warframe is not a Warriors game. Warframe is whatever DE wants it to be and if it leans to either of those side, then that is what Warframe will be. As players, we can choose to keep on playing, or to move on to another game. Either way, nothing either of us say will change DE's direction by our own ramblings. Metrics will determine the course of Warframe and I'm more than happy to let DE do DE. I think this is going nowhere. You obviously found a hill you would die on and I can't change your mind on that. But good for you. When you want something, you got to stand by it. Although I disagree with you, I don't think you are wrong overall.
  12. As someone that's been with the game since legacy Warframe, I do miss the days back when it felt like I was playing a game instead of a running simulator with extra steps. But I won't say that Warframe was a better game back then as there have been lots of improvements since then that I wouldn't want DE to remove. All I'm asking is for DE to continue striving to make Warframe a better game. Even legacy Warframe was nowhere near Souls level. I don't know why people keep on making these comparisons. Legacy Warframe was still... a very easy game to play. But current Warframe I could literally play an hour survival with my eyes closed. You know your game balance is broken when meta builds are where people can AFK or just press a key every minute. There is an inbetween from Dark Souls to Warframe. It's not mutually one or the other and that's the balance I would prefer. I agree, if I wanted to play a From Software game, I'd play a From Software game. But making Warframe more engaging will not turn it into a Dark Souls game. It will just turn it into a slightly less broken version of Warframe. I could hold back, but then that literally means removing content from the game. By admitting that players need to nerf themselves, you are also admitting that there is fault with Warframe's power scaling. A core mechanic to games is progression. You are suggesting to take out the one thing that makes a game, a game. Now, I'd be all for your suggestion if it wasn't for the fact that some parts of the game would be nearly impossible, or the most incredible way to waste time. You try doing an entire Lich hunt with only a Mk1 Braton and an Excalibur with no mods. You try completing Steel Path only doing that. Ironically, Dark Souls is the perfect example of a game where nerfing yourself makes the game more fun. Running naked, speed running, running with a limited set of gear. But here's the thing, it's perfectly doable within a reasonable amount of time even while gimping yourself. Warframe is not that and that's because of it's broken power scaling. If Warframe was balanced, then it would be perfectly reasonable to do a Steel Path starchart clear with Mk1 gear. But content is balanced around the top 20% of Warframes and weapons which leaves a lot of other choices in the dust. By saying players should nerf themselves, you are telling them to not use content, and to not play content. You are not telling them to challenge themselves. But if you can complete all nodes in Steel Path without any exploiting, cheating or hacking using beginner gear/naked, then I will gladly take my words back. At the end of the day, this is DE's game and I will probably continue to play Warframe for the foreseeable future. But if they were to make Warframe a better game, I might be more proud of saying, "I play Warframe, and you should play it too".
  13. I think I found most of my people in this thread. I am in general agreement to those who find what the New War has teased to be more appealing than what we currently have. Doesn't mean I hate what we have now, but I feel DE has developed themselves into a corner. I miss legacy Warframe. Back when Stalker use to lockdown a tile and if you were separated from teammates, tough luck, get sniped by Dread noob. He was a random spawn where you would literally have an oh **** reaction. Now when he appears, only thing going through your mind is what he will drop when you kill him. Not even that - just a nuisance. I also miss when Infested were huge beefy mofos and they tore you to shreds. Some missions devolved into the-floor-is-lava just so you could stay alive. And a final mention, I missed the good days when people use to fail the parkour. Funniest thing ever to be going through a mission and see someone miss a jump or not manage their stamina well. Anyway back on topic, New War may be DE testing the waters and seeing what direction Warframe should go in. If they see good praise and player count/retention on the new content, they may take it that some of us who clamor for Warframe to be slightly more grounded is not just us being loud on the forums, but there may be some silent players who agree. As a compromise, I wouldn't mind if DE started developing separate content for those of us who want Warframe to be more engaging while still leaving the OP aspects for people who like that. I think it may be a better use of the artists/designers and developers time if they are making content that will actually be appreciated and engaged with. Or, if DE was to simply make a Warframe 2 but go back and stay a bit more faithful to legacy Warframe, I am not joking when I say I would drop my Founders account with thousands of hours and thousands of dollars spent on it just to go play that. Anyway, even though I liked what I saw in the trailer, it still will come down to how the entire experience feels. I will reserve my judgement until after I've played The New War. But I am keen.
  14. Just chiming in to say I cannot log in either. This is super rare. If nothing else, I've generally always been able to log into the game, just unable to connect to other players. But now, can't even get into the game. Also I can't even load up their main website despite being able to an hour ago.
  15. Now that you bring that up, hitscan weapons also benefit that you can be completely hiding behind cover but still hit enemies because you are using a hitscan weapon. As long as the reticle isn't obstructed, it doesn't matter if your entire body and weapon is behind a crate or a corner.
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