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  1. I probably haven't really had fun in a regular mission since legacy Warframe. Good old days of stamina bar, no bullet jump and Stalker actually being a threat (outside of obvious exploits like standing on top of crates within melee range). Of course legacy Warframe could use some of the QoL improvements we have now, but at least back then I felt like I was actually playing a game during missions.
  2. Blind Rage and Transient Fortitude most likely. Kinda need them to hit 330%+.
  3. Let me humor an argument here. Let's say this game is meant to be a straight up power fantasy and we are mass murdering machines of destruction - then can we get in-game lore and dialogue to reflect that? For example, Grustrag 3. They are commed in as a big threat we should avoid, but really they are a joke and we just wait for them to pop in to one-shot them in the face. Same thing with Stalker. I'm surprised he hasn't hanged up his scythe yet. If we are going straight power fantasy, maybe start to develop the game's internal consistency to reflect that. Even Dynasty Warriors is more in
  4. Sometimes DE needs to nerf. Their vision of the game has grown exponentially and drastic changes are sometimes necessary. It sucks depending on how much value you put into the game. Me? I don't care. If it helps DE manage the game and to help the development and balancing process then all I can say is, go their hardest. Considering how trash tier a lot of weapons were pre parkour 2.0, even nerfs still feel like a buff for me. I'll just let DE do DE.
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