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  1. Thanks DE please fix operator jumping when attempting to void dash right after using transference
  2. Did you REALLY just propose for Saryn to drain even more energy?
  3. Thanks for nerfing Saryn again with Miasma, obviously everyone been begging for it. smh. At least somethings were added back to spores.
  4. @Peterako So therefore you're on the same wave as DE and want to shape her rework based of ONE specific mission type, right?
  5. Yeah man, its crazy. i've never been this disappointed in anything they've done in my almost 3 years of playing the game.
  6. DE, we're on our knees pleading lol. Got alotta players not even playing the game until the controller support and Saryn gets fixed properly. I'm not the type to comment in forums but you guys stepped on an ant's nest with this one. Now we worried about our baby Equinox and others. Ember was the first to get this 'too-much-kills-too-quickly' nerf due to ONE mission type and we dont like her in the other ~16 mission types and nothing has even changed back. I havent seen 1 Ember player since her nerf and i personally cant use her no more as she was my frame for the plains but that dumb range nerf tho. I cant even use her to speedrun thru mission between quick breaks at work any more. Doesnt make sense to nerf Saryn because an Ivara lover or something cant clear a room in a defense or onslaught type of thing. Those kinda frames like Saryn ARE BEST SUITED for that type of gameplay, its common sense. You're over complicating the game over something trivial and its killing it for some of us. It was already kinda difficult to work out the synergy of her powers before the nerf and i definitely cant even begin to try to explain it now to someone else. Stop forcing the majority of us into some twitsted team synergy play style just because some ignorant ppl who like to leave the matchmaking choice on PUBLIC don't get kills when they match with Random people who took their time to forma and mod their equipment and frames and find their own play style. A squad of 4 saryns would still have one saryn getting the most kills and the others may feel obligated to complain. True team synergy is taking roles within a match (Defensive, Offensive, Healing, a mix of either, etc.). And ALOT of us do solo anyway. These types of changes only account for 1 matchmaking choice in 1 type of mission style. Come on, guys. P.S. the few players who used to Spin2Win were annoying but nothing so serious that a mature person like myself couldn't ignore; they just killed really fast and that's cool. Those who arent as blessed with maturity could've exit the match and search for another.
  7. PLEASE merge new and old controller support. it takes a year to navigate thru menus compared to before when i used DS4Windows and had controller support turned on. Its HIGHLY annoying. TL;DR PLEASE make controller mapping and support the same as console.
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