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  1. I actually think incremental improvements could be a bit more potent than that as content. Especially once you allow micro gains to become macro on a large enough scale (nearly 50 frames now). Take Valence Fusion for nemesissy (“I always wanted one of my own” ~ Jack McFarland) weapon upgrades that range from a 25 to 60% bonus. Would upgrading a weapon from 59.1% to 60% elemental damage be considered compelling game play? Well, not preciously, but we still do it on occasion even with just a 1/20 shot to get the right Kuva Weapon for example. If that system ever raises the cap I'm sure people will be out there all the same. Since I thought to add an upgrade field I’ve tracked upgrades for 6 more weapons, keep in mind some combos are just what I've landed on while completing me spread. The types of upgrades in the Railjack system are a lot more varied than that even. https://imgur.com/a/4TRww5T Something with a full rebirth mechanic could be interesting though. I mean that's pretty much just how forma works already. Focus Schools may even be kind of far along the evolutionary path to have been such a thing in another life; like you could imagine Way Bound nodes to use Points gained on rebirth of the school instead. With how many times the goalposts were moved in that system though we would have had rioting in the streets over that I'm sure. The last thing it needed was a "your points are now valued 0.1% as much" in hotfixes, lol, but that kind of thing does work as another dial for tuning. I might either work on concepts for a full Frame & Weapon version later. Well either that or expand on the augments style of upgrades, because that just reminded me of Mutant X when the mutants started developing new powers out of no where. Tenno Puberty and all that is coming up around the corner and we already have mutant zits for christsake. lol
  2. Yeah there's always a fun balance to that. It'd be cool to see someone that's really mastered a frame and you could tell at a glance they invested a lot of time into it. Something else to see something become required. Any options to specialize frames further though sounds more interesting the more I think about it. Take something random like Yareli's Merulina, can it now equip kdrive mods or could it behave like a specter if you wanted it to? What would its abilities be and might Vor try to ride it in the void? Could Vauban swap his Tesla Nervos out with a domestik drone and really start to clean up crime? or maybe just remember which was the last mine he cycled through to avoid that awkward clothes line? lol
  3. I’ve played a lot of incremental games over the years and I’d love to see some of their mechanics in Warframe. In incrementals there’s always something to work towards at all times even if it’s only a small improvement. To put it in a nutshell: the more you use a thing the stronger you become with that thing. Focus points are kept track of on a gear level and used to invest in what amounts to talents that can be upgraded, the same as focus schools are now. Only some talents may have diminishing returns instead of ever capping out, or at least not any time soon. Examples: Every Warframe: this is separate from focus schools and just relate to an individual Tenno’s ability to utilize Transference. Our operators have lines like “Transference still holding." Here’s a chance to add talents for that: increase the connection strength, reduce static effects and duration of the transference static itself. New things could include: Aura range to increase Focus School ability range and/or maybe Warframe Aura distance itself. Voice line now only trigger in areas of per reception. Can you hear me now Lotus? Ash Warframe: Old: Ability: Shuriken: Throw 1/1/2/2 shurikens [per ability level according to the wiki]. New: Ability: Shuriken: Throw 1/ 1.5/ 2/ 2.5/ 3 [per ability level]. Our Shuriken’s now come in variable sizes and/or quality! Ever green: Increase velocity of the throw by X% until Y% before [sharply?] diminishing until Z%. Another ever green: Increase ability damage by X%, +10% stronger is easy, +20% harder, anything higher of statistical significance would require heavy specialization. Abilities with Augments could even be interesting, if probably harder to track, to turn into talents and make baseline (or just improve) based upon usage! Like Khora using a mod slot on Pilfering Strangledome to turn her into another loot frame; maybe with enough dedication Khroa could learn to do that baseline to free up the slot, and/or increase the +65% chance to match a new Universal-bonus-loot-frame-percentage-capped-increase- arizor™ level to make all loot frames potentially equal in their chances at least with dedication? That would turn Augments into a kind of research project for frame improvement that I'm really liking the sound of. Shotgun wide ability: recoil protection: -10% total recoil effect Strun specific (regular/all variations that can still be considered a Strun): +50% recoil effect. Yes, a positive +50% so each shot knocks you flat on your ass, but the Corpus ship you were in just got a new drive through window they never even knew they wanted. Thoughts? Could talents and focus/mastery work on this kind of level in Warframe?
  4. I've never seen the icon that's coming up with it. It kind of looks like Clem holding up two steak knives, with the Lotus icon in the background like they're both coming to dinner, but maybe I need a snickers? https://imgur.com/a/begM36d close up: https://imgur.com/4sOExeD The insert image from URL isn't liking me tonight.
  5. I'm shocked. That 200% crit chance passive is a huge part of her kit. That really couldn't have helped her launch with her signature Kompressa pistol at a 6% innate crit chance. I bet she's going to get a lot more fun to play after this. I rarely host missions and with my upload caps from DSL you really don't want me to either. So, I don't know if I've even played my 5 forma'd version with that passive active a single time...
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