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  1. Please fix the mouse-deceleration bug present since... ever, when playing in full-screen mode and alt-tabbing.
  2. I think it's still low for the current amount of possible loadouts (assuming one for each warframe).
  3. While most people may disagree with my point of view, i don't understand why this is even a thing. This game is caracterized for letting you farm pretty much everything in pretty much any place you want to do it. Forcing people not to only play the same missions (literally) for 2 months, but also not being able to do anything else while farming, is stupid asf. Yeah, you'll be grinding rep from cetus but that is totally useless once you're at the max rank, same goes for cetus' resources. Why cannot i just run a fissure to farm & burn relics, vestiges and whatever resource i want? (you can pick the fissure, planet, tier, etc) Why cannot i just do my daily syndicate missions to farm these relics and also rep for the relicpacks? Why cannot i select the mission type i like the most to farm the vaulted relics? Why i'm being literally forced to play with a relatively new part of the game that is still pretty bugged? Not only due to the fact that you're being forced to play the same 5-6 types of bounties there are, but also due to how innefficient this is. It's like saying "we're going to force you to play what we want if u want the shiny reward". I would understand if it were like that from the start, or if this game were paid.. but now? Why swapping to the "bad" side? It won't be a problem if you they were going to let you still farm wherever you like.. but forcing you?
  4. Dojo's rooms displayed on minimap are overlapped.
  5. Everyone complaining about the Secura Lecta nerf... But you all don't think in the other face of the coin, i started playing like a month ago and i'm currently at MR12 (almost 13). I didn't had any credits problem, except for one: The S#&$tards saying "go 4 chroma/nekros/hydroid + SLecta or don't even whisp us" in "credits farming". 1) You don't like any of these warframes? f**k u 2) You don't have a SLecta? f**k u Now this gonna be even more stupid: 3) Only MR22 or higher
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