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  1. Instead of nerfing Ivara they nerfed the parazon. I tried to do a railjack mission with Ivara, since I am leveling her, and was a boarder instead of leaching. Used Prowl as soon as I was on(to squishy without it) and stabbed the same Grineer 3 times and only took about 1/3 of his HP from the combined attacks. 9-10 stabs to kill 1 target really makes it not worth the trouble of trying to kill enemies for the intrinsic points. My path after that was hack/smash the reactor then stab the pilot(1 hit kill like it should be) before the ship blows up.
  2. Ohforf3

    Covert Lethality

    They need to turn it into a Parazon mod and make it instant kill on stealth like it used to be. I have shanked the same enemy 3 times and only taken off 1/3 of it's HP with the combined damage.
  3. Did you get the guns? If you didn't get Ivara or the guns you might have bought the Ivara Prime Accessories pack by mistake instead of the Ivara Prime Access.
  4. Does your copy of rush have what looks like cracks on it? Low level mission have a chance to drop damaged versions of common mods which can't be upgraded as far as normal and that may be what your copy is.
  5. Agreed that this is needed. It even makes more sense with the wreckage as the 12 hour repair is just getting the item functional then Dirac is used to fine tune the item and bring it to like new condition.
  6. I both agree and disagree with getting rid of random stats. The house parts are damaged and not working right. I think instead of making us just hope RNG gives us something better than what we already made, make the parts require fine tuning after repair. You get a Mk3 Vidar part let RNG determine how far out of spec it is once we get it functional. Then as we get more Mk3 Vidar salvage we can tune the part to bring it stats back to 100%.
  7. Honestly the choice of house for the reactors is a no brainer due to Avionics points only being expanded by the reactor so no one will go for anything but the capacity favoring house and the other 2 are pointless to even exist. My suggestion to create a balance and validate the other 2 houses even existing is to make the avionics and flux increase the same for all reactors in the tier and move the effects from the houses to a system used in another game I played with party ships. The reactor produces heat based on the power demand and it's built in cooling system works to dissipate that load with damage occurring if you go over the safe operating range. Different houses will focus on max safe load VS cooling rate with all the other ship systems heat up the reactor as they are used. Needless to say heat load would need to be factored into the other components and avionics to flesh this out.
  8. RNG by itself isn't that bad but with ship parts your dealing with RNG stacked on top of RNG. The 3 houses should have set stats for their parts and the bonus being turned into a fusion process like the mods. They could even keep the randomized quality when looted with this change as you would just have luck give you a partially ranked version of the part but even if you were not lucky you can work on the item to improve it over time. Reactors also need to be changed for what they are a split between as currently one house is a no brainer due to the simple fact that you can make more flux in the mission but there is only 1 way to get more mod points.
  9. Most likely you have a room on the second floor that is required for a room on the first floor to exist(clan halls or alter needed for labs). You will need to dismantle the first floor room to clear the room you want to break down for deconstruction. Only other reason I can think of is a barracks being on the second floor which would require taking your clan down in size before dismantling.
  10. This really needs to be an option. Instead of having a ship docked by default the terminal you first put Cy into should be used to summon/dismiss the ship. Along with this allow the group to see what the guns are like so if someone has better they can say 'lets take mine' instead though this would require showing all the stats for parts instead of just the name due to the annoying RNG stats on everything.
  11. Sadly at this time you can't access the terminals for Intrinsics and ship modification if you don't have a ship. Hopefully that will be fixed once DE gets back from their holiday break in January.
  12. If your hanging on to 1 of each part while waiting for resources you will likely run out of room during the 4th mission. This is due to getting multiple Zekti parts off of the fighters filling up the capacity. With a skilled crew and decent ship, that can be done in under 30 min.
  13. Kuva guns don't go straight into your weapon slots. They go to the foundery where they wait to be claimed. It is also a problem if you are farming parts without returning to dry dock after every mission. The parts that people actually want are end of mission rewards so if their cap was hit during the multi mission run the chance to get a good part is lost. The 30 item cap isn't on repaired weapons but on wreckage that you may not have seen the roll on. Add to that many will keep keep 1 of each wreckage part that they are very slowly grinding the resources to build(thanks to crap drop rate for resources) while hoping for a better version to drop.
  14. I made a thread a few days ago suggesting the addition of resource drones to the railjack. There is unused space below the forge that drone ports could be fitted into and during the mission deployed to sweep the map for loot. To keep it from being free after building make them target-able by enemies so they need to be picked up and repaired with the omni from time to time.
  15. adding to the mentioned method. If you have gunner rank 4 the slingshot can lock onto a crew ship and auto pilot you into the hatch. one of the tactical ranks also lets you use the Omni while out of the ship to warp home from enemy ships or out in space.
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