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  1. watched stream,recieved no noggle. Meh. previous streams were fine. thats sad.
  2. Im surprised that nobody mentioned the real reason - she is boring.
  3. Playing Murex farm with 2 boosters and kavat feels fine. Already farmed like 400 instrikts which is alot for me. Im playing alot tho last 2 days.
  4. probably cause most people here are poor with low salary. Its not just about warframe, steam often gives us cheaper games and etc. We dont have “Europe” salaries to buy games for your prices. Like, how much games for 50$ will you buy, when you have 320$ from ur salary..=/
  5. heh,same. Looks like i have to play this weekend x)
  6. yeah. I dunno, im not like a smart guy who can easily find a solution and "stupid devs cant". Cause its obviously hard situation. Maybe we need some sort of brackets, like "if you are MR 10 or lower - you will be throwed into low lvl missions" and if you are MR 20+ - into high level hard variant of it. With a SLIGHTLY better rewards. With no way to change difficulty to a lower one. So, Low MR players will fight fair level of enemis for their 1000 credits, while 28 MR guys will fight their high level/scaling enemies for their like...1200 creits,dunno. Everyone will have challenge in event and devs will have opportunity to scale enemies better. 😞
  7. Ehm...but it was really hard for most players. Well,i went there with my Rubico prime and MR 27. Im not oneshotting even lvl 25 Eye. What abotu level 100 eye? yeee. And imagine low lvl players...with weaker (MUCH weaker) weapons...i saw them - they can do nothing. So they can farm nothing. How is this cool? and if you are not killing 17 stages in a row - you farm n othing. like 650 credits for 10 waves,lol...wtf is this? time waste. 5 waves? 250 credits? coool.
  8. so,i dont understand - will we recieve double credits for missions now or its one time deal for previous credits?:(
  9. Yeah,saw same stuff alot of times, thats why i stopped playing this mode. Ground rewards are 0 and space is bugged sometimes. meh
  10. we were 2/9 2 space 9 ground squads 😞 so maybe a bug...
  11. ok,w/e, 30 min of wasted time for nothing. Thx DE. 30 min... omg.
  12. Ok first code at 24 min. now 1/9 with no more 😞
  13. im here for 20 min...second time...no progress at all..why? and people are playing..on ground...its not small channel...
  14. public play? while they couldnt even add matchmaking for space part?? on earth it autojoins squad and in space u are alone
  15. stupid arguement. lol. If they add 99 useless passives to her this doesnt meant we should not complain. -___-
  16. want to know too 😞 whats the point?
  17. they should kill intermission like 3 month ago. Lol. not update it,END IT. -___- stop asking them to update it. Better ask to start new REAL season of nightwave
  18. Like,every time im trying go RJ - i crash. Alot of players in relay and from guild are crashing too, on Earth missions too. Thats...sad 😞 I played 2 missions on Earth with no problems and now crash every try on RJ mission. Im doing something wrong?
  19. so, they are hard nerfed? but why? Meh. No fun allowed again?
  20. QOL updates are the best imho. Better than new content. Thx alot for this :3
  21. damn,yes,i saw exact dates too,and now cant find them anywhere...strange.
  22. AND nice lie,cause now rank 3 arcane has 20% 600 so....its even weaker. cool stuff,DE. Yeah,like 1.5. But no. And i didnt checked other arcanes. Want to trick players,right? Act like you are buffing them but instead nerf some?hehmeh
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