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  1. well, this skin always using Blue energy color for its energy-parts. Fix this please 😞
  2. so,rrwards are “new S#&$ty useless mod sets”? DE realize that those mods are bad? most of people will ignore this mod cause of this bad rewards. WP
  3. why nerf desecrate? what a stupid decision. Sure,lets nerf peoples farm. Omg. bullS#&$.
  4. WHERE UPDATE!! we need something to do,no nighwave, no updates,nothing...
  5. what u are speaking about? where u saw they will add new NW season in 1-2 hours??
  6. oh. Meeeeeh. But this game had its own launcher no?
  7. well, if update wont be this week - i wil be burnt by waiting for this 2 weeks and will go play dauntless T_T hate such delays, they make me angry
  8. u dont want farm 1 nitatin for 100missions x5-6 min=almost for 10 hours?:O nah,that easy! /s
  9. make just a clicker script,like - open launcher - close after 1 hour - repeat cycle.
  10. I like every skill of Baruuk except his ult. His ult sucks so much, i really hate it. 1) it looks nice,sounds are nice too = u want use it,ok 2) It has super slow AS - even with 2(max) AS mods in it - still feels very slow and not fluid. 3) Its S#&$ vs grineers with heavy armor = why the hell is this a thing!? 4) u cant use it when u want, u have to always worry for how long u will be able to sustain it,when to stop it and when to reactive and blablalba... Thats why im not using him. But other parts of this frame are awesome. Sadly, without buff on his 4 - dont want to use him.
  11. Cause Tatsu is cute and anime weapon,so....its popular cause of this :C
  12. also no Kavat genetic codes alerts...which is like 50plat alerts. This sucks much more
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