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  1. Incoming 12 month Intermission,meh. Remember when intermission was a thing of 1-2 weeks? yeeee. And when series had like 5-6 weeks timer. And now we have half of year series, half of year intermissions...thats so sad.
  2. Ehm,no??? If fishing gives me orokin cells and it not mandatory - its NOT AN ISLAND, ITS LINKED TO WHOLE GAME VIA DROP, which is important for whole game! So, just add rewards which are useful OUTSIDE of this location and this will be fine! Good resources, weapons (NORMAL weapons, not like railjack where you drop weapons and resources for RAILJACK only - this IS the island)
  3. Dude, u are doing huge work for whole community,dont blame urself pls :3 thx alot.
  4. yeah, found it myself but anyway ty alot for answer. It seems im blind :'D also finaly beat this boss and yes sword is nice. A bit sad that aoe smash attack has 4 radious (when War or Gram has 8 on normal and 9 meters on heavy attack), but anyway. :3
  5. So much this. I would be happy (even with stupid boss fight) with Nora being dead cause of this quest....So tired of her -__- She is so annoying.
  6. How?? can you say please :( Im pressing 5 number in menu, go to place with clues and pressing statue again...then jump puzzle,alot of talk, and only then boss :(
  7. Worst boss fight ever. DE,thats impressive. Such a crap content finale
  8. Bullcrap. Plague zaws were placed cause they are vluable rewards. Snipetron - not. Its not "MR fodder rewards", you know.
  9. I like how at start they told like "Season will be around 5 weeks with a smal Intermissions (1-2 weeks) between them" and now we have sh*t like 5 month Intermissions and forever seasons...=) Nice, nice.
  10. You know what sucks - DE came to the point where nobody can be sure in their riven for next 3 month. i think we need at least something like "after ANY nerf to a dispo - same riven cant be nerfed again in next 18 months" or so. So they wont murder again and again same weapons for years. ANd people could have fun for like 1.5 year at least, after one nerf.
  11. Well, F to the game then, cause for alot of players there is not ALOT to do in late game...they farmed everything they wanted and now riven system is the only thing that left...but this system is a trap and a scam. ANd thats sad, dont defend it, we need ashame this and not defend it
  12. well....why im even coming to such threads every 3 month...to feel bad again and again? Love nerfing every time alot of hardgrinding stuff people have for years, in NON-competitive game. Jesus. They think this will make people play more, cause they need to do something about bad rivens now and obtain new "better weapon rivens"? no, lol. They will just login, check this, and then log out. Seriously, nobody likes when THEIR ITEMS suddenly become WORSE than they supposed to be. Im still waiting for a changes, when i could come to game and farm things which wont suck later.
  13. But why no timer to end of this event?o.o I want to know time gate for this..
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