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  1. Up^^ sadly, i dont have a decent orbiter, but always like to watch other people orbiters and dream that i will copy them one day 😄
  2. well,i sold like 20khora parts cause i never thought we will need them. So,its fair to recieve them back =//
  3. why waste 20 plat for NO reason? For example WHY waste 20 plat for a frame you WONT use (limbo) when we have limbo prime? so no, this is just old players scam. Literally. Same for khora parts, harrow parts, etc...they are very hard to farm and once we had frame - people selling their extra parts. And now we need freaking farm them again. Thats so stupid. Just cause of this this is a big NO update for me -.-
  4. not all people can have computer turned on at night 😃 cause noise isnt cool f or other family members. So.....keep ur advices 😃
  5. Imagine a world with timezones,where some people have stream at like 3 AM at night....so they need to choose - sleep or launch stream. Not so easy now? and stop this noob rant abotu F2P. Without "free" players this game would be dead in 1 week. Literally. Which means "free" players are ESSENTIAL for the game, which means they are important and its their job here. Also, alot of players wasted alot of money into this game. So, once again, go away with your " iTs FrEe gAmE!!111 Cant complaing!!(("
  7. vs grineers gauss is like immortal just with his shield ability. Also fast and immuned to cc
  8. even if they will answer fine it will be something like "all is fair, just wait ur 2 weeks, cant help you". From some reddit post
  9. Super dumb idea. Cause just 1 mod for each parametr is super low and this will kill joy on most frames, also most abilities will be pathetic without boosts, also alot of frames requires only 1-2 parametr - like gauss = and you limit them to use the only parameter they need. Also this kills all content (frames,mods,builds) people were collecting for years. Yeah, what a great idea, just dump all people time in one move 😄
  10. ty for contest, everyone did great, dont be upset if you didnt won 🙂 This doesnt mean that ur pet isnt cute :3
  11. neuros is rare part to drop, so its fine. try more, im sure soon you will have it
  12. Create second twitch acc now, link ur switch acc and at time watch from 2 accounts from 2 diferent browsers. done
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