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  1. do i really have to buy this mod?:( kinda lazy to farm 3k ducs....i doubt it will cost more than 600 plat anytime now ... right?
  2. Twitch prime =/= twitch drop. Everyone can free get twitch drop in afk mode. Twitch prime is payed option (dont tell me about 1 time free, everyone already used this years ago on amy other game or even on previous warframe items).
  3. a list what to do and with no rewards...i mean - first 30 levels were blocked for 1/3 cause dup items for players who played previous season. Then they added 60 prestige levels,where you recieve almost no NW tokens for a level. This is just crap. Worst imaginable Intermission ever. Just waste of time, no rewards, no reason, just dead content cause devs are lazy. I mean, they could make real rewards, but no.
  4. ehm,they could add any new reward to old Alerts reward pool and this would be fine. Old alerts were better than crap we are having rn.
  5. omg srsly. Intermission longer than actual season. Thats a lazy stuff. Yes, im pissed off. Give us back alerts if you cant update this system properly.
  6. once again - ty alot for updating this list.
  7. 20% with x10 is technicaly the same as 100% crit and x2. Which is super easy on things like gaze. Sooo....maybe people should stop fapping on “on so big number woooow this crit multy”.
  8. Thats nice, especially about items “hover About” thing
  9. btw why u wanted Bramma with rad? asking cause my lich has rad Bramma,and i thought i should change this to toxin later or fire...no?
  10. yeah,like i UPDated my message - i found this chain thing. Do we know chain % dmg? Cause,for example, chains on Gaze are kinda meh cause low dmg.
  11. Im using normal Nukor and Kuva has like what...22 dmg to 21 and 4.0 crit multy to 5.0? Ok,thats more dmg,yeah. But so what? UPD oh,i see now,it has some chain stuff. hmm. Now im interested in it :O
  12. Ehm,no, its fine o_O Saying this as Nukor user. Love such panic posts with no reason,lul. Catchmoon was OP cause no need to Aim, it hits ALL enemies at once, with hugest range and punchthrough. Nukor has no punchthrough, no OP range, u need to aim, hit 1 enemy at a time...yeeeah,op
  13. 1) whyy fixing “Whip weapons clipping into Wisp” 2) Kuva Nukor seems kinda meh upgrade. I mean Its lower dmg, but higher CD,ok. But who thought that “buffing” crit to 7% is good? this is just joke. Still zero crit chance without Harrow/cat/etc. meeeeh. 3) Still no fix for Titania Autofly forward???
  14. Ehm, how baseball theme fits space ninjas battles?O_O Baseball isnt even worldwide popular sport... No chance.
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