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  1. you have like 1-2-3k hours of future fun gameplay....damn im jelaous :D I wish i could forget this and start this game again, fresh :D
  2. will this event and event shop return? and how players later will farm this frame/weapon?
  3. sorry about weird sentences, im bad at english speaking :X but yeah, 1) i didnt know its just for the test purposes, than its fair reason 2) i agree, its offtopic. My mech feels kinda clunky with no bullet jump tho. But i guess i just need add some mods to it like jump mods
  4. The problem : SOME people like them, OTHER - like warframes. And this event dont give us a choice. It forces us to use variant only half players like. And other half - dislike. Thats NOT ok.
  5. wdym "attitude"? People in a game about WARFRAMES encounter big event with forced restriction on using WARFRAMES - how is ok.... i feel this guy. Hate stupid Necramechs and also Operators. Im in game for playing my cool Warframes, you know.
  6. fk. I hate both nekramechs and operators and now we need play just them -.- not happy with event, at all.
  7. 1) I hate epics overall 2) skins are SUPER dope 3) thats why im still grateful to epics cause they are the reason we have now this skins. Overall : awesome! thx.
  8. Dude, what a funny joke. Im not first day here, alright. And this is not my first stream. And not 100th. And I received drop from previous day but didnt get drop from next day - how is this MY problem with linking? with problems i would not get first drop day before. But sure, sure.
  9. I did not get the BP for full hour of stream. And no, i dont have linking problem. So...why just the receiver? you see that people didnt get BP also...=/
  10. Thats just for now. Check this like couple month later. Will be same. and its actually 100+ right now anyway
  11. Ok, so we failed to recieve Vandal reciever. And today failed to recieve Blueprint, which is around 120 plat price item. Which DE failed to deliver. But all they are speaking about "dont worry we will give you second chance to recieve the reciever on Tuesday". The thing is it COST 5 plat, while BP x25 times more!!! Can we focus on deliver missing BP drop please??
  12. Nice failed blueprint drop. The most expensive one btw. DE,srsly?? nobody neeed ur 5 plat reciever which we can buy. Give us our Blueprint which you failed to deliver today...
  13. Incoming 12 month Intermission,meh. Remember when intermission was a thing of 1-2 weeks? yeeee. And when series had like 5-6 weeks timer. And now we have half of year series, half of year intermissions...thats so sad.
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