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  1. Melanholic7

    A Cetus Wisp skin for Helios

    This can be insteresting. Anyway base skin is boring =/
  2. Melanholic7

    DE please change the broken war grind.

    yeah,this could be fair. I dont need BW myself,buy i agree that chances and amount of enemies are too low..=/
  3. Melanholic7

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    omg, im retarded. Well,at least i have people around to tell me about this when needed 😄 thx dude x) thats still strange,cause i thought for prime time there are no drops,but w/e, im still stupid x)
  4. Melanholic7

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    and so as twitch drop i get 3 vitus essence. ???? Where my stupid Booster?? I wake up at 03:00 at the night for the stream and got vitus essences?
  5. Melanholic7

    Warframe Prime Time #231: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    and what will be the drops? toroids?
  6. Melanholic7

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes in February!

    orly? and thats the REAL info we have - System Requirements Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 or AMD Athlon x64 4000+ (~2.2Ghz dual core CPU) yeah sure,my cpu (which is almost twice better - wasnt enought for warframe 3 years ago... Cool,cool.
  7. Melanholic7

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes in February!

    had old cpu and gpu. Bought decent gpu. Still game can be on 15 fps in some moments and some fights - not higer than 20fps. Meh. I thought 2 core 3.2ghz cpu is enought for good gampley, so gpu is main problem. Looks like no. :((
  8. well,ur room is super dark. Our is u are staying in shadows. Not cool either,but at least u can see frame) But idk how our leaders did this :C
  9. Melanholic7

    Baruuk Wasn't Designed for the Current State of the Game

    he is just useless. Any other frame will be better as pick for mission. =what the reason to even create this frame... If only at least his ulty was decent...but no
  10. but irl it looks like ur nice frame is covered in blurry plastic. And this looks much worse than normal “unshielded” frame. =/
  11. Melanholic7

    harrow rework?

    im just kinda sad that his surviveability point is shields, and they are kinda meh,cause armor isnt working with shields 😞 so its very low EHP =( so he is basicaly like 0 armor frame according to his ehp :O which is frustrating for me to have on high levels of threats... but im just a noob,so maybe its just my problems :)
  12. Melanholic7

    Baruuk farming - what's the point?

    toroids (=exp) are np for me , but this random parts of new resources,which u need to level up Vox level....boss drops them RANDOMLY which means if u are unlucky - u can run 10 times and get 0 of those items u need, dropping instead useless ones =/ so sad.
  13. Melanholic7

    I'm disgusted with the Orb vallis Corpus.

    "do NOT need a homing attack" Well,i laughed after realizing that boss has homing rockets which autoaims to frames which are #*!%ING INVISIBLE. "awesome" idea,meh... This fight is just painful,not hard. The only hard part is to motivate urself to do this boss run, cause i dont see reasons to do it. No,ty,i dont need pain from a gameplay for my own time. Lel
  14. Its so sad that their skills make their view look so Mesa - this strange plastic cover looks so bad =/ in game even worse than on screenshots. Colors are ...weak and overall view is not good. Sorry for bad english...
  15. Melanholic7

    archweapon / exalted weapon bug

    This is so sad and not cool...=/ Ruined couple runs for me yesterday