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  1. Well, his GPu has 512 memory only 😞 well, i mean, minimal requirements GPU has 256 memory 😄 im 100% sure it wont handle any WF mission. So this specs are really misleading (dunno why tho). well, i think there is no way he can play game with this GPU. fair.
  2. well, so they HAVE TO change minimal specs they are telling. Cause geforce 8600 has...256 mb video memory 😄 which is super bad, yeah. Im sure game wont handle any mission on 8600 card, dunno why DE mentioned it in minimal requirements
  3. all other heal/lifesteal/restore too. And make it optional in options, so everyone will be happy. ❤️
  4. so,minimal spec requirements misguide people?:(
  5. ios 7 (but i dont think this is a problem,im using it too). Well,maybe trying other OS may help o.o also fresh install and etc...ehh. still ty :)
  6. Hi guys. Have a friend, who wants to play warframe but he is saying that warframe lags awfuly on his PC,unplayeable by any means. I mean, WF minimal requirements are Geforce 8600 and he is having Geforce 9600 which is better,so WF should be playable on his PC on minimal settings? his other spec are Amd phenom II x2 555 3.20ghz 6gb RAM I mean, for my point of view - WF is very well optimized and light game, so i dunno whats the problem 😞 he can play games like Dragon Age 3: Inquisition which is (i think) more heavy, but cant warframe? Maybe we are missing something?
  7. oh shi 😄 ye, i meant 46 of course 😮
  8. i doubt slash is op, maybe other procs are weak. Even tho, im mr 36 and never used slash build. So, there are plenty of really strong things in game, and slash isnt the strongest one.
  9. Three additional purchasable Upgrade and Appearance configs, meaning you can expand it up to 6 total per Warframe and Weapon! фNO WAY , THIS IS BEST CHANGE EVER <3333 When!? we know date?? god, im so happy. 3 more fashion slots ❤️
  10. i thoughts there was a drop,no?:( recieved nothing tho (only now checked game)
  11. dont play wf for couple month. Play other games. Or dont play games at all. I mean, u have to pause playing WF sometimes. That just normal.
  12. A Tree is asking me for serious offers for his crap rivens (as he said himself). Hm. Maybe u mistaken in post name and we need call moderator to help you fix wrong info there?:O
  13. first of all : this game if sandbox of some sort, player is trying to entertain himself. Firstly i thought the same - “why I need any secondary weapon when i Have OP ignis? why i need any frame when i Have Rhino/Mesa/Inaros with ignis?”. its just interesting to use other weapons. With different shooting feelings and etc.
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