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  1. but...to be honest - umbra formas are overrated =/
  2. Ehm...before i treated selfdamage like nothing. Cause NORMAL Frame build means fat mods/defense mechanics. Like 90% dmg reductions or 2500 armor or alot of hp and etcetc. So, that damage was almost never lethal (maybe only on thing like Bramma, but then they nerfed it and also added reduced selfdamage mod, so....). So, selfdamage wasnt a problem. And selfstagger is. You now need to use mod (also locked behind huge grind for lower players and also using ALOT of energy in mod config which is freaking awful) SPECIFIC just for counter it. While before you built fatness just cause you was already doing this for surviving vs hard enemies. Selfstagger is much worse that damage.
  3. why freaking stagger is a thing at all....=/// for example: old staticor - miserable selfdamage, fun to use. Now: selfstagger every time. Tonkor, etc.... such a dumb mechanic.
  4. which was a surprise and a good one. Respect to DE for this move. I really dislike like 80% of this update, but their weekend work was nice, no jokes.
  5. Awesome new thing and we cant use it in public missions?? ehm...."cool". WHY?! FINALY. NOW REMOVE STUPID SELFSTAGGER FROM THE GAME AND WE ARE GOOD
  6. im forced have thing i DONT want cause i have to level throught like talent lvl 7 to reach lvl 8, where lvl 7 is "buff to Necramechs". Thats just not cool and stupid. So, if im not using Necramech - I essentially just wasted 1/10 of tree, for example. Thats not cool...
  7. yeah, i mean "forced" - via adding PERKS in talent trees for Necramechs...so for most people, not using them, those point will be a pure waste
  8. Necramechs sucks. Just saying, Clunky, Slow - they feels very bad. Dunno why you add them here -_-
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