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  1. this. Or at least make some sort of pity counter, like "no drops for 7 missions - next will drop guranteed" idk... =/
  2. I see. But why cant at least make new set of rewards? and not repeating all previous stuff as "rewards". They dont have energy for saydanas or armor sets either?=) sigh.
  3. I guess that its just about failed expectations) Without streams i did not expected 2 intermissions in a row ;( Well... at least they added something new, at 30 rank :x and lets hope this NW will be fast.
  4. also this guy invested in this game more money than in other b2p games. So how about not to talk this nonsence? And also if you dont know basics - time investment from f2p players is a resource too and is valuable for games. Next time before saying this try to rethink it.
  5. She is very bad at far running forward missions, like capture. Cause her skills are fkn manahungry and her 4 is useless, cause it rewinds you back. So....whe is useable only in missions like defence/interception/survival... And also she requires to smash buttons too much nonstop.
  6. I dont understand, after all stupidly long Intermissions now we have 2 Intermissions in a row?! DE became really lazy or what? I just dont understand....where are new story, new cool rewards? Im upset.
  7. GOD BLESS YOU DE. I literally was super upset about it and my day was mostly ruined and now im reading this. Thx alot. Now i can forgive you melee nerf :D
  8. awesome...small indie company =/ cmon.
  9. Nice, but Merulina is still useless and BAD piece of cake. It need HUGE buffs, really. It works so BAD on so many layers...Frame is cute, but its on Hydroid power level. And even Hydroid is useable cause his farming augment....
  10. Tho, why this thread is not closed? DE stuff already said that this was an experimental thing and they will revert it back next patch.
  11. Her merulina is freaking debuff. For example, you cant have Wisp buffs while you using her. Like wtf?? You also cant use items. Or have other dmg reduction - like adaptation. Jesus, this is skill makes her WORSE. I dunno who creat3d her, but this is alpha-test frame.
  12. wat?? With her i wouldnt need to make combos, do tricks, or do races. Lol. I will use it just as running-speedup-skill, thats all. And i like her other skills and model.
  13. Necramechs are like limited, boring, SLOW and clunky to control Warframes. With limited skills and guns. How this could be even remotely good? Awful idea from the start.
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