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  1. That's a huge wall of text, but focusing on the topic. Equinox prime imo looks fine, especially if you take in the fact that she is basically 3 primes in 1. 3 different models, with a 2 new weapon models, that's A LOT of 3D modeling. The prime accessories have always had a price point I never liked. 50 bucks is steep, a reduction in price would be nice. That and the quality of really just comes down to aesthetics. Some folk like detail while others like minimalism.
  2. Overpriced eggroll rivens, yeah those don't sell. I wouldn't say the riven market is dead, just a lot tougher than it used to be. You can still sell a riven, you just have to be fair and patient.
  3. She can nuke mobs of enemies with the right build. Even lower level enemies.
  4. The wolf is a legend, what do you expect?
  5. Are you trolling? Or just dense?
  6. So I'm loving the look of the critters in Fortuna. Could we have some of those critters as pets or possibly skins? What do y'all think, would you want something like this added into the game?
  7. So cap plat like standing, that's pretty unfair and cruel.
  8. I don't think your solution would fix much. Riven prices are usually determined by several factors. Weapon stats, weapon popularity, Disposition, etc, etc. There is 1 way rivens can get price cuts, and that's riven disposition nerfs. DE is tweaking riven disposition every 3 months now, this could affect riven prices. Just look at the arca plasmor.
  9. Well, that's the issue, 2 nekros seems overboard. One of you could've been a limbo or Frost. Y'all didn't come prepared. Not flexing btw but I can send you a pretty tanky nekros build, it may help.
  10. Yes, usually god rolls or hype week rivens tend to sell for that much.
  11. I don't agree with this, I think we should just see the pros and cons of the updates DE gives us. Strictly sticking to just criticism doesn't always yield the best results. Most of the criticism DE receives tends to be negative, at times even too harsh. There's a balance, if we as a community just *@##$ and moan about how DE can never get anything right. then that just spreads the negativity. We have to address the issues accordingly, as well as the improvements.
  12. Love that reference, one of the comments here talking about DE basically reskinning content and finishing development in a couple of weeks made me roll my eyes.
  13. You know who else doesn't give players what they want? EA, at least DE listens.
  14. Well it is a Ftp game, most of the community here comes off as entitled to more content. Unless you actually support DE by buying prime access then I don't think you are entitled to what YOU want. Spoiled is what we are.
  15. Idk why but for some reason wisp just reminded me of ghostfreak from the Ben 10 TV show. While hilda's crotch gun reminded me of that 1 scene from dusk til dawn. I'm calling her hilda the futa frame.
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