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  1. Selling a zhuge riven with cc, electric and negative ammo max for 600p. I'm also looking for a lacera riven with damage, range, attack speed and a negative.
  2. Maybe DE wanted something unique with this crossbow. Maybe they didn't have time to make the explosives an alternate fire due to tennocon. The weapon has a decreased ammo max with bolts that can potentially kill you, with a reload passive. All these factors force you to play a certain way. When using a crossbow you don't expect it to potentially kill you. For a launcher yeah it makes sense, but a crossbow?! An alternate fire would easily fix this.
  3. Is It supposed to have lower ammo max than the normal zhuge? Also I'd like to hear your opinion on the prime, is it better, worse?
  4. Probably not the best place to ask this, maybe general discussion would be a better place. Riven prices are all determined by a said riven's popularity and desired stats. For example the fulmin, it's a crit weapon with good stats and new. So if you were to get the desired stats that boost the crits then it makes it valuable. It all depends on the weapon.
  5. I think this can work for a operator sized Warframe. DE could revamp the operator rig and maybe apply it to a new warframe with roughly the same mesh size. Anything taller than what we have would just cause issues.
  6. No, warframe gives you enough free stuff. Its 1 thing to ask a freebie from a decent sized company like DE. It's a completely other matter for asking something free from independent 3D modelers. No freebies unless they get properly compensated.
  7. Cc CD dmg negative or toxin cd dmg negative, offering 500p for it.
  8. Also, it is a g roll, extra recoil doesn't affect it whatsoever.
  9. Well for 2k I'd want 3 positives and a negative. That and with the recent lanka disposition nerf the prices for lanka rivens may have sunk. I'd stick with 2k, if you get no biters cut your price bit by bit.
  10. Looking for a cc cd dmg, and negative tekko riven. That or dmg cd toxin, and negative tekko riven, offering 500p. If that fails I'm willing to buy a unrolled 1 for 15p.
  11. Saw 1 for 160p in trade chat today. 250p is possible but a bit much.
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