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  1. The problem isn't so much pushing release back as hyping a date and not being able to respect it .. they are quite bad at this
  2. I wish they don't but considering their track record with release date it might happen. Although this time they went and hyped (way too much if you ask me) the update and release every day multiple time a day so it would look quite bad.
  3. If we are talking about the Metric system yes it is all but 3 countries. If we are talking about the week from sunday to saturday it's only 3 countries actually although it has the states and Canada. Nobody really work that way because of the weekend concept but that's the accepted rule, especially if you work at the government level.
  4. Might not have been done on purpose as this information can be found incomplete on the net. I do hope that this does not go all the way to the weekend for the release as I am off tomorrow and friday. I work on 10 days shift and have very little time to play otherwise.
  5. You have omitted the rest of the information my friend.. on purpose or the information you found was lacking perhaps? "but in the US, Canada, and Japan it's counted as the second day of the week" While DE is Canadian it would work but yes I agree with you all that most likely they meant Sunday as the last day. Just hope they aren't so we get it sooner :p.
  6. Conrtrary to popular belief a week isn't from Monday to Sunday but from Sunday to Saturday so Sunday is actually next week. Saturday at 23:59 is the deadline
  7. So that would mean friday probably
  8. If you have been playing Warframe for a few years you know DE's very soon mean nothing. Nothing against them they are quite the good developer but they tend to be terrible with promised release date. They have never released an update at the time they said they would and big updates such as this are usually considerably late. I would just rather DE tell us the update is gonna come out when it's ready and not give us a date at all.
  9. considering they just released the website for Fortuna I'd say about a week from now.. them releasing in the first week of November was never going to happen
  10. There are bugs that would make the whole thing unworkable.. it might that they are fixing those and leaving the smaller ones for after release. I won't lie and say I ain't hoping for a release today or tomorrow but..nothing to do but be patient
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