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  1. How do you think thinks will ever change if people just "stop complaining"? Magic?
  2. Lmfao nice sreawman, I have never ever complained about the lack of endgame, when I'm bored with Warframe I play something else. Why give inputs to try to improve the game when you can just pretend everything is fine and strawman away anyone who critiques the game. RNG on top of RNG? That's fine, borderline predatory practices that EA or Activision would do? Stop complaining lol.
  3. “You know what this game needs? More RNG” said by no one ever. Literally no one asked for this, RNG isn’t endgame. People play Warframe precisely because it isn’t like other games. If players WANTED stuff like this they’d play Destiny, or Anthem.
  4. Was this intentional? How is this okay? With how absurd of a resource cost it is to repair those components, and you don’t even get a full refund if you scrap the inferior gear if you find one that’s better. Some players had feared that the random stats on the Kuva Weapons was just the beginning, and with this, it looks like they’re right, this seems like scary precedent for DE to take their game, and it looks really bad if this is the direction that they’re taking this game. I have really high hopes for this game, the devs, and the community, but this in combination with the 50 plat repair drones is a really bad look.
  5. Not really, it’s broken half the time even when you land in the spot.
  6. You see, that would be no problem if the Kuva weapons they carry weren’t mastery-tied.
  7. To quote that famous line from The Trailer Park Boys, to which our friends in the North DE should be more than familiar with, “I’m gonna pay you $100 to f*** off”. Please, for the love of the Void, let us do just that, I don’t care if I have to pay $1Mill Credits every time, I can’t keep going on wasting hours upon hours of my life just to get a Kuva weapon that I don’t have with 50%+ Bonus stats, only to keep getting 25%s, 27%s again and again, and having that dreadful Kuva Seer be the one thing that pops up as my every second or third lich for a long repeat now. The current system is NOT FUN, this is forced grind as a direct result of layers upon layers of RNG stacked atop one another, where the Kuva liches are essentially nothing more than glorified time consuming slot machines that you can only play once every four or so hours of gameplay. There are a lot of good in the Kiva Lich system, but something NEEDS to be changed and fast.
  8. Like, why? If there is one common thread with all the youtubers talking about the recent Railjack contents, it's that they all complained that there's no way to rush the research with platinum. People are more than willing to buy platinum to skip clan research time, so why has DE just decided to not make this an option and in the same vein, miss out on all this profit?
  9. Please, that or let us better plan our dojo rooms for assigning them to be destroyed or not. Right now my dojo doesn’t have that much room left for expansion, and what with a huge dojo related room coming, it would make sense for them to up the room limits.
  10. Seeing as it's all but confirmed(if it isn't already confirmed), what do you guys think? What should be up next for the Kuva Lich-like Nemesis system? And what should they be called? How would you explain for lore the Corpus or Infested Nemesis systems? Any twists and ideas?
  11. I really don’t like the idea of trading converted Liches, are they supposed to be friends and allies, or slaves? People on the subreddit has compared it to contracting your slave off to be hunted. I don’t like that at all, and I’m sitting on a few converted Liches with decent weapon rolls.
  12. Yeah, but it doesn’t solve the issue with encountering a Lich with the same weapon, fusing two Kuva weapons should provide a bonus to the stats, not just a transfer. It’s a good start, don’t get me wrong. And also, all the players in the squad earning murmur progress when a squad mate attempts on a lich was a good change, why did you guys remove it? The old changes was good, it encouraged squadmates to help you take down your Lich, now there is no incentives for them to help you.
  13. I still don’t like the RNG aspect for the Lich Weapon bonuses, being able to merge lower tier weapons with the higher tier is a good start, but it doesn’t solve the issue. There is already way too much RNG, merging two weapons should at least give a bonus to the stats. A better solution would be to get rid of the RNG bonus altogether, and make the weapon bonus scale with the forma put in, players will still have incentive to farm more of the same weapon but with different elemental stats. Lastly, are there any future plans for the converted Liches? Because right now, it feels somewhat lacking.
  14. Doesn’t Paracesis already have a system where it has a bonus dmg against Sentients that scales with the forma that you put in it? It would make sense if the Kuva weapons can have something similar with their bonus stat %.
  15. I am talking about the % of bonus that you get, that part is completely random.
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