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  1. I use 'RJS - [name]', stands for Railjack Sigma, as Cephalon Cy has said upon building it. " "Railjack. Sigma Series. Top-of-the-line. Crew. Four-thousand-eight-hundred-and-ninety confirmed kills."
  2. Hi! I want to ask, can I purchase another copy of Nihil's Oubliette if I donate my original to the Dojo? I own a personal Dojo and would like to have Nihil on there as well but I don't want to lose him on the ship.
  3. This is a specific request, but I want to see the Excalibur Prime statue seen in Derelict Vaults be placable. I mentioned it earlier, but I'd love to be able to have placable ships as decors, so I can have garages, museums, and put them in the open space rooms. Ship assets like Grineer Railjack ships and Corpus ships would be perfect for that. I'd love to be able to have Coildrives, Dargyn, and other vehicles as decors for my dojo as well, would really liven up the place.
  4. Can we get decors from the new generation of Corpus assets? Those statues, holograms, flowing water would look amazing in dojos. I’d also love to see vehicles in dojos, like ships, trucks, carts for display.
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