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  1. I missed this edit.... Polarise isn't instant at all, crush is only 50% slower than it, polarise being 1 second cast time and crush being 1.5 seconds. Natural talent would mean you'd have the most insane fast shield restore + cc + damage at the same time.
  2. Mag can do anything after these changes; she's no longer stuck as a one trick corpus death machine. Definitely nowhere near "wrong tool for the job" anymore.
  3. So what if your enemies don't have shields? You're just gonna run around with a useless polarise augment?
  4. ...Mag is much better now than before the update, the shield gain from crush is extremely good because it scales with enemies hit; the new augment also stops anything from shooting at you while using crush. Also crush is pretty fast even without natural talent. There's simply no reason for shield transference to exist anymore, crush + the new polarise augment give mag insane CC and survivability.
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