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  1. Why did you quote me? That's literally what I said. It's a nerf regardless because you are now forced to use spores first otherwise miasma damage is crippled, and spores has a lower damage cap as well...which is was I already said; dunno why you want me to repeat myself.
  2. I don't understand the Saryn changes... Did you just nerf her? So the synergy didn't work and your way of fixing it is to lower her overall damage? If miasma did 1000 damage before, it would've been 2000 with the 2x modifier. However now the same miasma will do 500 damage, and 2000 with the 4x modifier. So essentially you are forcing players to use the synergy otherwise her damage output is crippled. On top of that you lower the spore damage cap? I don't understand, someone please tell me how this is better/fixed.
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