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    Rick and Morty Warframe Cosplay
  2. Hey All! We are back again with another installment of the Warframe Guest Blog series. This time, French Warframe Partner VVhite Angel has shared his thoughts about expanding your variety of play and straying from the coveted "meta." https://www.warframe.com/news/the-metabusters-knowledge-is-freedom Please check out this blog entry and let us know what your favorite "non-meta" build to run in Warframe is! I'll go first: I love running Nova with maxed duration and an Amprex. I make sure I get as many enemies covered by Molecular Prime as possible and then I start a glorious electrified chain reaction shooting through helpless enemies. Sparks fly! Look forward to hearing your thoughts! Remember to use the link above to check out VVhite Angel's content, especially if you are a French-speaking Tenno! Thanks Tenno!
  3. How is this not praised?!!? (Concept by Adam Burn)

    yeah its pretty cool EDIT: Just followed this artist on ArtStation, thanks for sharing @Gizun! <3
  4. Ember and Banshee nerfs

    Hey all, I think everyone involved in this thread knew it was time to wrap things up. Please remember in the future that it usually best to just disengage from cyclical arguments, or cases when you feel that reconciling a difference of information is not achievable. Thanks!
  5. [DE]Aidan's Norg Appreciation Thread

    This is truly beautiful.
  6. [DE]Aidan's Norg Appreciation Thread

    :'( NO!!!!
  7. [DE]Aidan's Norg Appreciation Thread

    Hey Tenno! Just wanted to share my appreciation for this beautiful creature, king in my heart and king in the lakes and rivers of the Plains of Eidolon. Gaze upon Lord Norg and despair. If you have other images of this beautiful fish, please share in this thread! [DE]Aidan
  8. Kronen Replica Build

    This is looking awesome so far :)
  9. WTB Artist wanted for Clan Emblem

    Hey @-Fe-McHamm3rShot, Just popping in to let you know that DE and the support team are not able to enforce any trade that exchanges in game items for out of gamer services. Please proceed at your own risk :) Thank you!
  10. Excalibur drawing

    Wow this looks great! I really love the choice to use a dark background to make the sword-boy really pop! Great work Tenno!
  11. [Ghouls] RNG lore is NOT acceptable!

    Hey all, I see that I may have caused a bit of confusion here when I said we have "asked" for a revision in the drop tables. As many people have already correctly interpreted, what that means is that my job, and the job of the community department generally, is to act as a bridge between the community at large and the actual developers (to say the people with the technical skills to make Warframe). What this means is that every change or proposed change is actually a conversation, it is not up to the Community team to dictate orders for what needs to be changed, it is dialectic. Digital Extremes is a large company and Warframe has a huge player-base, as you are all likely aware, and this means that positions such as mine are an essential STEP in the development process, they do not override the combined hundreds of years of experience of our development team. With that said, I mean what I said initially, we are constantly in the practice of revision and community feedback is always considered, so long as it is reasonable, thoughtful, and respectful. I hope that clears up some of the confusion.
  12. [Ghouls] RNG lore is NOT acceptable!

    Hey there, As I said, we have asked for a revision of the drop tables and will do our best to keep you all updated about upcoming changes to the system. I would just like to remind you that we obviously value community feedback, but prefer when it is worded thoughtfully, this includes tone as well. :)
  13. [Ghouls] RNG lore is NOT acceptable!

    Hey all, Popping back in here to just make a few notes. Firstly, the return of the Ghouls on the Plains is a good sign for us. It helps us know that our systemic implementation of this type of recurring feature works and that it is one less thing for us to worry about in the future. As we continue to ramp up development again after our holiday break, this is something we are going to keep looking into. As for the returning complaints over the Ghoul related lore journal fragments, we have read your issues, particularly with the infrequency of drops and the overall time spent trying to collect them all, and have requested another revision of the drop tables to hopefully address these issues. Thanks!
  14. What if I hate FashionFrame

    Well All, I think it is safe to say that this dicussion has reached its natural conclusion. As I said in my previous post, just respect the decisions of others, especially when they do not affect you in any way whatsoever. Along with that, make an effort to be informed about what Warframe has to offer. You might discover you're more interested in something than before just because you found out a little bit more about it. Regardless, I am going to lock this thread up. Please feel free to review the community guidelines for respectability here. https://forums.warframe.com/guidelines/ Thanks!
  15. What if I hate FashionFrame

    Hey all, Just letting you know I have made a quick edit to @ClownCommander's original post to remove a particularly offensive bit of rhetoric. I would also then like to take this opportunity to solidify the thinking that many other users in this thread have put forward. Warframe is vast and deep, possessing a level of variety only really matched by the variety found among its players. What this means is that the experiences we hope to get from the game all differ. If you don't particularly enjoy customizing the aesthetics of your frames and companions, that is fine, just don't try to sully anyone else's enjoyment. The same goes for literally any play-style. Play the way you want, and respect those who differ. After all, we are all Tenno! [DE]Aidan