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  1. Cannot copy any text entered into a reply window too clipboard, only once it has been submitted. I was doing a bug report and was going to use the same description on the support site but was unable to do it easily due to this
  2. Simply this is the Current Solar map in forum form. When making changes like this run a beta test of it ahead of time to get feedback first. Right hand wasted space with links vets will never use No comment section in right hand bar we could quickly see a hot topic Reply box that makes your posts looking like they are double line spaced edit: meh it is actually using double line spacing No reply preview option and the list goes on
  3. is this to fix the missing login rewards for the past 2 days?
  4. 0Pinger

    Hotfix 18.0.5 [Spoilers]

    They did fix it but the bug of not showing all available extractors is still there
  5. 0Pinger

    Official 17.5 Deployment Status Thread!

    fyi Rebecca can you do the time line updates down wards, doesn't scan correctly going up[Canadian thing?]
  6. There better be an on/off option. Did anyone think about the performance impact that hundreds of names that will saturate the average players screen? Loot drops are bad enough now to see what is where, but adding name labels on top is going to be a bad performance hit. So seeing as you have an extra hour this week with no Dev stream, an on/off option will be required.
  7. 0Pinger

    Connection Issues (Chat, Game Launcher And Server) [Megathread]

    Time to go over the server host's contract DE. If this is not a DDos, you need to start pushing for better service.
  8. Its a manually triggered alert after the stream, but they might though unlikely. I need a few reactors myself and was hoping for one
  9. 0Pinger

    Coming Soon: Archwing Advances...

    The one reason I avoid corpus AW is the melee triggered deaths, if this is the Big new feature that better be fixed. If not melee anything near a wall or in a tight tunnel and good chance you die as you are thrown into the wall
  10. 0Pinger

    Coming Soon: A Great Beast Looms...

    Bit of deja vu, just watched Tremors 5. This boss fight surely cant be any worse than that film
  11. 0Pinger

    Alarms Reset, They Did Not Suspect A Thing ~Lotus

    Its a broken mechanic as it is, its needs rebuilt from ground up. Fire hazard, when Grineer walks over it, they go alert and raise the alarm Phobos skates, when they attack the Grineer they again go alert and raise the alarm. Stealth and alarms are the squeaking wheel they are ignoring currently, so chaging how it works won't happen any time soon, as they haven't even fixed the base mechanic in a year.
  12. 0Pinger

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    Grineer tile where an infested fell into the ground #429276 for meta data
  13. 0Pinger

    What Is Up With Ballistas?

    Their damage is about where it should be for a sniper. Just think of our snipers in comparison that can one shot kill bosses. e.g. my Opticor can one shot Mutalist Alad V. So look at it like, we are the bosses to them so shouldn't they have similar fire power against us.
  14. 0Pinger

    Connection Issues (Chat, Game Launcher And Server) [Megathread]

    Server's down 6:30PM BST
  15. 0Pinger

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    medallion is inside a locker object #420073 for screenshot