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  1. Aikatears

    I'm just sayin

    Can we have it in game as well.
  2. Aikatears

    New Updates Since The Sacrifice?

    You forgot railjack...own personal crew ship.
  3. Aikatears

    Stalker mode ideas

    Read this thread a dev has confirm how the mode will work as told by a mod I think.
  4. Well seeing those posts by letter13 has put my worry to rest. Hoping for mode for those who want to work out for you all, I just be over here waiting for my railjack.
  5. Aikatears


    I hope it's not too bad for solo or small clan to do. Can't wait to build it and start working on my ship.
  6. If that how its will be opt out then boss fights are done. If it's a switch or an option that would be better.
  7. Aikatears

    Care for a game of Komi to pass the time?

    I like this idea. Adding it to the mini game list would be nice, maybe have it that you can invite someone and play that way?
  8. Aikatears

    TennoBaum WishList repository

    Ah cool! Well I can say that I am hoping that I do my family proud due to so many deaths we had in the family for a few years now but trying to do things and live for them. As for my wishlist: extreme dream want mesa prime...realistic list decor or forma ☺️
  9. I do play on playing and putting my PC stuff on the switch. But first need to unlock a few things.
  10. Aikatears

    Tennobaum gifting center

    Decorations would be great! With the new room coming and stuff