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  1. PvP dosen't work in Warframe, conclave should be re worked, they can make it more playable for new and old people in this game. There is so much rewards to get but it's really hard to make points in order to get it, and it would be great if they add an extra % with concalve sigils like in the other syndicates to make more easyer to get more point. I don't know exaclty how to re work, I think in missions with certain enemy level and maybe more difficult as you rank up or similar. I don't think it would be good to combiend with steel path beacause it's hard mode so new people and non-prepear tennos would be avaible to play. But DE has to do somthing with Conclave. Please I don't have so much idead of what should be done, just an random idea, after all they decide what's gonna be or not.
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