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  1. I'm not sure what, if anything, is in the works for Trinity's future, I haven't heard any discussions about her recently. While her abilities (mostly) work, they still feel very dated and clunky, and I do strongly believe she needs a revision eventually. I had a suggestion for her kit, for each power. 1: Well of Life. The absolute useless ability by any means. No matter what way you slice it, this ability needs to be redone or replaced in the future. I suggest the ability hold the targeted enemy in stasis as it does now, except it channels an AOE regen effect to those around it by draining the enemy health. I know you're thinking, hey that's just what Garuda does! Well Trinity was here first, dammit, and I really think that's something that she should have instead. 2: Energy vampire. The biggest outlier on her kit. One thing that bothered me is that this skill is the deciding factor for Trinity builds: either you build for maximum duration, or you build for minimum duration, and I don't like how EV is penalized for more duration. My suggestion: Energy Vampire extracts a stationary ball of energy from the target, inflicting damage and knockdown. This ball then becomes the source of energy pulses for nearby allies. It pulses energy at set intervals, over the ability's duration; therefore, it benefits from ability duration, as there will be more energy pulses over the orb's lifespan (rather than having a static amount of pulse intervals spaced over the ability's duration). For the impatient, the ability key can be held down to extinguish the existing orb to give off the remaining energy that would be dispensed by the orb, up to a limit of 3x the pulse value. Trinity can also touch the orb to "collect" it and have it float above her to become a mobile energy dispenser for the duration. EV should also be castable on bosses like the Eidolons. 3: Link. I think this works fairly well as is, it could possibly use some synergies to it. 4: Blessing. Again, I think this works well enough as it is. This ability has gone through several revisions on its own in the past. Possible idea: While under blessing, allies can be resurrected 2x as quickly. Synergies: Well of Life can be cast on the Energy Vampire orb. If Energy Vampire is cast on an enemy under the influence of Well of Life, it will "extract" the WoL cast onto the EV orb. Link will link up with a nearby Energy Vampire orb. Any damage redirected to the orb is instantly converted to energy for allies within its radius.
  2. I'm not sure if it's an intended feature or not, but the active area of magus repair will restore health to downed allies and cause them to revive. This only occurs with ally players (warframes) and not pets or escorts. Listing it as a bug though. This is a nice feature and I hope you leave it in though. If there was ever a bug report to ignore, it would be this one.
  3. I noticed that with the melee update, sometimes whenever you pick up an object (data mass, kuva catalyst etc.) switching between gun and melee will sometimes cause the object to drop out of your hands, as if you had switched weapons in the previous versions. It seems to happen if you pick up an object with your melee weapon out, then doing something as simple as aim-gliding will cause you to drop the object, and have to pick it up again. However, if I pick up an object with my gun out, I can switch between melee and my secondary without dropping it.
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