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  1. Great now things are boring again
  2. Yeah I'm kinda with most of the folks, wondering why DE keeps removing armor reduction as a strategy for fighting big bosses. To me, that basically acknowledges that armor, despite damage 2.0's changes, is still busted and the most annoying source of enemy resilience. I'm always running Corrosive Projection as my aura mod because dealing with astronomically high armor values is such a struggle. Instead of penalizing armor-reduction for being so widely used, the armor system itself is what needs to be changed. Maybe then people will run aura mods other than CP 100% of the time. Shattering impact is such a strange, weirdly-worded and poorly explained mod. And yet, after the community figures out how it exactly works, and finds uses for this lesser-known mod, it gets shut down right away. What's the point?
  3. While I may not agree with all the changes, you guys are the boss and have access to all the data and stuff. I do feel that these disposition changes need to happen a lot more often than they already do (this is the first major polish since their release isn't it?) And I feel that some changes needed to be more drastic, rather than being restricted to 0.2 points or less. But In the future, if you can deliver these tweaks to us more often, I think that would vastly help balance in the game. We should have small tweaks, but with less time in between them.
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