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  1. Sure thing, dude, right after scaling rewards. :P
  2. Limbo is great for SP imo, stick a rolling guard on him and you're set. Def., M. Def., Capture, Rescue, Interception very easy to do with Limbo. And yes, he's doing just fine against Corpus too, just use banish instead of cata, although I'd suggest Khora for Corpus instead.
  3. Well, pubs have a tendency to disband a group after a mission, that's why I asked. Check your RAM sticks, I'd say. Mind you, I'm by no means an expert in this, just had similar problem with group disbanding on extract when one of mine got scuffed.
  4. Just to make sure, you're talking about a party with people you know / found in recruit, not just pubs, right?
  5. Well then since you already have 2 other sources of viral, I'd say corrosive and / or heat would be better, although, Rad might also be an option to boost slash procs against heavies (if it still works off of inflicted damage).
  6. Depends on a weapon, the build you're going for and enemies you're fighting. There's never going to be a single right answer for every situation.
  7. Depends on a weapon, bonus % and element, ephemera and the price you're asking. Warframe.market has an auction for liches, but just like with rivens, it's a guesswork. It was easy when sisters / liches just rolled out, but by this point a big chunk of players who have access to the system already got most of the things they wanted from it, so don't expect fast sales, I'd say. Although, ephemeras should still be relatively easy to sell regardless of all other stuff.
  8. You can infuse one ability on as many frames as you like, if that's what you're talking about.
  9. Newbs complain that they can't kill liches, this should discourage them from trying until they have at least some half decent gear.
  10. Use unmodded Scourge, it's secondary attack creates magnetized bubbles on enemies' heads. Then use any pistol and shoot above enemies, ez.
  11. Can't believe nobody made Tau + Caliban joke yet... I am very disappoint.
  12. And chances are, somebody bought one of those rivens. ^_^
  13. I mean, all them "consigned" pets do go somewhere...
  14. Lots of people did, yes, servers died pretty quickly, so if you didn't enter a relay at the very start you'd just spawn an empty instance of a regular relay, not tennocon one. Nevermind, just noticed the today bit, dunno about that, stuff above's about tennocon.
  15. It is indeed very annoying when you want to get more essence, although, arcanes are already cheap as dirt.
  16. On low levels you can just plow through infested, so this isn't a problem, on high levels you should already know how to deal with them, same with Arby drones, same with nullies. There's also energy pads, they're in the game for a reason.
  17. Yep, higher level Ophix is near impossible solo, it's been like this since they were added.
  18. Tbh, I don't really care if a mission takes 2 or 3 minutes, it's not some huge loss for me. On the other hand, when mobile defence turns exterminate, that's a welcome surprise. ^_^
  19. I've made a solo clan when I was mr5, I'm L1 now, still in this clan, so yeah, it's very much a viable option. If you just want BPs and RJ access, though, might wanna think about joining one of the dead clans to avoid all the farming.
  20. This stuff prevents account boosting and selling off said accounts, so I very much doubt it'll get changed anytime soon.
  21. It did back in the day. Game got updated, MR test didn't.
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