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  1. 7 minutes ago, Radiofloyd said:

    I don't know what you're talking about? Railjack received at least 10 patches after the holidays... The content was not added, because there were bugs to fix... You can't add more content (and possibly more bugs) on top of a fundamentally broken foundation... They still did, and I do think that was misguided, but they did at least try to "fix their S#&$" before releasing content on it...

    They added more to Empyrean? where? Fix the bugs is conceivable, but we’re in the end of March if you didn’t notice, and it was released in mid December, after two years of development and one year of content drought, I’ve still to see the things they showcased in the previous two Tennocons.





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  2. I came back to play a bit in December when Railjack came out, when it was promised by DE it was not a content island, turns out in two years of development they released a demo with 3 missions spammed all over 3 planets, also totally disjointed from the core gameplay . So I expected them to push further in January, when I saw no update was coming I got the drill and got away, they expected players to play that ad nauseam for months. Cherry on top was the shameless “support Empyrean for 30 bucks” pack.  glad to see the regular playerbase is waking up 

  3. On 2020-03-26 at 5:08 AM, 844448 said:

    What do you see as fun? Zero grind with rewards served to you on a silver plate? One run and you get everything? What is it?

    From one extreme to the other, a man who only sees the extremes and nothing in between, the extreme-man joins the thread


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  4. 45 minutes ago, TheGodofWiFi said:

    Do you really want to open up that can of worms? Okay.

    Baruuk's abilities (along many others) actually require zero actual skill. I mean you press 1 and then you simply put the controller down and stop playing the game while his restraint erodes away passively. Where on earth is the skill in that. It's literally flipping a switch, which even a monkey can do.

    Hypothetically making it a passive ability simply just removes the need to flip the switch. No skill lost or gained whatsoever.


  5. What's there to touch anyway? in two years of development they released a demo rather than an expansion. The game mode consists of three objectives, which are bad copies of old ones (kill the captain, sabotage this, exterminate that) and are so boring and unfun that even if you google "railjack objectives" nobody talks about them, they are registered more as timewasters than the actual point of the match, no wonder.

    I had hopes they'd push for more content in January, but nope, seeing the RNG and the material costs it was clear they expected users to play that diluted soup for months. Anyone with a sound head already got the drill and moved on

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  6. We need a button to push to wipe everything off the map, also one that teleports you directly from mission start to extraction point for istant gratification, and roll that juicy 0,0001% rewards that I don’t know what to do with anyway because I ll spend most of my time on dressing the dolls as usual. My power fantasy

  7. 17 minutes ago, (PS4)Apoleon_amarr said:

    Nah dont worry, when the other 90% of railjack gets released everything else will be back to normal, heck, even i have started thinking about playing other games can you believe it? I play warframe from 4 to 17 hours a day 

    Edit: and im a degenerate, functional members of society only log in to do the daily sortie and leave till next day

    My friend, let me talk to you as a human being to another human being, do you really believe that there is a 90% more to that and is already done and ready to go? because after 2 years of teasing railjack, 1 year of content drought, resulting in three wacky missions (kill captain, steal the crewship, destroy the cores) + another paracesis teaser (swap paracesis for shedu) released in december, I don't think so.

    I'm convinced It's all they have done so far and they seriously expect that people bite into that and repeat ad nauseum the little they have released for months. And the fact that they added absurd drop chances + RNG stats to ship equipment it sounds like a confirmation

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  8. Nuker frames like Saryn,Volt,Equinox and AOE weapons as primary/secondary, they have no negative sides than to single target ones
    as for elementals is Slash+Viral/Heat most of the times with some exceptions.

    two pages of inflated know-all for an easy two sentences information

    19 hours ago, 8faiNt said:

    oh jez someone is so obsessed with what I say, following me and haha'ing all of my replies. lol. nice. too bad the person has nothing to say though

    boohoo someone doesn't agree with me so he must be a troll, grow up

  9. 7 minutes ago, (PS4)Kamil-the-KamiKa said:

    you get to build railjack parts. So far it seems to only serve the role of having the player base something grindy to do until they release a new update which basically means the update is just a huge wall for us to build with no way of getting past it until phase 2 comes out.


    7 minutes ago, Colyeses said:

    It basically deployed the preparatory work for Railjack. Now you can start construction of the Railjack so that when the content launches in full, you can take off much faster.


    Is this a forum joke?

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