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  1. Yeah it appears the reason i wasn't getting it because the mission needed minimum level 30 enemies not just have level 30s like it implies.
  2. I wish it was just stealth kills. I'd take 1000 over the current challenge.
  3. Really? Stealth? Keep challenges to something that's not a mess please.
  4. The 10 rare captures has so far been the worst experience I've had in any game.
  5. Ah yes trying to dismiss an argument by saying someone is a troll goo one.
  6. Ah i see should be more then enough then.
  7. And saying June isn't a release date then?
  8. That's like 3 mods or 3/4 weapons worth tho.
  9. And you're not above me so you don't get to tell me how to act.
  10. they didn't 'this week' isn't a release date.
  11. Know what based on how all of you are acting the whole update should be canned and skipped.
  12. There was only one major update that came out on a wednesday They usually roll them on thursdays and fridays.
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