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  1. SP will 100% be dead within 3 months once everyone is done farming, most of SP will still be dead because none in their right mind wants to paly SP disruption and the like when you could just farm essence on endless. It also wont address the fact that objectively, SP is less desirable in 90% of cases compared to regular missions in terms of rewards.
  2. I'm sorry but gun stats matter, half of them are worthless and unsalvageable, even with a riven, I think this will just make the best performing guns perform even higher while leaving into the dirt 70% them. Edit: Most of the low end weapons wont even be able to proc the mod effects in the fist place because they do not have enough power to kill enemies period at that level, so the only good weapons to get the effect started will be snipers and the top few guns who where already SP viable, the rest will be virtually unaffected because we can't even get them started.
  3. While I understand your concern, a good half of all ranged weapons are straight up unsalvageable even with a godlroll riven at maximum disposition, so in my opinion, it has less to do with the melee rebalance and more with what stats are acceptable for a weapon ( a lot of older weapons are basically due for a stat bump). As long as blood rush, condition overload and the like will exist, even the worst melee weapon will still be leagues better than most ranged ones so I wouldn't worry too much.
  4. Hello, I jumped back into the game a month ago and while I'm having a blast in the open worlds and with most of the new content in general, in regular missions, I feel like empty nodes where I will not find any teammates are appearing way more often than I was used to, across all content but more so in certain cases detailed below. To give some context, my internet connection is not bad or limited and I tend to play public most of the time, so I would not expect this perception to be the fruit of a user error. I am beginning to suspect that between all available mission nodes, we are seeing a dilution of the player base (the figure I managed to find on the Wiki is 466 nodes currently contributing to mastery https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank#Mastery_Points) which are now: -The regular star chart -The three open worlds (with each bounties and free roam acting as a de facto group of mission nodes) -The railjack start chart -The steel path star chart -The leaches infested nodes I am thinking about the steel path in particular because I tend to find it consistently deserted past Earth and some of the same could be said for the leaches controlled nodes. I would like to hear the opinion of other players on the matter and what their experience is.
  5. Theme and plot can be used interchangeably in that case because my point was that your where either bad or dishonest when describing it. You still have not given me a name for that elusive "pole dancer", so I'm going to assume you pulled that one from your rear end. Those animations are secondary details anyway, aka not their one defining trait, this is the problem with Yareli, her whole design is literally centered around being a moe anime idol , which is the core of the problem. Warframes should stick with forces of nature or myth/ tropes as their base, basing a frame around moe dilutes the identity of the game, its not the apocalypse, its not the end of the game, its a step in the wrong direction as we move yet again away from the space ninja/ dark space opera and more into space battle shounen online. That being said, "arguing" with you is sterile anyway as you apparently cannot discuss anything seriously because all you care about is irony, sarcasm and all the other irrelevant stuff that will never make for a cohesive story/lore.
  6. Sure, and Start Wars VI is about a happy trip to the teddy bear planet, I too can try to make unfunny inaccurate summaries of the plot. Are you referring to mirage's gymnastics from her agile animation ? Well yeah trying to aggressively display your lack of taste tends to have that effect
  7. I don't want to sound offensive but your name and avatar are precisely what I don't want this game to be, there are billions of anime games out there, in all forms and genres, and I'm part of the consumer base for those, but it simply DOES NOT matches Warframe's theme, Titania has a thematic reason to be graceful, but a water based magical girl with anime and idol poses ? its does not match the theme, its a direct reference to contemporary pop culture that IMO should not be part of the core game. I can understand event items and Easter eggs for fun but for that aesthetic to be pushed directly into what I consider core game/lore is not something I welcome.
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