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  1. WTB Vermisplicer Riven 1000p or more

    Looking for:



    +Critical Chance


    -Ammo Maximum

    -Magazine Capacity

    -Projectile Speed

    -Reload Speed




    PM In-Game chat
    Discord chat Husarius#8351
    also add me in game as friend with your message and/or note
    I'm usually online from 10am to 10pm CET

  2. Adding new player to friends list and Profile check results - Failed to connect the server

    I have few person which arent online, after checking them Game Profile by right click on thier nick name show up info spat:  Failed to connect the server.

    This is serve side bug form few years ago or they are banned?  Sombody occur similar problem and have answer?

    I wanna trade with them but they arent online, 6 persons has this issue.

  3. After Windows 10 Pro Update I wont able to login in to Warframe. Its client side problem and other application work fine. Problem wont solved even after switching to Direct 10, same result as mention above.

    Aparently its  DirectX problem becouse I cant launch whole game after log in to game.
    Game itself shutdown without warframe bug report splat.

    Verify, optimazing and all options build in client launcher dosent work.

    All happen on steam version. On second computer with Windows 10 non steam version client work like bug never be a thing.


    Razer synapse V3 was a problem. Redownload Warframe and Razer Synapse solve issues with this.

  4. 1 minute ago, ZlzeoznZ said:


    First of all is it called Battle Stations or Battle Forge ? Because I have like 7-8 of the Battle Forge.
    Second. May I ask if Elite Kosma Taktis won't spawn on any nodes how can people know it is a thing ? or what does it drops and how can they scan it to know what does it drops if it's not spawning in any mission ?.

    Battle Stations is diffrent drop from Battle Forge, official drop table from DE as source. Second its not place to disscus this here.

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  5. There is problem with Battle or Tactical Avionic: Battle Stations.
    Many people report to me, this avionic cant be droped becouse  Elite Kosma Taktis wont spawn in any mission.
    I tryied also buying this avionic for whole day and can tell, nobody offer me with it. All other avionics are dropable expect this one.
    Can you investigate what going on with Elite Kosma Taktis spwan on Earth proxima?

  6. We meet the condition to pick up John Proudmant poster with autograf but unfortunlly he felt to cliff and drop wont apear to map. Instead lay down on bottom of cliff and each time when we trying to pick up poster, we died. Party was orginaze randomly( I Husarius with KaptenSomalia, ysl_2004, PakkitheDog).
    Also misson should be succesed, but was failed which is wierd becouse we had more points that enemy after end of time. We end mission with according time was left and didint passed. Game not give us any of remaining redwards.run2wk.jpg


  7. Nova/Nova Prime, bardziej META framea aktualnie nie znajdziesz, wszystko oznacza i nuke`uje, byle jaka bron jaka posiadasz, z jakąkolwiek iloscią modów i polaryzacji, i tak wyczyscicsz całą arene. Mała podpowiedz, ult(bo o niego chodzi)  skaluje sie z dlugoscią trwania, reszta jest tylko dodatkiem.


    Inny frame to Frost/ frost prime, przydatny na defensywne misje ale jak sie człowiek uprze to i zrobi frosta bojowego opartego na ulcie.  Nie bede hahmęcił ,w razie W mam bildy od dawna zaimplikowane, wystarczy popytać.

    Z ciekawszych tanków polecam Inaros`a, jego pierwszy skill pod zasięg i długosc trwania too niezly CC, + fakt ze sam w sobie nie ma tarczy ale w pyte dużo życia, i z wymaksonanym pancerzem wraz ze zyciem praktycznie jest nie do zdarcia.


  8. No mor fun allowed here. Read - nerf of fundamental skill of trinity, global instant healing to ally. As long I play as long starting thing developers dont pay antencion about user experience. After 3 year of playing you just throw up all to wipe your game from players. You know, hardcores are loyale but never pay more that causal gamers. Those player gave you profits and if developer start change target, game can become dead. Not now but, gamers just could massively quit one day after patch x, becouse scaling on enemy damage kill every person. Why? You not scale warframe abilites, instead give more buffs to enemy's. Now it becoming more awful, some frames are useless without 0 scaling. Enemys after 50 level on T4 tower can one shot you, becouse game difficulty.  I propose focus on scaling damage system 3.0, before starting rework all abilities. Morale are: I as trinity player cannot healing all co-players if they are out of rage.

  9. It not unfair throught  bug ,those hwo use exploit first was rewarded. So, I understand that I can use any future error in game to being redwarded? It unfair esspecialy that most of people never get chance to earn Legendary Core. i see that you not understand DE. You also just ruin price of Legendary core now becouse, some player get 12-30 those mods = 12-30 Legendary Core. Congratulation for no-checking future consequences.

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