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  1. Sevek7's post in Arbi Arcane farming, any tips or tricks? was marked as the answer   
    A couple of things that may help you, because they helped me:
    The arbitration droptables (Arbitrations | WARFRAME Wiki | Fandom) show that not all the Arcanes appear in all the rotations. For example, Arcane Pistoleer appears only in rotation A and rotation C, you will never get it in rotation B. Similarly, Arcane Bodyguard appears only in rotations A and B.
    Keep in mind that arbitration rotations don't do the usual AABCAABCAABC... Instead they use AABCCCCCCCCC... So, if you play an arbitration for a long time then the A & B rotation arcanes will have 0% chance to drop until you restart from the beginning (this means that, for example, Arcane Bodyguard is best farmed by running short arbitrations, not long ones).
    If you just want the Arcanes and don't care about spawning lots of drones to farm Vitus from, then Disruption is your best bet. If you're fast you can do each rotation in under 3 minutes which is way faster than any other mode [keep in mind that you only need to defend a single conduit, just let the rest get blown up]. Infested defense on the mercury tileset is a decent second choice if you bring a frame like Mesa (preferably with Vazarin focus school to keep the operative alive). 
    Hope this helps!
  2. Sevek7's post in ether weapon colorlessness was marked as the answer   
    This is a visual bug that has been around for a long time. All ether weapons revert color after you've made your choice. It's been reported many, many times but not been fixed. I suggest trying to report this bug again, perhaps your report will be the lucky one :)
  3. Sevek7's post in Shock Absorbers + Adaptation was marked as the answer   
    I think it does work, but it ends up not really being that useful anyway:
    Remember that Adaptation grants damage resistance against the highest incoming damage type. So for a heavy gunner using a Gorgon, you get 90% impact damage resistance at full stacks. Combined with the 20% from shock absorbers, you then negate all incoming impact damage (according to the additive behavior suggested by the Wiki).
    But: The Gorgon also has some puncture and slash damage (although much less than impact). Your adaptation does nothing to prevent this damage, and so you'll only get the 20% from shock absorbers here.
    So, theoretically you can gain immunity against impact, puncture & slash using Shock Absorbers with Adaptation, but only if you're being constantly attacked by enemies that will stack up adaptation for all three. Otherwise, there will be secondary damage types that you're not stacking adaptation for, which will continue to damage you.
    I think in the vast majority of scenarios, you won't get the full damage immunity you want.
  4. Sevek7's post in Distilling Extractor vs Titan Extractor? was marked as the answer   
    Titan extractors take 4 hours and collect resources, most likely the common resources.
    Distilling extractors take 8 hours and collect resources, with a higher chance of uncommon / rare resources.
    See here for more details: Extractor | WARFRAME Wiki | Fandom
  5. Sevek7's post in Broken Redeemer riven was marked as the answer   
    Because you equipped it on Redeemer PRIME, which has a different riven disposition.
    If you equip it on Redeemer, you will see the same stats as the mod screen.
  6. Sevek7's post in Question about the patch note was marked as the answer   
    I think you are reading too much into it. There is a phrase "shoot for the Moon!" which means to have big ideas and grand goals.
    Here the devs are referring to Empyrean as a grand goal in that they shot for the Moon (aimed for Lua) but made mistakes that hampered the goal.
  7. Sevek7's post in Returning Vet after 2 years... none of my abilities work... What am I missing? was marked as the answer   
    Interesting. The only thing I can think of is to make sure "Use Abilities On Selection" Is toggled on in your settings.
    The game might think you are "selecting" the abilities but not "activating" them.
  8. Sevek7's post in Maths for Condition Overload was marked as the answer   
    Had a quick look at the conditional binomial thing. It's pretty unfamiliar to me, but I hope you have luck with it!
    Unfortunately, my attempts to get an analytic version failed (the Kronecker deltas just became too complicated!) Instead I typed up a quick notebook on Mathematica (I believe they do a free trial if you don't have it)
    The Mathematica notebook (.nb) file can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zV1ggHqctTdvPwXsWVmH3PVFwogJMRlg/view?usp=sharing
    If you have Mathematica, you can use this notebook file to input values for your total damage, and damage of each particular damage type. It will then tell you the expected number of unique statuses after 1 hit, 2 hits, 3 hits, up to 7 hits. Note: Mathematica is a bit weird, to get it to read a line you have to press shift+enter, not just enter. Also, since I defined all the functions at the bottom of the file, to make it work you should input all your numbers and then evaluate the whole notebook twice. (You can click on "evaluation" in the status bar at the top and then click "evaluate notebook" to do this quickly)
    If you don't have / want Mathematica, I also made a pdf that might be useful at least to understand the logic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ebb-hudJonmGtKmTUzi8pOMNR6Ev5BUA/view?usp=sharing
    But this is not really meant to walk you through the actual derivation, just my checking and re-checking that the results are within expectations. 
    To fully understand how I wrote the functions, I drew a probability tree and then formed the expectation value by multiplying the number of unique status effects [hence why you see the DeleteCases to remove the hits that don't produce statuses and the CountDistinct to keep only unique ones] produced in a specific branch by the product of probabilities in that branch, then summed over all the branches in the tree. 
    This means that in the case of 6 damage types and 7 hits, there are 7^7 terms to sum up, so I definitely think letting the computer handle this was the right move :)
    Anyway, it should be possible to do something similar in Excel / google sheets, but I haven't used those in years. Let me know if you have any questions about this, I'm not sure if it will actually be useful for you...
    EDIT: Also, none of this takes into account forced procs from stances, or the fact that statuses decay after a certain duration.
  9. Sevek7's post in Does the number in the relic's name mean something? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, the letter refers to the rare object. The numbers just refer to release order.
    For example, any relic with a rare Kronen part will have a lower number than a relic with a rare Karyst part, because Kronen was released earlier. 
  10. Sevek7's post in Tap & Hold Ability Management was marked as the answer   
    Yeah I find this frustrating too. The only help the game provides is in settings you can choose "Invert tap/hold." This makes the tap abilities hold, and the hold abilities tap. This doesn't solve the problem if you want both the tapping and holding effects, but its the only help I can provide :(
    I've asked several times for a different system. Even just the option to choose which is the tap effect and which is the hold effect separately for different frames would be great. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any progress, and the issue is annoying enough that these days I just avoid playing frames with tap/hold, or I at least just don't use that ability. 
    Maybe someone else has found a different setting or a better idea, I sure haven't :(
  11. Sevek7's post in Steel Path Mr. Potato Head... spent 60 minutes shooting him in the face... uselessly. was marked as the answer   
    Keep in mind that Warframe is a "right tool for the right job" game. If you bring the wrong tools, you will have a difficult time. Generally speaking, when you encounter something difficult and want to ask what you're missing, it's a good idea to mention what you used and how you modded it. This is undoubtedly the place where the problem exists. 
    The right tool for this is Banshee, Nyx, or Ash. If you have trouble dodging I suggest Ash so you can use invisibility. Use augment on Banshee / Ash 1 or use Nyx 2 to remove his armor, (make sure your power strength is high enough for 100% removal). Bring a strong crit based weapon modded for blast damage (catchmoon secondary will do fine).
    Remove his armor, then hit him hard. 
  12. Sevek7's post in [SOLVED] Pressing the "Use" key should not reload the weapon. was marked as the answer   
    This is already possible! In settings there is an option called "Context action includes reload." Turn that off, and X will no longer reload your weapon.
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