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  1. Makunogo

    How Can You Make Content Around Limbo?

    perhaps if there is situations in which frames - not just limbo - are introduced to a cooldown- or something that would restrict ability use. however cooldowns do not work for all frames.. with the sheer amount of different abilities passives and mods. its kind of hard to create a hard task for any specific frame let alone all of them, Edit* something that isn't a nullifier lol
  2. now now dont belittle yourself. this is fully the intention of the thread. collect ideas no matter how crazy they may seem. heck someone might be able to work with them. the problem with making a mission TOO stealthy is that we want to be able to more or less be able to do it with any frame. so say perhaps we had something that was just impossible without stealth it would make a meta. thats something i want to avoid doing. however i still wanted to reward people who complete missions without triggering alarms which is an incentive for stealth play, which may not entail using an actual stealth frame but just preventing alarm triggers. I dont know much about how AI works so i couldn't really mention it ๐Ÿ˜› but i guess i should add that into the thread ? @ILightningHD
  3. The Title Says it. Lets Brainstorm. - if this is the wrong place then that would prob explain why i haven't seen a megathread pertaining to this topic, i feel like there should be one. i do plan on editing this fairly often (like once a day) if it does "stick" around lol One of my ideas was to revamp the alarm system. As it currently Stands we basically ignore alarms. but what if triggering alarms actually did more than make enemies alert? another thing i would like to kind of see is to make it easier for missions to fail. the goal in this idea is to basically make playing through missions more engaging as lets face it. most missions have become. enter and extract with not much afterthought. Proposed Suggestions that i can think of at the moment ๐Ÿ˜„ 1. Each Time you trigger the alarm the BASE level of enemies in the entire mission would double.( not just once - and the base level would not lower ) 2. triggering too many lockdown would trigger an AUTO FAIL timer if alarms are not shut off within the Auto fail timer (perhaps 20 seconds?) making finding and shutting off alarms a requirement rather than a passive thing to ignore 3. exp bonus* and doubling the spy rewards when NOT triggering alarms in spy missions. * would apply to all missions with alarms * 4. enemies being permanently in an Alert after triggering a lockdown (which in turn will trigger alarms going off more and more lockdowns ) 5. Ideas? help me out here ๐Ÿ˜„ Pros that i can think of at the moment : 1. MORE ENGAGING mission play. 2. makes stealth play more enticing. 3. increases enemy levels faster then the slow AF rate enemies normally scale 4. help me out here ๐Ÿ˜„ Cons that i can think of at the moment : 1. defense and survival do not have alarms to trigger. 2. too many alarms could make enemies annoying to kill for newer players, tho a cap on the level increase from alarms could be implemented. however this forces people to pay attention in their missions more and supports my " more ways to fail a mission" 3. Lockdown Loops may be annoying - i know someone would end up complaining about it - 4. you know what i'm gonna say by now here ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would like for this idea to be Utterly destroyed. as in ways to improve the idea or problems i may have missed. Still post your other ideas if you feel so Inclined. Thanks and lets keep it Civil and avoid unnecessary personal attacks and arguments okay ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. i actually prefer that it gives SU standing instead exactly because its so easy to cap the VOX standing, 5 runs of profit taker is enough to cap. if you actually look at the bounty list. toroids ARE common drop. but rng is rng. considering i pay next to no attention to ranking up my solaris standing this is a nice incentive (as i'm getting more then one syndicate done at the same time) i hardly touch Solaris united bounties anymore as the profit taker also guarantee drops debt bonds which i can use on decor or direct standing. i no longer have to burn my credits on ticker. i do not do more then 10 profit taker runs a day. still after that bloodshed sigil.
  5. oh damn thats rng for ya lol
  6. Makunogo

    Waframe, DE and the problem with rewards.

    this logic applies to every game.. nobody wants to start from scratch - unless its part of the game - Mr 8 is hardly "far into the game" lol - and thats a recent Mr restriction the customer always right? ..what nonsense.๐Ÿคฃ
  7. Makunogo

    Waframe, DE and the problem with rewards.

    generally when new content arrives tho. the thing that is being advertised is the new content. for example i dont think when railjack comes that it would make sense to include POE in that ad. i mean should they then advertise everything ? an ad can only do so much. i also dont think because they are doing an ad for some content, that is has to be instantly accessible either unless its an event (something like plague star) of course drawing in new players is always a good thing. when games advertise its usually an event thing that is accessible to pretty much everyone. warframe doesn't really have that per say ( we need events so bad my gosh >.>)
  8. Makunogo

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    i think there was talk of a base range on melee weapons? im not sure if that is still a thing.
  9. Makunogo

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    is that everything works great and i have nothing to complain about.
  10. is it only the arch guns gettings rivens or is the melee weapons also getting them ? (i didnt watch the stream)
  11. dont really think the intention is to rip people off. but at the same time, have you ever seen a game where they change the price of their cash item even when its clearly not feasible or worth getting? *outside of a sale* i have not. sure they have those items/rush fee there but that doesn't mean anyone is actually buying/using it. and if they are. well its up to their own discretion. that kubrow reference needs to stay in whatever year it happened lol. the 1 minute is there probably so people dont stand in front of their orbiter and just spam the craft button i would think. i'd just go in a mission or something anything but stare at the timer lol.
  12. Makunogo

    Waframe, DE and the problem with rewards.

    where is the evidence you speaking of? also if you read my post in the manner you responding then you obviously read it wrong.. no where did i imply leveling was slow back then. i said there is faster means now. if they are leaving because they have to use what the game offers i have 0 sympathy for them, thats laziness at its finest. "oh my gosh DE wants me to use the weapons they are making in order to rank up my mastery which is based on using the gear they offer us. I Quit" this is almost getting comical. the problem is only as big as they make it. even a small issue can be a huge pain in the neck if you have tunnel vision and focus on it.
  13. Makunogo

    wasting boosters

    oh true they could be stacked if it was based on login time, ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  14. Makunogo

    wasting boosters

    well nobody plays for 3/7/30 days straight. its a peace of mind thing really. you buy it and forget about it. i much rather prefer this then x hour boosters as the other person said, in the long run it would probably cost way more. we also have been getting login random boosters which i just love. ๐Ÿ˜„ sometimes i get a credit booster as i normally only buy one of those around baro time. so that saves me a bit.
  15. no you actually aren't. you can only control yourself. if someone decides to leave for any reason you can't stop them. you can choose to be a $&*^ about it or not. yall need to grow up. if things always went according to plan things would be alot different. gotta adapt. and honestly 100 waves is redundant. there is 0 incentive to stay that long so when the boredom kicks in you can sure bet people will go early, often people do decide to jump ship early in "endless" missions anyway. this isn't a new thing also life happens.