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  1. i dont because i wasn't around when they said it. assuming they even said it in a thread. in regards to the fee part. that was mere opinion based on seeing their actions. i could never imagine everyone at DE unanimously agree on a plat tax of any amount. it continues to come up because people dont make use of the search function mostly. this comes up like a few times a month. side note : is there anything that doesn't have a silly GIF for it lol its not doing well, IF its the only 2 option they have to trade. its mandatory unavoidable fee's. which nobody can honestly say they are okay with but they have no choice. its a sales tactic (because they still get paid for ex 25$ worth of premium currency but you only get to use 20 of it) DE doesnt need to use such a method to get our money, they already use the discount coupons for that - more or less an other topic that i was also posting on -
  2. i just wanted to mention that DE has already put out their stance on this that it's never going to happen in case you didn't know. so i'm more or less just increasing my post count lmao. however i dont think " we added some convenience now pay for it forever " is the best approach, and thats exactly what a tax would do. it would be like paying monthly for your extra slots. on top of buying them, even if that was just 1p per extra slot ( or in this case Per trade, every trade. 26 trades a day- that adds up) its just a huge slap in the face. to say they would need to tax the players in order for an in game market to work would be a very likely reason DE would NEVER add it in. as we clearly know DE's stance when it comes to charging plat indirectly. very likely would be considered underhanded tactics to them. as for a credit tax, that is also completely unnecessary as trading plat has a credit *tax* already why do we need to be double taxed? you would do well in government /s
  3. a credit tax is not a detrimental as a plat tax. dont think you were fully paying attention to what i was responding to. @xyshift it was a PLAT tax for using a potential in game market, no matter how small that tax would be thats not something a lot of players would tolerate. are you trying to justify adding a tax? i think its very safe to assume nobody WANTS a tax on their purchases. im aware some games tax their sales, and it utterly sucks. some games have even increased the tax for god knows what reason. that is pure greed from those companies because that tax isn't going anywhere. warframe.market the forums discord and other places already do everything you mentioned and do not cost anything. what do you think they will pick to use ? very likely any option to avoid any a tax on their trade as the aforementioned are already quite reliable having people actually wanting to buy plat > having to force people to buy more because 30%(or whatever number) of what they are buying is going into thin air. and platinum is not cheap. by far one of the most expensive in game currencies i've seen. i could never buy plat with less that our max discount (75%) which i have once.
  4. sure im all for options, but when that option is taking % of our plat ( and plat isn't that cheap unless u have a discount and by discount i mean 75% not so much the others) absolutely will deter a large amount (if not the majority) of traders. DE's Cut Is People Buying platinum.why do they also need to punish players for using a system of well Using that very platinum? i would actually like an answer to this question a fee will 100% push a lot of people away from ever using it.
  5. a Fee at all is more then enough reason for many people to NEVER use it tho. thats not how one is going to attract people to it but how is that any different from the sites we have? albeit there is no fee on those. so you may in fact be pushing even more people onto the "unofficial" avenues. players with limited time use warframe/riven.market because they know its reliable and quick. "set n forget " is what i tell people when i refer to these sites. i almost never suggest the trade chat for buying/selling which WOULD support the need for a market. however putting a Fee is going to completly turn off a lot of people. i am simplifying responding to the points presented. dont come at me with that underhanded commentary. thanks.
  6. pretty sure it was meant to be sarcastic... at least i hope so lol
  7. oh god no... Trade tax on plat. i would quit instantly. that is a huge step in the wrong direction. it would also cause people to RAISE their prices in order to make up for the tax. i dont think anyone wants to be coughing up more plat then necessary cause of a "Fee" that goes nowhere.
  8. Primes is still good money 😮
  9. DO IT, its so much easier to get people to ship the idea when they got something pretty to look at lol
  10. how would an in game market be any different though? like actually? the only difference is that it would be IN game.. im not really seeing much else. how exactly is this "not player friendly" i think that is a rather subjective opinion at best. from the points i've seen the only thing this offers is the ability to have one less thing to tab out of warframe to see. as for the income i could only assume that an ingame market would need an active server running 24/7 which would cost them money to maintain. they also do not exactly earn anything from it either, people will still be trading via whatever the current means are, or make their own means. (reddit/forums/ect) id like to add that i am not against the idea but from DE's POV its would seem not needed or necessary. it's a mere QoL that we can live without. and lets be real the warframe community wants QoL in just about Every single thing. (i mean that applies to most things) i think in order for any semblance of this to be introduced to by DE it would have to be feasibly the BEST method of trading. while also not dipping into DE's Pockets. but i'm actually curious as i dont think anyone has actually mentioned. what exactly would this in game market actually look like in warframe? d an improved maroo's bazaar? a new tab? where would the market be placed?
  11. is it really so hard to tab out on the available sites? what are they not doing that the "in game marketplace" does? no matter how you word it, it is basically the same thing. the only difference is an auction house automates the trades. and even if this was to happen. why would i want to post something that is only visible for say 24 hours when i can use warframe market and its up until i remove it. thats some backward thinking there. in my opinion in order for an "in game market" to work it would have to function BETTER then warframe.market and the only way for that to happen is automation and we already know DE will not automate trading.
  12. yea id rather not have a market littered with bot accounts ruining the economy thanks. anyone who says it takes hours of dedication to make plat is NOT using the trade chat properly - let alone efficiently - the only exception is when one is looking for something EXTREMELY speciic like a riven with exactly x/x/x/x stats an other exception would be that you are undervaluing what you trying to buy or (which is extremely common in a free market) or expecting too much for what you want - a few seconds in trade chat and its keenly aware that most people are not update to or just dont care to check for a reasonable price. but then wanna complain when it takes long to sell.
  13. in a free market its not unreasonable to see things sell for higher then the average. also there is a filter option so u can see ONLY what u want which solves the "trade chat" not many people do item for item trades for it to be split anyway. what it seems people want is some dedicated split which is just going to be a bunch of unnecessary dead tabs, people will just flock to the most active one, in your example you mention syndicate mods, thats an extremely tiny market as for the post. we already have an official unofficial trading platform warframe.market for everything outside of rivens thats tradeable. and its alot very very reliable. rivenmarket (not riven.market) i believe has a function similar to warframe market, im not sure as i dont like the interface of that site so i dont use it. it may not be what they want but unless someone can pitch and AND implement (as in show something that can work) in WARFRAME vs just make it auction house(because in warframe that simply just wont work for so many reasons that are extremely obvious i dont feel the need to mention then), its shouting on deaf ears
  14. damn rng was not kind to you lol
  15. yea automatic trades would honestly Mess me up so bad. because i dont always want to use my trades up and considering how much things i have as buy orders at any given moment. that would actually gimp me so hard.
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