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  1. honestly was expecting alot worse this isnt that bad.
  2. nice update. but gonna wait for the skin as i'm not a fan of playing with a preying mantis look alike. lol
  3. damn rng was not kind to you lol
  4. wooow look at all this stuff. how many days until people complain for more? Lol my eyes hurt from reading all this 🤣🤣 thx DE
  5. I feel Like Titania Energy Cost Should Be Reduced While in Razorwing Mode, also her armor to be slightly increased while outside of razorwing. her build is a bit restricting. Considering that her Razorwing augment works on casting multiple times (up to 4 stacks) if im not running pretty much max efficiency ill lose energy rather quick in razorwing mode. and i feel like her kit is based around being in razorwing as the badass version of tinkerbell. ( i hve no issue with the energy drain tho, but that may be because i run high efficiency aswell probably) so i think she should have maybe at 20% energy reduction(not affected by any stats, and ONLY in razorwing mode) on skills she casts It seems like a fair but not totally abusable amount. and it allows me to be more lenient on my builds. anyone else feel me on this ? haha
  6. instead of lowering the extractors they should have increased the spawn T.T i actually liked the fact that i had to protect multiple extractors rather then pretty much afk on top of one. Orb vallis is HUGE and should have ALOT more enemies. we have all that space and i find myself constantly looking for enemies*
  7. im just thinking.. how am i gonna have space for the rivens of the kitguns and the new weapons... Im already severly lacking in space.. We Need more riven slots.. like even 10 more...
  8. the changes are overall not nearly as bad as people were expecting. this shouldn't affect the market too much either so i think they did a rather good job with this. but now i feel somewhat obligated to buy a sentinel riven for each one i dont have just for collection purpose lol
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