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  1. Mess around with your sound settings. I don't particularly care to hear the ingame music, and Octavias were.... abundant to the point of annoyance. After I changed whatever it was, I generally don't hear a thing when they're around, or when I'm playing as her.
  2. Spoon feeding people who whine is not actually going to help them. If the OP were asking how to do it or a relative newbie I'd have been happy to tell them. The OP's account is older than your account. Both accounts have existed for over a year and a half. At some point, people must learn how to solve their own problems, just as everyone who replied to this thread with a post that's equivalent to an eyeroll has.... or at least how to use google instead of just whining. And pay close attention to what the OP has said since the beginning of the thread. Their complaint wasn't that it only co
  3. That's all you could come up with after a month? Try to follow along here. People whine about content islands. By incorporating some of the old stuff, it ties different parts of the game together. It also follows the trend set in the past, of having us use resources from previous open world content, that exists in Fortuna as previously shown. Whether you like it or not, is of no particular concern. The. Same. How many gravimags could you have farmed in the past month? Seriously.
  4. You notice how your post showed up twice at different times? Yeah so did the Tennocon drops this year. Your excuse that the drop wasn't on the expected day was invalid the first time. It's doubly invalid now. Come up with an different excuse for why you don't have it.
  5. And uninformed self proclaimed vets, too.
  6. They gave it out twice. Come up with another excuse for your tirade.
  7. Notice how the conversation flowed around the point you made? They don't want to recognize the validity of it, because that too would break the illusion of power. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Not gonna lie OP, when I saw that title, I figured this would be a thread about removing tattos that you'd had done when you were younger as different MS consoles come out and you were worried that you were running out of space or something.
  9. Yeah we can't help you with that, try contacting support.
  10. Cricket farm? That's a thing? OMFG!!!! It really is a thing! Thats so cool!!!! ...... I need to find one!! Ahem... I mean, Yes, Cricket Farm, Indeed. I shall try to visit one of these Cricket Farms in the future, for.... REASONS. 😐 Do you happen to know of any good cricket farming establishments that you would be able to recommend? I'm... uh... asking for.... a friend. Yes, a friend who is not me, but is in fact someone else, who happens to be a friend.
  11. Wrong, is wrong whether writing a quick note or a novel. You were making way too many blatant mistakes, while criticising someone else's sentence construction of what is probably idiomatically correct in their language. If English, is your first language you've got way less excuse for making those errors. If you're calling someone out for something, make sure you aren't committing the same offence. Dunning-Kruger effect is at play here, try to remember it in the future.
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