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  1. Look I know it is probably a double post but I was going to dinner earlier and couldn't be bothered, but let me show you how I know that you don't really grasp how hosting works. Take a look at what you wrote there. It's BS. You got host because you were player 2. That's how the game resolves it. Host leaves, player with the next highest number gets host. So Host = player1, next host = player2, then player3, and finally player4. You want to know what screwed them out of their rewards? Their craptastic connections to you. And like I said we know that they have craptastic connections because: Like I said those should have raised huge red flags for you when you were writing your original rant. But they didn't because you refused to accept that connection issues are an issue. You've shown that you don't really grasp the fundamental principles of what you're ranting about. Maybe go back to the drawing board and make sure that you have the basics covered?
  2. Your dealer must really be giving you the good stuff if you believe the stuff you've been saying. Then that's exactly what you'll get out of it. What did you expect, thugs to show up at your door to try and force you to enjoy it? DE can't afford that. Maybe get some of your friends to dress up and try to help you out? Seriously nobody is going to force you to socialize. If you choose to you can, and you would get more out of the experience. You choose not to. Again that's a "you problem". Newp. You don't want to, so don't. Just like I no longer wish to pander to you, so I won't. It won't stop me from interacting with others, but hey that's how it works right? Would have been so much better if you had stopped and thought that the forum is a form of social interaction and all that that implies too. But I guess irrational thought doesn't follow rational patterns. Either way you get to not deal with it anymore. 😉
  3. Buddy everything involving the internet is predicated based on the connection between machines. If you are having trouble grasping how that works, then Dunning-kruger has something to tell you.
  4. "The world is flat" and "vaccines cause autism" are brought up often by the irrational and uneducated. Neither is true or factual, and they are proof that apparent popularity is not a good or even compelling reason to institute sweeping changes. See above. Also see any basic, entry level economics text to explain why infinite supply and highly finite demand are a recipe for disaster. No poop whatsoever, unlike the rather poopy point that I responded to where you suggested that trading doesn't lead to any meaningful interactions. That's like a spoiled child sitting in the corner with their hands over their ears screaming so they don't need to hear what people have to say, and then complaining that they didn't interact with anyone at the birthday party. If you admit that you are the only impediment to blame for your lack of interaction that's not the damning indictment of the system you think it is. It's just another example of a 'you problem'. "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink" isn't the same as "yeah that water is not potable and will kill you if you drink it". Try to figure out the difference.
  5. Wouldn't happen if what they had to say wasn't the 657,345th rehashing of the same thing that has been dealt with each and every time. Which is something that happens because everyone thinks they have discovered something absolutely new that nobody has thought about before. People who change their minds just because they've changed their underwear usually don't make sound choices. Unless something fundamental has changed in the intervening time, the reasons presented for having the position probably still exist. The farming changes, something changed shortly before they did that. It produced a significant effect that was unanticipated and caused them to review the whole shebang with a fine toothed comb. Those medallions are a stopgap measure because a number of people refused to accept the offer of "temporary Umbra effects on your choice of frames". DE rushed to implement it in place of the better reward they had planned to give us. Are you surprised that a rushed job wasn't fully thought out? Yup that's what you get when that's all you put into it. Nobody here needs to kowtow to be your buddy. But I've traded with people who were quite ok with being put on a friendlist for the possibility of future trades. I've bought stuff from people who gave me advice on how to get the item for myself. I've gotten free items tossed in, and upgraded mods just because I was talking to the seller while waiting to load in for the trade. So, turns out that if you're not a complete introvert who shuns all possibility of human interaction, the odds are pretty good that you are actually able to interact with the people you come across in the game. Quelle surprise. So... My anecdotes refute your anecdotes. Got anything else to talk about?
  6. Nope OP seems to just be naïve, I'm talking about frostdragon. A lot of his posts got purged from the previous thread and for good reason. He'd insist that people answer specific questions, and when done dismiss the answers because they didn't fit his narrative. He'd refuse to answer basic questions about the examples he claimed exist, telling people to google it and find out for themselves. He clearly indicated that he was more than happy to hurl insults at the people who disagree with him despite being informed that we do have a TOS.
  7. I've seen someone doing that on previous auction house threads. Maybe if you try the search tool you'd find several copies of his post with detailed explanation of why supply and demand make an auction house the death knell for Warframe.
  8. Dude, forget about him, he's a troll that just can't wrap his head around how supply and demand in warframe differs from the real world. When he can't make a valid point he attacks in ways that make it clear that he has no intention of following the TOS for the forums. A basic entry level economics textbook or course would show the effect of infinite supply and highly finite demand on any economy. Auction houses would be the ruin of our economy because of the lack of enforced demand, which is a thing in most of the other economies where auction houses which use premium currency have succeeded. Anyone who can't admit that it will cause a permanent crash in prices of most items, really shouldn't be allowed to waste everyone's time with their nonsense. And that's the sort of person who you're dealing with. Just put him on ignore and let him self-destruct like he did in the other thread.
  9. FFS, seriously ask someone to explain how the internet works. Tell them to use very small words.
  10. Benefits of growing up in the tropics, I guess. There's stuff like dengue, (chik-v and zika now too) where there's really nothing that you can take to get rid of it, and Advil can kill you if you take it while you are sick. Sucks for a week and then you bounce back.
  11. That's interesting. Because you're pretending that it's a real thing, infecting real people, when in reality it's just part of a "video game". See how that works?
  12. I agree that it's the people on trade chat who are a problem. Specifically the people who think that we should pay whatever ridiculous price they're asking for junk we can get cheaper elsewhere. Know anyone who fits that description? Because everyone else is busy selling their stuff and making plat a little bit at a time. And the free market doesn't need to fix anything for you. But I suspect that if you set the greed aside, you'd find that you can easily make quite a bit of plat even if all you get is 1-2 plat per item.
  13. Maybe DE should work on a basic education program titled "How the internet actually works (spoiler: it's not magic)". Because seriously some of the nonsense people come up with when they're writing these threads is just unsettling. Absolutely nobody has ever said that host migrations never happen. We've all said that they happen more to people with crappy internet connections. And hey when someone like me, living on an island in the third world tells you that they don't have as many problems as you're making it seem like you have, then you can bank on your internet connection being really bad regardless of what you think it "should" be. And yes @(PS4)Black-Cat-JinxI'm telling you in no uncertain terms that the issue was that the people in your group likely had craptastic connections to one another. I mean "this is the 4th time today" and "this happens to me constantly" should be a massive hint for anyone who has more than half a brain. But instead here you are waving it as a triumphant banner as proof that it's not their individual problems? Next time engage logic before ranting, please.
  14. Looks like another request for even more power creep. Look we already have the complaint about the lack of difficulty, and lack of challenge. Players on the upper end of the spectrum had a ball in Fortuna on release, players lower down had serious complaints. Same for arbitrations. The difference was due at least in part to having better builds. Most of us know that putting a few forma into our gear ramps us up to levels that the newbs can't even begin to match. Do we really need an additional 'slot' to widen that gap when we won't encounter anything that can stand up to us in normal play?
  15. So play on PC. That way you can help them to clear up the bugs for those of us who are willing to wait. Also they've been working towards a unified code for some time now, so welcome to the year 2018 I guess? What's that got to do with anything? DE isn't the one that has been blocking crossplay for years. Wouldn't it be good to know what the reasons are for the things that you think you want? Or the reasons for not getting those? Ok. They did. When the game first moved to PS4. PC Tenno were able to migrate their accounts. Same for Xbox. But those were one time things. Maybe you need to think about it some more. Contracts tend to be important. You don't just go ignoring/changing them as you like.
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