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  1. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    If you're the Dev of Warframe

    I'd like to point out that the apostrophe in I'd takes out far more than 2. Instead I'll just point out that the one in I'll takes the place of 2 instead of one. 😜
  2. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Can something be done about AFKers in Index?

    They don't need to do that to avoid AFKs. Also you specifically said that they had 0 kills and 0 points. But the screenshot says everyone got at least a kill. I've seen people get most of the kills and bank 0 points, or bank most of the points with zero kills.
  3. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Can we please lose the attitude? [RANT]

    Nope. It reflects badly on the toxic minority of players who are toxic. Don't be like them.
  4. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Can something be done about AFKers in Index?

    Weird. Your screenshot shows everyone having at least one kill.
  5. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Can we please lose the attitude? [RANT]

    Well my country abolished it in public schools in the early '00s. Since then things have gotten pretty out of hand in some schools and a lot of the families who can afford it are flocking to very expensive private schools that have a little more leeway to deal with "situations". Pretty sure that we will be bringing it back at some point. As an aside, see if you can find a copy of Starship Troopers to read some time. A few concepts that were important didn't make it into the movie in a meaningful way.
  6. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Frames you just can't get into

    Vauban is head and shoulders my least favorite frame of all. Swapping his mines on controller wasn't really explained well, and I just generally disliked him. Took a serious, concerted effort to actually make it to 30 so I could mothball him. I have a few more frames yet to get, but they would have to try really hard to make me dislike them as much.
  7. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Can we please lose the attitude? [RANT]

    I don't know about the school you went to. My school had corporal punishment. As long as a teacher was present, we were generally orderly.... Generally. 😁
  8. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Can we please lose the attitude? [RANT]

    #1 Than. "Then" means something else. #2 It's good to have so many kids. It's good that they're involved enough to have opinions and ask for change. It's the way that they're doing it that's the problem. Some people make constructive, well thought out complaints, and requests. Others are prone to trying to demand a specific change that's not clearly an improvement, or vehemently screech about things like RNG, (when they clearly don't understand how probability works,) or others playing the game in the usual manner. #3 "Kids" isn't an insult, especially given how many kids we have playing the game. #4 Wanting something perfect is fine, so long as we're able to recognise that everyone has a different ideal of perfection, and so perfection in this setting is just not going to be possible. That said, the OP is pretty much doing exactly what they're complaining that others are doing. Screeching at someone, in a way that's unlikely to evoke positive change.
  9. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Player Veto of Foreign Buffs Still Needed

    Still trying to make up stuff that wasn't said and pretend that it was? Not a winning strategy. Let me demonstrate why: See? It's a quote. Links back to what you said, not what you would have liked to have said, not to what you meant to say. What you said was wrong. Gara's mass vitrify does interfere with allied players. Pretend that it's not what you said all you want. It's not going to really help you out of the hole you've been digging yourself into though. Regarding the rest of your recent post, I'm afraid I lost interest in whatever spurious argument you had, the minute you tried to threaten me and bully me into silence. It's not a surprise that you are as willing to try and tell me that what was said means something that isn't actually written, but my posts were very clear. You aren't able to control other people in public settings, no matter how much you think that you should be able to. You can adapt. You can choose to try to make a group, with people who you can control. You can choose to play solo. You can choose not to play. You can choose to come on the forums, make false statements and act as though you really said something else. You can do any of a myriad of things, but there is currently no button to press to just get your own way. The closest thing we have to that is still the power button. What you choose to do is up to you. Good luck with your issues, Tenno, unfortunately I am done with this thread, so that's the last chance I'll have to wish you luck with your endeavour.
  10. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Player Veto of Foreign Buffs Still Needed

    That's a joke. Not a good one, but I did laugh. You said something. It was wrong. I quoted you and pointed that out. You pretended that I should have dealt with what you meant and not what you said. I quoted you and pointed that out too. Now you're just going to keep trying to shift the goal post to suit your needs. It would be far better to just admit that you made a mistake, than trying to bluster your way out of the situation. Gara's walls do interfere with allied players. You're welcome. You've also been pretending that you are not on a thread where multiple suggestions have been made for how to avoid the aspect of the game that you don't like. Instead of adapting to the situation like most reasonable people, or changing how you play so you won't face those situations, you are insisting that everyone else should change to suit you. That's not really a good strategy. And for the record I made no 'thinly veiled' anythings. I pretty blatantly told you that you aren't able to control other people who are abiding by the rules. At no point did I tell you to stop posting. And my response to your actually threatening me is to suggest that you should generally do whatever makes you happy, but that doesn't include you trying to bully others. Next time, instead of making hollow threats, please act. Because attempting to abuse the report function is against the guidelines of this Forum. Your threat of a spurious report is probably also against the guidelines. Just saying. But like I said, I still wish you Good Luck with finding a resolution to your issues, Tenno. 👍
  11. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Player Veto of Foreign Buffs Still Needed

    The context is nice, but not actually in line with the content. The content was wrong and so I pointed it out for you. Now you're trying to shift the goal posts. It's like the context of this thread is that others doing their thing makes the game unplayable, when the content of the thread and game shows that we just need to adapt to the conditions we find ourselves in. The thread has quite a few suggestions on how to adapt, like changing your play style or setting up a match that isn't public so you can keep your level of control as much as you want, maybe even having you find enough people who are cool with you trying to micromanage their play style. If you don't want to adapt, then that's fine but there's not much anyone can do to help you other than hand out "press here to win" buttons. Right now the closest substitute is the one with a vertical line in a circle that says "Power". Good luck with that, Tenno. 👍
  12. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    What is your daily Warframe routine?

    Tell Ordis "hi" and see if he's going to drop any of the puns that always crack me up. Head scratchies for puppy or kitty. Poke around in the foundry. Remind myself that I need to go mining and fishing. Shrug. Forget that I need to go mining and fishing. Poke around the focus schools. Check shards to see if I can do a million focus and unlock a way bound node. Check the time in Cetus. If it's getting close to night time then cue a gearing up montage with cool music. Kill me some Eidolons, baby! Trade in cores for standing. Wonder what I'm going to do with all the extra cores. Look longingly at the baseball jersey on display and wonder for the millionth time why the one in game has those "flaps" for no good reason when all I want is one that looks like what's on display in the cave. Go stand on the shore and look at the broken causeway leading to the tower. Wish it was solid enough to stand on. Sigh. Return to orbiter. Check syndicate missions. Check the sorties. Check trade chat. Swap gear. Go to Hydron. Slaughter stuff to max some gear/collect focus. Go to the dojo. Check on the labs and try to find out what colour I'm supposed to be collecting. Say "oh right, forgot that". Shrug. Forget what colour I'm supposed to be farming. Return to orbiter and check to see if I'm critically low on any crafting materials. Farm some. Some mix of the above.
  13. Why? Ok I get that you don't particularly want to assign/change one hotkey because its a lot of work, and I totally understand that for some people pressing one button every couple of minutes might seem to be way too much effort. But you can actually do that little bit of work right now and it would do exactly what you are asking for. Why should it be passive, or fire and forget?
  14. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Warframe and Trypophobia ( PINK CYST)

    They didn't criticise you. The person they responded to did. And it's a new account chances are high that they don't know who's right yet. Oh and, just so you know, even when there's no pink blob, they are all still infested.
  15. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Player Veto of Foreign Buffs Still Needed

    Uh that's not true at all. I've bounced in odd ways off of the wall while bullet jumping. It's affected how I played, and then I remember that I know that I can wall jump on the mass vitrify and blame myself. Because that's the only person I have to blame for going in a public match, and for not adapting to what is in front of me. It's something that some people don't really get, it seems.