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  1. No, DE hopes that I will pay for a couple extra, now and then. Of course with plague star going on, I can do a few quick runs and buy a stack. With nightwave 1.5 going on, I was tasked with opening relics, and guess who got a bunch of blueprints? I burned through quite a bit of forma, not just because I was being rewarded for doing so, but because I was building weapons and wanted to really try one out. In all I think I spent 5 more than they wanted me to on a total of 4 items. That's how little I fear missing out if I forma stuff outside of the challenge. And a big part of that is because not only is forma free, it's abundant too. And as weekly challenges, you can run some relics on day 1, and use the mobile app to make sure that you have lots of that free forma by the end of the week.
  2. What are you even talking about? Forma can be had for free, so it's not anything that you're expected to have to pay Platinum for. So seriously, what are you talking about?
  3. How would it be better? Right now we've a crapshoot for speed and stability of the connection. In general if we're in a region with decent internet connections we'll probably be okay much of the time. If we have to connect to a server a few countries over, where the routing path sucks, then 100% of the time, our connection will be laggy and possibly more unstable. This might not sound like much to you, but as someone who lives out on an island in the third world, I can tell you that playing games on dedicated servers that are geographically remote, sucks. The suggestion would require multiple servers in multiple locations to cover the majority of the player base, and even then, you're going to have to forsake a substantial number, because we're just too far flung to make it worthwhile. Would you be talking about it being better, if you were in the group negatively affected by the proposed change? Apart from that, the proposal will involve totally rewriting the code, a huge part of the game's architecture would probably need to change. And in case the bunny rabbit reference was a whoosh, let's make it clear, saying "even if it's not servers give us something" is all well and good. But I'd rather it be something that will show a marked improvement. For all the talk about how great it would be to have something better, I haven't seen any suggestions that would be definitively better, which is pretty telling.
  4. You would probably have missed about 10 daily challenges, I think. (Monday-Sunday and Monday-Wednesday)
  5. Can it be a bunny rabbit? 🐇 They're usually a big hit. I don't think that too many people would be upset if we replaced it with bunnies. After all that's something, right? Said the person who manages to make threads about alerts giving out nitain, and then complains days later that we don't get any alerts giving out nitain? 🙄 Maybe that should read: Remember you can lead someone to water, let him drink, and then a few seconds later he's standing in a river, dripping wet, he's going to complain about being in the desert.
  6. What's better? Using filters. Right, so now I know that you haven't got any idea of what you are on about. Have a great day, but this thread is a total waste of time.
  7. Solid points. Especially about the servers and recruit chat. The problem is that some people don't really know enough about the topics to think their way through. So they're unlikely to be able to figure out why your points are solid. I mean PoE seems cool and everything, but it's rather two-dimensional, so claims that they'd need more processing power seem... a little off, if you know what I mean? Sadly that's exactly the type of people who will figure that they know enough to comment about such things without first taking the time to read any of the other threads opened on the same topics.
  8. Have you tried just doing a few Plague Star runs? The thumpers keep trying to butt in on the action, and since everyone is properly kitted out for a change, the thumpers tend to die pretty quickly and leave behind a bunch of stuff. I found that after a few runs, not only did I have a bunch of raw gems, but a bunch of standing that I could use to buy gems from Nakak.
  9. Weird. I did a bunch of 4k runs and would typically take about 100 to 130. Also did a dark sector with my Nekros doing his thing that gave me a fair bit. Maybe it was just your turn to be hated by RNGsus?
  10. Yeah, I do it as a matter of course. Stand by the sign so I count as "inside", while being close enough to keep it open. Usually shaves a few seconds for the slower players. Especially if they realise that it's open and they can just fly right in.
  11. That fact that it is encouraging me to do stuff I'd normally put off, is actually a pretty good thing. I've had items sitting in my foundry for weeks for want of gems and fish parts. It's not that I hate fishing or mining, just that there are so many other things that I kept prioritizing ahead of getting that done. I finally managed to get a couple of them started, but since I also completed the challenges, I guess I will wait to start grinding for the last one.
  12. "Rhino and occasionally Nekros." ☝️That would probably fit in most of the spots for me.
  13. You've been asking for "clarification," and spinning conspiracy theory about why they did this on purpose. Like I said, you would be better off reporting a bug in the appropriate forum.
  14. Ok that looks like a legitimate bug. Probably better to put it on the bug forum. Looks like you are getting kicked out of the rift as soon as you enter it, before it can tick. I say that because it looks like you flash when you roll but the energy doesn't budge, hard to tell though as I'm watching it on a mobile device.
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