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  1. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Guys help... i think someone threatens me more or less

    Was it? They had a run in with someone who seemed to be threatening them. But they acknowledged that they were confused and didn't understand what that person was talking about. The title wasn't really misleading and bearing the apology for their English, is pretty understandable. They came here player helping player, to ask other players for our opinions. That's what you suggest that they should have done. Most of us gave them a "don't worry". Do you agree with that, or do you think that they should be worried?
  2. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Guys help... i think someone threatens me more or less

    Wasn't that sort of the point of the thread?
  3. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Warframe need a crossserver and a cross play

    Sorry Tenno, but as everyone is explaining, it's not really up to DE. They can't force the companies to agree to let us do that, and as you are aware, there are technical issues that would need to be solved before it could happen.
  4. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    What an interesting position to take. It is interesting because in the past I pointed out that a word you used is a rather serious slur, (used to be a derogatory term meaning semen) and people retired in disgrace for using it. Your response indicated that you believed that the context was important as you decided it wasn't a slur. So.... Rather ironic, that you should take a hard line stance against people who use slurs automatically being in the wrong, but defend your own right to do the same. Of course you have accused me of lying about it in the past as well (despite the fact that if I were doing that you could probably have easily reported me to the forum mods) in the face of the contents of your own posts. This is a part of why I said earlier that the human side of the chat moderation needs to be looked at as well. Humans have inherent biases, but good moderators are supposed to be able to at least try to put those aside and act based on the rules we all abide by, both the letter and the spirit of those rules. They aren't supposed to take moderator powers and just use those to enforce their own personal values on the community. They aren't supposed to systematically try to obey the letter of the law via "cya" actions while disregarding the spirt of the rules.
  5. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Please let us toggle off gara's glass on her new skin

    It's also a visual cue for when your ability isn't on.
  6. It's not just temperature, it's pressure as well. That's why autoclaves have to meet both conditions for a minimum amount of time, before you are reasonably sure that the stuff in it is sterile.
  7. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    I understand the stance and generally support the tactic. But a glance at region chat tells me that the trolls and bigots can already bypass the system. Except for having seen screen shots of someone getting banned for asking "is using equinox to help trap animals on the plains still the best way to unlock veiled rivens or is there a better way". The list seems to be populated with things that weren't well thought out. Since the bot lacks the ability to distinguish context, it falls to the curators of the list to ensure that it only triggers on the types of phrases you want blacklisted. It takes more work than just tossing new terms on at whim, but ultimately is time better spent than countless bans for false positive. I support harsh bans for breaking the rules. I don't support the system that hands out harsh bans when rules haven't actually been broken, and punishes ignorance of arbitrary terms equally harshly. What you learn from that system is that it is broken. I'm given to believe that the chat system can be made to filter terms instead. If this is the case then it should be possible to create a universal filter that would eliminate the need for the kickbot's function. Again I have no problem with banning people for intentionally breaking the rules. I favour skipping the nukes and going right up to kinetic bombardment, but not when I'm seeing proof of such a flawed blacklist. That would work better if you can safely use inoffensive terms. Our system currently doesn't offer that. Since DE has not banned the use of region chat "to burn time" it seems safe to assume that they don't think of it as exclusively one or the other, don't you think? And please understand, I have never been banned from chat as far as I know. I have been warned by the bot about not using the region chat to trade, but that was a false positive. (And the response I got from players was that the bot is dumb like that.) I have no problem accepting that "their house" means "their rules". I am usually strongly pro-moderation. I also used to moderate in an Irc using a script similar in function to the chat's kickbot. I know the entire playbook, both the good and bad sides of it. There are serious flaws in the system. Both the automated and the human sides need a very serious review, because what I have seen suggests that some of what we are having problems with, is not the direct result of DE policy, but rather the effects caused by individuals or groups within the system using the leeway to steer it in their own direction.
  8. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    idea to address knockdowns.

    Vaykor Sydon. 🙂
  9. Yeah, I've got better than 20-20 vision and still have to guess which teammate is standing in front of me, based on the general shape of the username in my hud and the list at the top of the screen most of the time.
  10. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Guys help... i think someone threatens me more or less

    Congratulations, you had a run in with one of our many self-appointed fun police. They figure that they are paladins, protecting Warframe from toxicity, which is..... ironic, to say the least. Next time, take some screenshots, and ignore the player.
  11. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Questions about being a Region Chat Moderator

    I should probably be on the North America servers and it's a complete mess a lot of the time. Lots of trolls trolling, happily bypassing the Kickbot filters and gleefully tricking newbs into bans.
  12. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Nihilism is an objective truth that humanity refuses to believe in

    Years ago I was driving to work and spotted some graffiti. That's not so unusual, but it was in Latin and read "non omnis morirar". "Not all of me will die". That was written by Horace, over two thousand years ago. He was right when he wrote it, he had made a monument more lasting than bronze. Did he, and the empire that gave birth to him die and crumble into dust? Yes. But as he predicted, Libitina has not claimed all of him and a part of him lives on. If someone who famously backed the wrong side in a civil war, then threw down his arms and fled the field of battle into exile could achieve that, what's your excuse?
  13. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Rhino: re-cast 3(Roar)

    It's great that you even try to buff your team. A lot of the time it seems that rhino's forget that they can. Just try to get within range of as many as you can before you set it off. Prioritise the damage dealers if you can. And remember, if they aren't getting buffed, they're probably outside of affinity range as well, so team-centric play probably isn't something they're looking for. So if that's the case, use it as a self-buff and forget about them. It'd be nice if we could recast it, but I don't figure we really need it.
  14. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Warframe app and in game progress

    I don't know how it works on XB1, but I usually close the game when I'm putting my ps4 on standby. That guarantees that I'm not logged in on both at the same time as I only log in on the app when I'm not playing. The game logs in and checks for updates when I launch it during my next gaming session. If I didn't do that, then everytime I launched the app. It would kick me out of the game and I'd miss out on any rewards. A quick way to check is to hop in the chat. If its not moving, chances are you have a problem somewhere along the way.
  15. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Auction House / Commodities Market?

    That suggests that you haven't really thought it out. How many days does it take before the reversal happens. How many people are affected by the time they catch up with it. And again the whole scam is pointless if only the original purchaser of the plat is involved. Someone in there is attempting to benefit from the charge back. Possibly several people. You can refer to them as "accomplices". There's no reason to suspect that they believe everyone in the chain is guilty, and they seem to be willing to take steps to reverse their own actions if you get in touch with them about it. And just so we're clear on this, you still have not shown any way to differentiate between accomplices and victims. Of course it is. That's exactly why costs fall off so very quickly. We see it all the time. I'm reasonably certain that it already has, based on complaints that I have seen from sellers who believe that the lowball sellers on warframe market are fakes meant to drive their price down. You're really not grasping the idea of "reoccurring costs" here. Novel items that come on sale at initially high prices aren't the same as longevity of prices for any item as a commonly traded commodity. The system you suggest won't have any effect, obviously will increase supply. But demand is not going to grow as it's strictly limited by the number of concurrent players (and specifically the fraction that 1) has enough plat, 2) does not already own the item, 3) is impatient enough to want to spend platinum on it, and 4) is interested in owning the item.) Know what happens when supply goes up without a simultaneous and proportional rise in demand?