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  1. Then the question becomes how do people still manage to pass it? If people passed it after those changes, it's definitely not an impossible task, right? Yeah the bodies not vanishing can cause enemies who see it to go on heightened alert for a while. Likewise if they catch a glimpse of us. So you find a way to hide out until everyone goes back on the script and take a bit more care to not give them anything to see. At some point we gotta stop, and recognize that people are in fact, still passing the test. At that point we have to try and find really polite ways to say "gotta git good".
  2. Ahhhh that's because you're not using enough high ex in the tubes. 😉
  3. Yup, because the thread is supposed to be about Xoris and per frame balancing, and originally from just after deadlock protocol dropped. Also you'll notice that the reply was phrased as a "question" which is what people do when they are hoping to gain more information. Neat, huh? Also how is that "sorry only one of each buff allowed" significantly different from the system that already exists with mods that also have primed and umbral versions?
  4. Have they said which abilities they've selected, or is that all just meaningless conjecture at this point?
  5. They're not really weak health wise and their damage is buffed. In a lot of cases, the timer is the determining factor of how long their health lasts, more than the enemy in a lot of cases. I think the base rate is 3% per second, reduced by high duration stat. I'd rather have them as is, especially with the augment, than the ability to go around killing them for a little additional damage from time to time.
  6. The shadows are based on what you killed before making them. If you don’t occasionally let them time out, they'll be underpowered compared to the enemies that are still alive. His other abilities allow you to not run into any any energy related problems so periodically refreshing isn't an issue.
  7. Level 1. That's the recommendation. Stick to Level 1 enemies and you'll probably be fine. Maybe. Unless you're not. All weapons and frames have that same recommendation. Don't use on enemies above Level 1. Don't use on multiple enemies ranked higher than Level 1.
  8. And why do you think that getting those would be any simpler? "Hi there Mr big corporation, I want to pitch an idea to you, see a lot of our customers want to leave your platform and migrate to a different platform, and they want to be able to spend their money over there now. But hey if I can get a deal in place maybe some will want to come to your platform, except for the fact that many of them won't actually own the hardware needed to do that. So whaddya say? We got a deal or what?"
  9. Yeah gotta add that the system sounds pretty terrible given that so many weapons generally don't perform so well. Worse we need to realize that the people who are going to be negatively impacted by the change are the newbs who haven't yet learned to do all of these things. That's an important consideration.
  10. Maybe if you put less edge, you wouldn't have messed up quite as badly. You want to give it another try?
  11. You talking about PS4 NA region chat? Because that's not Utopia or just flawed, it's a cesspool. This. Very much this.
  12. Ah but when the other person is capable of killing close to 10 times the number of enemies in the same amount of time, and causes you to get ten times the amount of affinity compared to what you would get on your own, at that point it becomes highly worth it.
  13. And that's why we created the Bangalore Torpedo. A few pounds of high explosives, clears the path quite nicely and allows us to walk through unhindered because despite what the mines think, nobody really cares about finding out what type they are, just about going on about our business, and not having to deal with any of them in our day to day lives.... Well except for the Explosive Ordnance Disposal units of the Corps of Royal Engineers. Those Sappers are nuts. They go poking around and taking stuff apart. Crazy, I tell you.
  14. Maybe spend some time on learning about the game, and understanding what is going on, so that when you try to rant about something, you know what you are talking about?
  15. If the index is the only way you know how to collect credits, then yes. Fortunately for those of us who play the game, we know that it's not. Also getting Umbra is a grind? LOL. And again you've failed to grasp the point that was made in the post that you are responding to, or even reply to it.
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