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  1. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    I don’t really trust third parties...

    Hoo boy. You're off the rail something pretty bad there mate. You are responding to things not said, lashing out at the wrong people, and generally not making a particularly good case for your "side", whatever side that may be. Right now the discussion isn't about if we should have mods, but rather why they need to be checked on. Not sure what all of the American politics, and American bigotry past or present have to do with us as it's an international audience. If you want to use specific examples to bolster your case, that's great, but going on prolonged a rant about the stuff that's generally not applicable to a lot of the world, is probably going to make us less sympathetic to your cause than anything else.
  2. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    I don’t really trust third parties...

    Right, and again, while I understand that soapboxes are cool to stand on, what does any of this have to do with warframe, which is not an American company and does have an international audience? If you are from the USA, and from an era where you can reasonably be expected to be familiar with slang that originated in and is generally unique to your country, then I have absolutely no problem with them banning you if you use those terms. If you came to my country and accidentally used a word which is colloquially offensive, that you couldn't be reasonably expected to have known was offensive, I'd take you aside and mention that that sort of thing is not done in polite company. If you did it again, knowing how people may be offended, then I'd be OK letting the crowd explain it more... forcefully. The point I've made, several times, that you seem to be missing from up there isn't about allowing double entendre, it's not about encouraging hate speech, it's not even about being allowed to use the words. It's about educating those of us who can't be reasonably expected to have any clue that some of those words even mean anything derogatory. If the list is populated by words not allowed in the USA as you identified, because they're specifically North American slang, and we're not from there, and are using the words based on their actual meanings in the English language, then we aren't the bigots. Pretty simple, right?
  3. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    I don’t really trust third parties...

    Hi, how are you, doing well I hope, yes? Good. What exactly do you think that you responded to? I think you may have quoted the wrong thing. BTW are you in the USA? Because I'm not. DE is not. So what does that particular country and their derogatory terms have to do with me? Are you aware of the derogatory terms originating in and apparently unique to someone else's country decades ago? If not, then why ban people for a first 'offense' when they may not know that the word is offensive to begin with? Because I'm telling you that I have never heard some of the terms that seem to be on the list used in a derogatory way in my country. We don't use them in that way, at all. I'm not saying that they shouldn't be on any given list, just pointing out that it's impossible to self moderate if literally you don't realise that the term has any alternative, derogatory meaning. And I'm a native English speaker. Imagine how much worse it is for non-native English speakers! That's what happens when you populate the list with obscure terms you don't even realise are obscure to non-bigots in an attempt to make things "better".
  4. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    I don’t really trust third parties...

    But that's the thing. There are words on the list that most people in my country probably would know have a derogatory meaning. We don't use that word for anything other than "paste-like". Similarly we literally wouldn't realise that cartman's superhero name is a racist slur, it was never used here. There are words that we find highly offensive, that the Jamaicans use as non-derogatory descriptive terms for people of East Indian descent. There a highly insulting slur used in my country for a homosexual male, would leave them wondering why you were calling him a baker/seller of sweet bread rolls. You probably would think nothing of the term "fishes", but let the wrong people play the index and you just highly insulted them. I don't have any issues with them deciding that "gay" may be a slur, I don't have beef in that fight I'll let everyone else decide if it's sensible or not. I don't care about not being able to call anyone a trap for any reason because its not really a part of my lexicon. But by that same token, I'm saying that I don't actually think that they are things that I'd actively avoid, simply because I don't use the word gay as a slur, and I don't call anyone a trap based on their appearance. So I wouldn't expect them to be bannable phrases, just as uniquely North American racist terms your forebears may have used, would come as a total surprise to me (and believe me they did the first time I saw people being banned for them). And it must've taken other newbs by surprise, because they got banned. Educating us that certain terms we're not all familiar with, have other meanings and aren't OK, is a good thing. Once you came to your realisation, you self-moderated. That's what I want us all to be able to do, and why we should have a warning. Anyone who disregards that, ban the heck out of them.
  5. Oh I'm sure I'm not saying that it'll just be spray and pray and maybe it'll be the other side of things and we have to complete between warm periods, but I'm pretty sure that as soon as people work out the metas it'll be a case of: 1. Down to the road block, we've just begun 2. The guards are through 3. Eudico's men are on a spree 4. Eudico and Chroma go through the door 5. Legs stays out in the drive 6. Eudico gives the rope a fix 7. Chroma throws the hook to heaven 8. Volt has got a date 9. The other guys go up the line 10. The Vent kids are in the pen 11. Limbo guards points five and seven 12. Chroma and Eudico go down to delve 13. Loki goes up without being seen 14. Zero-hour: Volt cuts the cable; Loki cuts the phone 15. Loki goes in where the others have been 16. We all come out like it's Halloween And where's Little Duck ? Little Duck is down by the crossroads with a Moa. She'd better not be asleep or we'll all be in trouble, huh?
  6. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    Please add a block-filter feature to chat/Auction House

    Hi again! 🙂 Yeah I did say that, hmm about 4 days ago? You know if you keep reading the same thing over and over, it's not my record that's stuck, right? But in case you missed it let me expand: The filters work fine. Apparently there are people who can't figure out how they work, but that's a very different issue. Positive filters override negative ones. You can filter out all of the rivens if you want, but it's probably not worth the effort. If you only filter in a couple of terms that you're interested in, the trade slows right down and you can easily find what you are interested in without the flood of messages. And in case you missed it, I've also been explaining, repeatedly because some people don't grasp thats either, why an Auction House would derail our economy and destroy prices for most common items. Understand our supply and demand relationships are by their very nature, broken. Supply is potentially infinite, demand is not. All an Auction House would do for you is drive competition waaaaay up, and prices waaaaay down.
  7. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    8 Hour Download time

    I put mine to download earlier. I'll get to play it this evening. I'm positively chuffed. 😊
  8. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    [Looking for player input] We need to talk credits $$$

    I think that you meant 10.
  9. Dunno about that. 8 tricaps in a night is suggested there, that's 24 Eidolons in a nominal 50 mins, ignoring time to load into the plains. Looks to me like they roughly doubled the window.
  10. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    I don’t really trust third parties...

    Do you see that you aren't arguing that it's not what is happening, but arguing about the relative "level" of one vs the other. And a part of why some people advise that the chat be disabled is that both sides of the coin are problematic. When people get banned for using words that aren't inherently derogatory, then the system has a problem. When we see chat moderators basically claim that everyone who is banned "knew very well what they did was wrong" and accuse everyone falling for trolls of being bigoted, we know that there's something very, very wrong. When we see someone who has chosen a name that implies hatred to a given gender, and when asked to alter it kept the majority of the part that implies hatred to a given gender, and that person is involved in quite a bit of a row partly for that very reason, we know that something is really, very, very wrong. At some point we must ask ourselves, why any level of bigotry should be permitted, when we do not want bigotry. Wanting balance is fine. Wanting it gone is better. That's why I praise you for discussing the matter and trying to educate others on what you know, in the hope that they will come to understand, and leave the bigotry behind. I've seen the screenshot. I've seen too many people use almost the identical phrase in describing what they were told. This isn't the first thread about chat moderation that has been allowed to run. Oh but you misinterpret me. I actually favour censorship. I don't have any problem with it, 'their house, their rules' and all that. I can honestly say that that if I were in charge, there'd be hell and brimfire on the forum and reddit by the time I had overhauled the list of banned phrases, and punishment durations. Even I would be afraid to say anything on chat for the risk of accidentally banning myself. (Funny story but that happend years ago over on the Irc because I was messing with the script too much and it somehow broke the ignore_echo part of it, or something and I had to revert to an earlier version 😅 ) What I'm saying is that it would be a million times better if the system came down hard on actual bigotry, instead of ignorance. Somewhere along the line, that got lost. Edit: regarding the last bit about Nezha, I don't really understand the point. Then again I also don't understand the point of the meme. Traditionally the Chinese used to dress and name male children as females. Bruce Lee had a female nickname. Nezha's main issue is that he should probably be really tiny. Other than that, it's a decent presentation of the character. If more people knew this, there might not be as many surprised by his gender.
  11. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    [Looking for player input] We need to talk credits $$$

    Newer player here. On ps4, so Fortuna is supposed to be coming out soon. This was a bit of a problem for me as my credit stock had dropped really low around the time it came out on PC (Probably a combination of Baro, buying a bunch of the researched blueprints in my dojo, and trying to level up some of the primed mods I wanted to try out.) Over the last couple of weeks I've done some mild index grinding, in between Eidolons and levelling some gear and working on my focus. I think that I'm sitting just below 10 million credits right now. And I'm not doing anything like those numbers of hours. So, bit of a pain, but not much of a problem.
  12. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    I don’t really trust third parties...

    One does not prevent bigotry by being bigoted themselves. I think that's the message I have seen in many different forms in several places across the interwebs when it comes to warframe chat moderation. The best way to fight bigotry is to educate people. I see you have tried to do that on this thread. And by and large so have the people who have disagreed with you. The conversation is going well, it's healthy, and while you may not agree with some of them and they may not agree with you, everyone is coming to a mutual understanding. That doesn't happen when people shut down conversations out of hand because "That's not an appropriate topic for discussion in our space ninja game". Ban the bigots by all means, but don't ban the people who could be better served by a gentle warning, "Hey Tenno, what you just said is on a list of words that we have been told may be offensive, and in an abundance of caution we're asking you to not talk about it right now, if you do it will trigger the bot and you might get automatically banned for a week or two, thanks for your understanding."
  13. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    I got tricked then got suspended

    Except at that point there'd be proof of you harassing them in private with "homophobic slurs" and it might be a weeeee bit more than a week, don't you think?
  14. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    I got tricked then got suspended

    Hoo boy are you on a roll today or what? As also indicated (PS4)FriendSharkey's comment as well as multiple of mine on this thread, its common for people to troll region chat with promises to give someone platinum to say something. The phrase "type 'yag' backwards" won't trigger a ban, neither will using homographs which make it look like the word is safe to use. There's also "hey guys anyone watch South Park? I'm trying to remember the name of cartman's secret superhero identity.. Anyone know what it is?" and I've even seen one where "I'm trying to finish some geography homework and the teacher is a real pain, I have a list of cities and need to know what country they're in, anyone willing to help me? They're, Nassau, Abuja, Kinshasa and Port Moresby, thanks in advance". There is no actual intention to make a trade. (Just like the post on the previous page made light of.) Get it now?
  15. (PS4)guzmantt1977

    I got tricked then got suspended

    Not even close, mate.