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  1. You're supposed to post selfies over on the Off Topic board.
  2. So "basic" gear for "endgame" players? At that point it's really not going to qualify as basic anymore. And Eidolons generally comes when you're pretty much at the end of the star chart (TWW). That's why I do choose to classify it as endgame, because we have to be pretty close to the end of the game to start doing it. Now I admit it can be done at MR 5, but like you I have a feeling that many players won't really be doing them in earnest until they're far beyond what we'd normally associate with a newbie at MR5. I know that I certainly didn't start that until like you I was further along in my
  3. Sure you can. Wait for your bread to toast. Takes about one minute.
  4. Half a loaf of bread is better than no loaf at all, to a starving man.🤷‍♂️
  5. Uh there's empty mechs littering the mission, and your operator's amp should be great for popping those "seeds" that it throws out. But yeah, it's kinda weird that people bail early.
  6. Yeah unfortunately English doesn't differentiate between singular you and plural you. But I need to point out once again that there are people who disagree with me on this thread and still say that they kept their pets alive (pathing issues aside). If you want proof of anything someone else claims, check them. Check Corvid. He disagrees with me, but said that Djinn is his sentinel of choice a while back. I tell you what. You seem to know what you are doing when it comes to eidolons. Try to create an account where you are doing successful eidolon hunting (not being carried) wi
  7. Read it all again carefully. I never talked about what works for me. I pointed out that others, including people who have disagreed with me have said that they are able to keep their pets viable (pathing issues aside) in higher level content. Also its kind of weird to talk about viability in high level content, but then talk about Simaris rep being out of the reach of low level players, don't you think? And I already mentioned that I'm not arguing that sentinels vs pets isn't an issue. Or even that companions in general vs enemy scaling isn't an issue. Tricaps are sort of the
  8. Well at least you're being halfway honest about how you are actually actively doing what you accused me of doing. And again, I do have to point out that others, including people who disagree with me, have clearly said that they are able to have their companions survive through the content. (And also the rather obvious fact that there are in fact options for companions that will self revive without the need for your warframe to die.) Since all of that seems to be true, it looks like you are saying that it is actually good game design, huh? 😉
  9. Oh but I haven't. You're the one who seems to be trying to tell me to stop posting. And my personal interest is the same as everyone else's, I like playing this game. I like that my choices have consequences, and that some things work better against some enemies than against others, and that we each have to think "how do I want to go about this", "what am I willing to sacrifice in order to achieve the effect that I want". How about you? What's your reason for trying to shut down a person who's just explaining why he's disagreeing with you, while maintaing an overall respectful tone and no
  10. Quite, because multiple people on the thread have disputed the claim, by saying that they do manage to find ways to increase their pets longevities. 🤷‍♂️
  11. People respond to different people. I responded to someone who posted a few hours before, who was quoting something I said. We were each expanding on the points we were making. Neither of us were bashing the other as far as I can tell. That's sort of the point of a discussion forum. But hey, you go ahead and do whatever it is you think you are doing 😉
  12. I needed to do.... MANY to build the stuff from mech syndicate..... So many.... 😭
  13. You noticed that I stopped responding to that user several days ago? No? 🤷‍♂️
  14. LOL, with the number of vaults that I ended up running to appease RNGsus, I'd say those costs were totally inconsequential in the long run. If you are keen to level up with the faction, save your rep for when you hit max rank. But after that you'll find that you are more than able to afford it.
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