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  1. Clue locations, still looking for 5th.
  2. You did though, right there even in that last statement. "New stuff". While I'm not saying that you obviously are enticed by a progressive all encompassing affinity system, there will be people who are. If you have nothing to fill that system once someone reaches the end you will have a content void. A content void has always lowered player retention. For this game (the devs have even cited it) or any other live service game.
  3. I cannot infer how many people are or are not close to MR 30. However thank you for emphasizing my point of a need for progression in this game to keep people interested.
  4. While I agree that I think there should be something special for Mastery Rank 30 players, beyond the normal benefits you get from Ranking up, I don't agree that it should be cosmetic. i.e. a Syandana, or an Ephemera. I wrote on this in another thread, but what keeps players coming back to Warframe is progression. Whether that progression is earning platinum, rivens, MRs, or fashion frame. That being said the players who do achieve MR 30 are more likely players that are attracted to grinding and stat progression. An analogy would be the players that are over a 1000 in their paragon levels in Di
  5. W To throw my Ferro-organic cranial covering into the ring: I think there should be a new system that unlocks once a player reaches MR 30. Because players who do reach that level, upon achieving it have an existential shift in their goals. One, it would mean that functionality wise there would be no difference between a lvl 30 weapon and a level 0 one, at least for over 95% of them. Two, looter shooters are built on the idea of progression. Whether this is obtaining shiny new outfits, Platinum, new toys, God Rivens, or seeing your MR tick over just one more increment. If
  6. Can you present a link? I'd like to read that. To OP: No, I don't think the Mastery System should end at 30. Or rather I think there should be another system put in place once you reach that point. The easiest thing to do would simply be that MR should stop @ 30, but then that means that any new items that come out will be wasted affinity for Gold Masters. The Mastery system could be extended conceivably to 40, as there are a select few weapons that can reach that level. So MR 31 could act as a booster for all gear of adding in mod capacity. i.e. 31 mod capacity on a Braton Mk
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