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  1. Been playing level 20+ Grineer Spy missions aplenty. The screen turns yellow heralding the approach of a Kuva Larvaling, but one never shows up, despite Spy being a normal mission type.
  2. Can you please check your lich history to confirm that?
  3. It's not purely Random, The element of the weapon is based on Warframe. I'm looking for proof that weapon type isn't based on location/mission type.
  4. I think weapon type is based on spawn location. Might also be mission type. I've gone through four Lichs so far; Telesto (Exterminate) spawned a Lich with Quartakk Cassini (Capture) spawned a Lich with Karak, twice. Numa (Rescue) spawned a Lich with Drakgoon Can someone prove this wrong? Edited to include new lich. (orignally 3)
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