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  1. seated_singer

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2

    Yeah, i feel it occasionally too but not everywhere, optimization is total potato, high end GPU are dipping at 45-60 fps from a solid 144 and annoying stuttering time to time, hope they fix it soon, as for now it's not an enjoyable experience.
  2. seated_singer

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2

    Fix huge fps drops in Orb vallis please, framerates are dipping from 120 to 45 and stuttering as well.
  3. seated_singer

    Massive FPS drop then crash in Fortuna

    I didn't knew that, i returned after a month of PoE launch and occasionally faced some FPS issue here and there but very minor, but on Fortuna it dips at 40 sometimes for no reason, in dev stream they said it'll be more optimized than PoE hmmm, anyways if PoE was facing the same horrible issues at launch then i'm more hopeful now that Fortuna will get fixed and we can enjoy sweet 120 fps at max.
  4. seated_singer

    Serious frame drop area

    Same here, from solid 120 fps everywhere to 45-50 on Fortuna and occasional stuttering too, many players are having same issue and hoping that it get's fixed in few weeks, Fortuna will have better optimization than POE what a joke.
  5. seated_singer

    Massive FPS drop then crash in Fortuna

    As soon as i go to orb vallis my FPS dips from 120 to 45-50 and there are stutters too, it's not optimized properly and many players are having same issue, maybe it gets fixed soon, currently it's not a very pleasant experience to bounties on fortuna.
  6. seated_singer

    Several Fortuna Bugs

    For me it's was very frustrating experience, first huge lag spikes even with good hosts, stuck on door and issues with TXAA anti aliasing. Performance is total garbage (not trying to brag, just confirming huge performance drop ) my laptop has GTX 1070 and i get solid 120fps on every tileset, on POE when doing tridolons it rarely dips with max setting, on Venus getting 45-55 fps outside there are stuttering, everything seems overexposed and bright white, occasional texture popping, turning settling to low increases fps to 75-80 but looks all washed out and few stutters are still there, didn't bought a 1070 to play on low or medium settings. They said it's going to be more optimized than POE but it's clearly not, hoping it get's fixed in few weeks for now i'll try not to touch Vallis and get annoyed.
  7. seated_singer

    Graphics issues after Chimera update

    These are the settings that worked out for me although little saturation and little texture blur issue at TXAA 50% still not solved (less makes textures looks more blurry and more highlights textures makes an outline around it) Many have also reported FPS drop issues after chimera update. - unselected DX 10 option from launcher. - Disabled "High Shader quality" due to which even though after getting 120 fps game was stuttering. - Runtime tessalation, Local reflections, High dynamic range, Adaptive exposure, Glare, Dynamic light, Character shadow, weapon elemental are ON, everything else off especially Volumetric Lightning since it looks cheap due to game's old engine and sometimes blinding and color correction. -Dynamic resolution>User>100%, Everything is on HIGH, Anisotrophic Filter 16x, Triinear Filtering ON, Effects intensity 150%, Brightness and contrast on 50% So, far it's running great there are little lightning and texture issues here and there but i think after Fortuna they all will be fixed.
  8. seated_singer

    The New Sword Crafting Cost

    I agree with you, ducats shouldn't be in a crafting recipe and I would not like to see it as a crafting resource in future also the sword is a quest item, every quest items in game are nearly free, So why does this cost so many ducats there is simply no justification for this price. But still 1k ducats is not that hard to get as for now i'm not gonna farm ducats specifically for the sword nor it's going to be game changer weapon. So, i'm moving on maybe craft it later after i get enough ducats from doing random fissures.
  9. seated_singer

    Graphics issues after Chimera update

    After the update lightning seems overexposed, saturation seems a bit off too it hurts my eye after a while, changing brightness or contrast doesn't help no matter which settings i change it doesn't fix it. (bloom is turned off). When turning on High shader quality game starts to stutter a lot, Framerate is rock solid 120fps but still when this option is turned on game stutters, using TXAA anti aliasing at 50% sharpness making textures blurry sometimes (not a huge problem), turning it up games become sharp turning it down it turns blurry, previously faced no such problems switched to SMAA for now. New Effects intensify setting in display menu, what does it do exactly after turning it to max i didn't feel any difference except some little lightning effects in some places. I play on a laptop, i7-8750H, GTX 1070, ample amount of VRAM and memory, G sync is enabled, latest nvidia driver, win 10 1809 are you guys facing similar issues like this? Any help regarding this is really appreciated.
  10. Price Check for these Rivens Thanks in advance
  11. seated_singer

    TennoGen Round 13 - Accepted Items!

    Still not a single new caped syandana