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  1. Same problem here. If you go solo the nodes are ok, if select "public" mode they bugged.
  2. Nice. F for Xoris What the xoris did: Allowed you to go not naramon or Swift momentum. What it didn't do: Increase your damage. It just makes gameplay less clunky.
  3. Yeah same problem. Also have some issues in solo mode
  4. Ok, fair enough, but why nerfing wall-latch on the pillars and the rest of the geomety in the room? Why? Too OP to use logic (and WF mechanics) in the fight?
  5. Em teoria, já existe um limite de 5 minutos ou mais. Nas missões de ondas, o limite é de 5 rodadas.
  6. Yah, very thoughtful and interesting post right here.
  7. #2173291 Artillery battery room new tileset. https://imgur.com/a/xPJ8t5n
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