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  1. Good evening, I wanted to post this bug before I forgot what happened. Recently conducted a match on Helene, Saturn @11:10 pm EST. 2 users + myself decided to stay while one left. The one leaving was the host. However, instead of forming a new group, I was displaced and joined a completely different group mid way though their defense. Everything was lost includung experience and loot. Thank you
  2. I never understand why people think nothing gets fixed. Maybe not on your time but with time, yeah (and reminding them about it). No major update will ever have just fixes. Thats not how you get money Now, I can see it being fairy frame, nekros prime, some weapons, maybe nothing game changing. But under that will be fixes that are half as long as the post itself. Rome wont built in a day
  3. Contact support! If it was within 30 days they got chu
  4. Well i guess therr are no more "dracos" now because ive read about 5 places thst function the same as draco so at least people are more dispersed across the system.
  5. Its not bad advice, just not as efficient as YOU want it but its not terrible. Id rather run Saturn than draco or speed run a bunch of spy missions then get burnt out. To each their own.
  6. Leveling up anything: First I go to Apollodarus on Mercury. Get in a few levels If im feeling cheeky, ill go to Cassini Saturn. I also level up on Heircon, Pluto annddf the one Spy mission on Pluto. This is all if I dont feel like draco, which is 99% of the time
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